Problem description: I have a lot of hair on my legs, which particularly affects the beauty. I went for laser therapy some time ago. Recently, I found that the hair is not growing anymore. Do I still need laser when the hair does not grow?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 23 Gender: Male
The hair is not growing and needs to be repeated Laser therapy can achieve the effect of permanent shedding. Laser therapy needs to directly act on the hair follicles by means of strong pulsed light, which can be used to inhibit the nutrition of the hair follicles, make it shrink and necrosis to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, and when the patient’s hair follicles are relatively healthy, it needs to pass 2 to 3 The second laser therapy is used to improve, and after laser therapy is done, skin care needs to be done to avoid melanin deposits. During the recovery period, it is best not to wear tight clothes to avoid friction on the skin and infection of the skin, which is not conducive to the whitening of the skin.
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