You map people’s interest, people map your capital…

Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Power Network” (ID: ctcnn1), author Park Hua, editor Chen Jie.


This plan relies on the sharing of RV investment to achieve wealth freedom, but did not want to change 200,000 white paper only 200,000, which makes Yao Yuan want to cry.

In the middle of 2018, Yao Yuan saw a link shared by friends in the circle of friends, which wrote “playing, making fun, playing free car.”

“Free ride car” has deeply attracted Yao Yuan.

In the article, Shandong Yunyou Tianxia RV Club Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunyou Tianxia) announced that it can get a car with a value of 400,000 yuan when paying 200,000 yuan, and become a county-level partner. When the vehicle is idle, Partners can rent a car to the company and enjoy a monthly income of nearly 10,000 yuan. In addition, they can also enjoy certain fuel subsidies, car body promotion and promotion, and introduction of membership bonuses.

Yao Yuan has calculated an account, which is a value-for-money RV. Together with the income of about 100,000 yuan and the various reward funds that can be obtained during the idle time each year, the investment can be recovered in up to two years. Get a RV. In addition, if you can continue to introduce members to join, and help companies to attract investment, the annual income will reach one million yuan.

MLM, fraud, illegal fundraising, shared car

MLM, fraud, illegal fundraising, shared car

▲Cloud Tour World Merchants Conference Site

You can make money in play, or “zero risk, high income”, and at the same time fit the development trend of the society, and it is likely to embark on the peak of life. For Yao Yuan, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

He quickly contacted the company and purchased a train ticket to visit Jinan.

In Jinan, the receptionist first took him to visit the RV production line, showing the strength of Yunyou Tianxia, ​​and thenIt’s the China Merchants Conference. To sum up, it’s nothing more than a sentence – “If you don’t become a partner, you will miss out on huge business opportunities. This will be the biggest regret in this life.”

After the second inspection, I saw people from all over the country join us and become partners of the company. Yao Yuan, regardless of his family’s opposition, resolutely decided to invest 200,000 yuan in the down payment of the house, becoming one of Yunyou’s world. County-level partner.

According to the contract, after three months, Yao Yuan will get a RV and become a local agent. In the future, I will have the opportunity to take my family to drive a car to travel around. I can also get a lot of rewards in the process of playing. When I think of it, Yao Yuan’s heart is beautiful.

But things didn’t develop as Yao Yuan imagined. Three months later, Yao Yuan was told, “You can’t mention the car yet,” and the RV will be postponed.

But left and right, etc., more than a year has passed, Yao Yuan still has not done so.

“Don’t listen to advice”, “Be fooled”, “Cheated”… These are the words that the wife and Yao Yuan said the most.

200,000 is not a small number for Yao Yuan’s family. Now, after one year, there is still no news. Both his wife and his wife have become impatient. His wife often complains that he did not listen at the time and caused great losses to his family. The two quarreled constantly.

Life is affected more than Yao Yuan alone.

Someone borrowed from usury, and the money was too late; some couples had divorced because of this matter; some elderly people got cancer but no money to heal…

From October 10 to the present, more than 200 victims, including Yao Yuan, jointly reported the case to the Xingfu Police Station in Huaiyin District, Jinan City.

MLM, fraud, illegal fundraising, shared car

▲The franchisee reports to the police

According to everyone’s private statistics, the number of people involved is more than 800, ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 to millions, and the amount involved has exceeded 150 million. Yao Yuan told Jin Junjun that he has already filed a case. Jinan City has also set up a task force to be responsible for this matter. The task force has also summoned the person in charge of Yunyou World last week.

“At that time, I was thinking about taking some photos and videos when I participated in the China Merchants Association. I later developed it as a memorial. I didn’t expect it to come in handy now and became evidence.” Yao Yuan said with a smile, now everyone is not expecting more. I only hope that the principal will be returned as soon as possible.


Why did this happen now?

An open letter from the cloud travel world partner”It is mentioned that the failure of the vehicle to recover properly caused the newly joined partners to fail to provide vehicle services in time after paying the platform service management fee.

The staff said in an interview that the vehicle could not be recovered normally because the company had loaded the vehicles to the former partners, but they had a large number of defaults. After the expiration, they did not return the RVs that should be returned to the company on time. As a result, the company was unable to match the vehicles to the late franchisees.

“The relationship between the company and the franchisee is a cooperative relationship. The contract stipulates that the rental period is 6 months. During this period, the partners need to complete some tasks, such as attracting investment, developing members, etc. Return to the company, otherwise it will pay the rent. After the car is returned, the company will continue to communicate with them, and how to let them complete the task in the next step. But many of them do not return the car, the longest is almost two years,” the staff said.

But the franchisee does not agree with this statement.

