On August 17, Tesla CEO musk continued to add: “no, this is just an old block on twitter, and will not buy any sports teams.”< img alt="" style="width:600px;" src=" https://imagecloud.thepaper.cn/thepaper/image/211/310/387.png "> earlier, musk announced on twitter that he would buy Manchester United, a Premier League club. Earlier, he had made a bold statement on twitter that he would buy Coca Cola and add cocaine again, but then it was not settled. At present, musk has not yet escaped from the $44 billion twitter purchase case. Musk has refused to buy, but was sued by twitter. < br > < div class =" continheight " "> < / div > Manchester United, the former Premier League powerhouse, has lost two consecutive matches, which is the first time in 30 years that it has ranked bottom in the Premier League. The Glazer family of the United States purchased Manchester United club with 790 million pounds (about 960 million US dollars) in 2005. However, due to the poor performance in recent years, fans have been very dissatisfied with the Glazer family. < br > < div class =" height "> < / div > according to the Forbes list, Manchester United is currently worth US $4.6 billion, ranking the third largest football club in the world. As of the end of August 16, Manchester United’s market value was US $2.08 billion. According to the Forbes rich list, musk is still the richest man in the world with a wealth of US $270 billion.