Liu and his team responded to Simba, the founder of Xinxuan, who accused Liu and his wife of selling “fake bird’s nest”< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > on August 31, artist Liu Weihong posted a microblog saying: “find the MCN company that I cooperated with two years ago, find out the previous data and proof, and let everyone know the attitude and manner of handling at that time. I am very sorry that the selection of products of the company I worked with was not rigorous enough, which caused damage to the consumers who trusted me. Because of my past experience, the team now is more rigorous.”< img alt="" style="width:600px;" src=" "> < br > < div class =" contheight "> < / div > on the same day, Liu Weihong’s brokerage company” Kunshan talent planet culture media Co., Ltd. “(hereinafter referred to as” talent planet “) The official wechat also issued a statement saying that its artists Liu Weihong and his wife had cooperated with Hangzhou maikong creative culture Co., Ltd. to live Taobao e-commerce< Strong > in the process of cooperation, Hangzhou maikong did recommend Mingzhi bird’s nest products to be sold in the live broadcast activities of Taobao live studio it is learned from Hangzhou maikong that the feedback from Hangzhou maikong is: at that time, the brand party provided an inspection report. So far, the brand party has not confirmed with Hangzhou maikong whether the Mingzhi bird’s nest products sold in Taobao live broadcasting room and the Mingzhi bird’s nest products with problems in other platforms live broadcasting rooms are the same batch of goods< img alt="" style="width:600px;" src=" ">

< / div > talent planet said in the statement that Liu and his wife had requested and urged Hangzhou maikong to properly handle the above-mentioned incident and refund the compensation to consumers according to law. Due to the protection of consumers’ personal information on Taobao platform, the company could not obtain the contact information of consumers, but the company was willing to bear all expenses for the refund and compensation requirements of consumers who purchased Mingzhi bird’s nest products in the company’s artist Taobao Live Room in 2020.
< div class = "height" > < / div > previously, Hangzhou maikong cultural and creative Co., Ltd., a partner of Liu Weihong’s team, issued a statement saying that in 2020, it would start to cooperate with Liu Weihong and his wife in Taobao live broadcasting business. The company was responsible for the selection and operation of all live broadcasting rooms, and Liu Weihong and his wife were responsible for the promotion and delivery of goods in the live broadcasting room. In November 2020, the bird’s nest dispute broke out in other live broadcast rooms, which has helped consumers to defend their rights to the brand for the first time. The company solemnly apologizes to the consumers and Mr. and Mrs. Liu Jianhong for the damage to the rights and interests of consumers caused by the negligence of the company in the work during the cooperation period and the lax review of the brand party, and the heavy loss of the reputation of Mr. and Mrs. Liu Jianhong. For the consumers in the live broadcast room of Mr. and Mrs. Liu Jianhong who failed to get the refund from the merchants at that time, the company will always compensate for the invalid period. At the same time, Liu Weihong’s team has cancelled the cooperation with maikong in early 2021< IMG ALT = "Hangzhou maikong company issued a statement." style="width:600px;" src=" ">

Hangzhou maikong company issued a statement. < / P > on the evening of August 30, Xinba Gong, the anchor with goods who overturned because of the sale of” fake bird’s nest “, said that many popular anchors on an e-commerce platform sold the same” fake bird’s nest “, and there were false and exaggerated publicity, including the popular anchor Liu Weihong. As soon as the news came out, it was immediately searched on Weibo. < img ALT =" "style =" width: 453px; " src=" "> according to the information, the seller of this suspected fake bird’s nest product brought by Liu Jianhong is Taobao” Mingzhi flagship store “. However, in the statement of talent planet, it is mentioned that Liu Jianhong has not sold this bird’s nest product on the Tiktok platform. < br > < div class =" height "> < / div > as of press release, neither Tiktok nor Taobao has responded to this matter.