The CCTV Sports Channel of the Central Radio and Television Headquarters will suspend the NBA event broadcast, and Tencent Sports will respond accordingly. Earlier, Tencent Sports announced that it would open a privileged package refund channel for the Rockets.

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Tencent Sports: Suspension of the NBA Preseason (China Tournament) from now on

It was learned that Tencent Sports announced on the official Weibo that Tencent Sports will temporarily suspend the NBA preseason (China) broadcast arrangements.

Xiaomi Group spent HK$25 million on repurchase on October 4 2.79 million shares of Class B

It was learned that Xiaomi Group announced that on October 4, the company repurchased 2.792 million Class B shares at a price of HK$8.92 to HK$8.92 per share, accounting for 0.012% of the issued shares.

Following headlines to develop two short video beacons with fast sounding< /p>

Spike (Li Jing), the head of the fun headline reading novel project, and a product manager who has dug up from the vibrato, respectively promoted two interesting short-track video innovation products. The two short videos are short video aggregation products that adopt the online earning mode. The standard version of the standard vibrating speed and the fast speed version are set up around July this year. A former headline employee said that whoever ran out first would push it, and it might be merged directly later. The product will be quickly verified in the market in the early stage. (Tech Planet)

WeWork and Softbank negotiate a new $1 billion financing

According to Reuters, informed sources said WeWork this week on a $1 billion new investment in consultation with its largest shareholder, Softbank Group, hoping to use the funds to implement a large-scale restructuring. People familiar with the matter said that if the negotiations between WeWork and Softbank were successful, the company would also seek to negotiate a $3 billion debt financing agreement with JPMorgan Chase. (Phoenix Network Technology)

vivo: will suspend all cooperation with the NBA from now on

It was learned that vivo announced on the official Weibo that against the misrepresentation of Houston Rockets general manager Morey about Hong Kong and the indulgent attitude of the NBA in this matter, vivo expressed strong dissatisfaction and condemnation. Vivo always adheres to the principle that the national interest is above all else and resolutely opposes any speech and behavior that challenges the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. From now on, vivo will suspend all cooperation with the NBA.

Oracle plans to hire 2,000 employees Expand cloud services

Oracle’s cloud computing business executive said on Monday that the company plans to hire nearly 2,000 employees to help spread cloud computing services to more regions around the world. Tang Johnson, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said new jobs will be added to the Oracle Software Development Center in Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area and India, as well as new data centers nearby. By the end of next year, Oracle plans to open 20 new cloud “zones” so that customers can securely store disaster recovery data or comply with local data storage regulations. (Sina Technology)

Baidu responds to Li Yanhong’s resignation as Baidu Cloud Executive Director: Normal company behavior

For Baidu founder Li Yanhong to step down as executive director of Baidu Cloud Computing Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Baidu said: The change of relevant industrial and commercial registration information is a normal company behavior and does not involve Baidu intelligent cloud management changes. In addition, according to Tianyue’s information, Liu Hui stepped down as the general manager of Baidu Cloud and added Cui Shanshan as the general manager and executive director. At the same time, the legal representative of Baidu Cloud also changed, Liu Hui withdrew, and Cui Shanshan took over. Previously, Baidu had announced that Cui Shanshan was fully responsible for Baidu’s human resources work. (Sina Technology)