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The dispute over the storage and abolition of the “shared area”: how much is the shared area and how to identify it when buying a house?

“The buildings are getting higher and higher, but the houses are getting smaller and smaller.” For home buyers, the shared area is an unavoidable topic, and the debate on whether to cancel the shared area has a long history. < br > < div class = "height" > < / div > on August 24, in the reply to the proposal on regulating the “shared area” of housing, the Inner.. Read More

In August, China National Energy Group’s coal supply exceeded 50 million tons, hitting a record high

The official wechat of national energy group reported on August 31 that in August, the daily power generation of national energy group exceeded 4 billion kwh for the first time and for four consecutive days, the monthly power generation reached 120 billion kwh for the first time in history, and the supply of thermal coal exceeded 50 million tons< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div.. Read More

Was Simba selling fake bird’s nest? Liu Jianhong apologizes: the selection of products of previous cooperative companies was not rigorous

Liu and his team responded to Simba, the founder of Xinxuan, who accused Liu and his wife of selling “fake bird’s nest”< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > on August 31, artist Liu Weihong posted a microblog saying: “find the MCN company that I cooperated with two years ago, find out the previous data and proof, and let everyone know the attitude and manner.. Read More

The doctor’s monthly salary is 5000, and the annual salary for research and development of cold nuclear fusion in the United States is 120 million US dollars? My response:

The employment of highly educated professionals has once again triggered a heated debate< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > four years ago, Dr. Liu Benliang, who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and majored in physical materials, participated in a job search program called “you must belong”. In the program, Liu Benliang claimed that he was studying cold nuclear fusion as an.. Read More

Carbon interview | learn from Denmark and Holland cycling to reduce carbon? Let’s take a look at the global bicycle “family background” for nearly half a century

In 1868, the world’s first recorded bicycle race was held in St. Croix Park, France. 80 years later, the first bicycle independently developed by new China – “Flying Pigeon” bicycle was born in Tianjin in 1950. With the rapid growth of the number of bicycles in the world, bicycles have been used for a variety of purposes, from military operations in the first and second world wars to leisure, entertainment.. Read More