new engineering courses related to” intelligence “and” big data “are hot, while traditional engineering courses are cold? This enrollment season, after some science and engineering colleges and universities announced their filing scores in some provinces and cities, this phenomenon quickly attracted social attention.

< / div > in many colleges and universities, the enrollment scores of civil engineering, construction, machinery and other traditional engineering majors fluctuate. Some analysts believe that in recent years, college graduates have to face severe employment pressure due to the superposition of many factors. Because of this,” Employment anxiety “has begun to take the lead and affect candidates’ voluntary filling.
< div class=" contheight "> < / div > Infrastructure” golden age ” Has passed, industry talent has become saturated? Traditional engineering majors have a high probability of “entering the factory” after graduation, with low income, low status and low cost performance? Many front-line teachers in Colleges and universities have found that there is information asymmetry or serious misreading of the professional settings of colleges and universities in the society< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > in this regard, Zhu Hehua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of the school of civil engineering of Tongji University, said bluntly, “the professional setting of colleges and universities is not one-to-one corresponding to the division of labor in social industries. At present, the intersection and integration of disciplines has constantly broken the boundaries of traditional disciplines, and traditional engineering is also accelerating the transformation and upgrading.” A considerable number of engineering majors are “backbone majors” related to the people’s livelihood and high-quality development of the country. Therefore, Professor Zhu Hehua suggested that excellent students should take a long-term view and boldly choose their own engineering majors< br>