At the same time, both hard and soft, Apple reversed the expectations of the capital market this year, regaining lost ground and returning to the trillion market value.

Apple’s market value surpassed Microsoft and once again became the world’s highest market value company.

Apple’s share price rose 2.7% on Friday to close at $236.21, and its share price hit a record high. Apple has become the world’s highest market value company. Microsoft and Apple are the only two companies with a market capitalization of $1 trillion.

This year, Apple’s market value has risen by 51.66%, and its current share price has risen by 60% compared with the annual low in January. The main reason is that the service transformation is recognized, and the sales of the second Apple’s new machine exceeded expectations.

The front line | Soft and hard, Apple surpassed Microsoft's market value to become the world's first

Apple has been in the service industry in recent years, This year has clearly defined the direction of service transformation, launching news subscription serviceApple News, credit card service< /span>Apple Card, Game Subscription Service Arcade, Apple TV+ Original Play and many other services. Apple Services revenues have set a record in succession. In FY 2019, Q3 (2019 natural year Q2) contributed 19% to Apple’s revenue.

As of the end of 2019, the number of active iPhones in the world has reached 900 million units, and the number of activated Apple products has reached 1.4 billion units. In addition, Apple’s user loyalty is high, which is the advantage of its service realization.

At the same time, due to the higher profit margin and PE of the service, as the service contribution ratio increased, Apple’s overall PE also rose, currently at 17.93. In contrast, Apple’s PE was mostly below 15 in previous years.

Before Apple’s autumn conference, Apple’s share price has risen more than 40% during the year. Considering that the iPhone’s sales in the world were not optimistic, Apple’s profit in the first half of the year was still down year-on-year. The main reason for its stock price recovery was that the Apple service business was optimistic.

At the fall conference, Apple announced that Arcade will be launched on the App Store on September 19th. The original TV show of Apple TV+ will be launched on November 1st and can be launched in more than 100 countries. The potential market is very broad. BothThe cost is 4.99 US dollars / month, the price of the more close to the people is also expected to shake consumer demand.

Apple Arcade has more than 100 games, and it has no ads and secondary consumption. It can also be synchronized by multiple devices and supports offline use. Apple TV+ supports all Apple devices and most smart TVs. Although it is late, its price of 4.99 US dollars/month is significantly lower than the mainstream mainstream subscription service, and it has passed < Span>lower fees, plushardware tying(purchase a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV for one year Apple
TV+subscription service)
is expected to get customers quickly.

The front line | Soft and hard, Apple surpassed Microsoft's market value to become the world's first

At the same time, the hardware sales of the iPhone 11 series exceeded expectations. Although the new machine is not upgraded, the innovation is weak, the Yuba design is spit, but The new color matching iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max midnight green and iPhone 11 green, purple and other new color matching popular. The buying interest in emerging markets has increased as the price has not increased and the low-end version (iPhone 11) has also been reduced by $50. Well-known Apple analyst Guo Minghao raised the shipment of the iPhone 11 series in 2019 to 70-75 million units, which was previously expected to be 65-70 million units.

China Gold expects that the arrival of 5G is expected to re-drive Apple’s hardware revenue, and the company will focus on software and hardware in the future.

Under the hard and soft efforts, Apple reversed the expectations of the capital market this year, regained lost ground and returned to the trillion market value, and closed at the top of the market value on Friday.