The franchisee Hume said that some RVs are rented by Yunqi Tiantong Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SAIC Chase) in the name of leasing. The company allocates partners in the name of work and propaganda vehicles, and the partners pay. After the fee, the company forced the partner to sign the lease agreement, but when the company wanted to take back the vehicle, but there was no funds to return the deposit to the partner, many partners were reluctant to return the car because there was no new rent, the company Some vehicles were forcibly recovered.

Another franchisee, Ergen, said that he had completed the tasks required by the company. According to the agreement signed at the time, the life of the RV should be three years, but after he put the RV into the 4S shop this year, the company In the case of not telling, the car was “stealed”, and when the two found the company, the company pushed the responsibility to SAIC Chase. When the two companies asked the company to return the deposit, the company said that there was no money.

Does the company really have no money, or is it a deliberate reason to find a franchisee?

There is no money in the world of cloud travel. The staff who have left the company in the world of cloud travel told Jin Junjun that since the Chinese New Year this year, the company has owed wages for at least four or five months, and many employees have left for this reason.

What about the money that the franchisee transferred? Where have you been?

Jinjunjun combed and found that a part of the money traveled for the production and leasing of the RV, the company’s operations, and a large part of the money for marketing.

In May 2018, Yunyou World reached a strategic cooperation with CCTV10;

MLM, fraud, illegal fundraising, shared car

▲Promotional photos released by Yunyou World

The same month, cast a film “All the Way”;

In July 2018, Yunyou Tianxia held the Yunyou World Touring Car Tour Miss Contest in Beijing;

In August 2018, Yunyou Tianxia hosted the 2nd China Industrial Transformation Investment Summit. At the meeting, Mary Buffett (Warren Buffett) presented the “Best Innovation Award for Sharing Model”;


A series of activities, none of which need to be supported by a lot of money.

“These activities are simply awkward, wasting the money of the franchisees, forming a hole that can’t be filled now.” Industry insider Liu Yuntian said that if the company used this part of the money directly to buy and produce RVs, The situation can be very different.

The franchisee Gao Chang said that before the cloud travel world has also proposed a solution. Yunyou Tianxia once said that Shanghai Film Company has prepared 100 million products (car clothes, glass film, etc.), which can be used to deduct the initial fee to the partners who have not yet allocated the car. The compensation amount is 120% of the initial fee. But later did not have the following.

For the follow-up solution, Yunyou Tianxia’s open letter to the partners of the company said that the company has signed a tripartite agreement with the enterprise management consulting company, the taxation firm and the law firm, and the three third-party companies Analysis of financial and tax risks, and find a feasible solution to the risk and possible restructuring of the company in the future.

MLM, fraud, illegal fundraising, shared car

MLM, fraud, illegal fundraising, shared car


The chairman’s response is not the same as the company’s open letter.

When Yunbo’s chairman, Teng Bo, negotiated with the franchisees, he was not as anxious as the franchisees. Instead, he said with conviction: “If you do something radical, you actually move your own feet, if you join the franchisee. Can help the company to attract investment, recruit one person can solve a person’s problem.”

From this response, Tengbo hopes that the franchisees who are not equipped with the car will continue to attract investment, fill in the previous holes with more investment, and do not mention the company’s responsibility and follow-up practices. It seems that the whole thing Not related to the company.

In the office of Yunyoutianxia, ​​16th Floor, Shanxin Building, Jinan City, there are only two or three employees, and the remaining 100 stations are vacant. It seems that the company has stopped. However, Shandong Cheyou Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the car tour world) located on the 20th floor of Shanxin Building is still in full swing.

Although the company’s official website, corporate shareholders and other information, can not see the relationship between the two companies. However, many franchise websites wrote in the introduction of the car tour world: relying on the support of the new travel platform of Yunyou, and the support of more than 500 regional partners in the world, the car tour world officially set sail.

Moreover, Xu Min, one of the current shareholders of Chess World, was the general manager of Yunyou Tianxia Market Center, and the main product of the world of car travel, “Small Fish” (the car platform developed by the company) was also packaged and sold in the original world. Among the products, in the publicity, the car travel world also put forward the same “high-yield, zero-risk” slogan as Yunyou.

There is no doubt that the world of travel is the substitute and shadow of the world.

In the near future, the investment in the world is still continuing. It is no wonder that Teng Bo is so calm.

Jinjunjun found that among the companies that Tengbo is a legal person, there are also Shandong Tour World Travel Service Co., Ltd., Jinan Touring Network Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dream Travel Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shandong Dream Travel. Among the companies that have been canceled, such as Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shandong Dream Travel Quantum Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The world of clouds, the world, the world of travel, the journey of dreams, the journey of dreams… These company names have strong similarities, and people can’t help wondering if they are all “sheep” disguised by the wolf. When a piece of skin is broken, you can switch to another one to continue cheating.


“This model is not new in the RV circle. Basically, people are doing it every year. Every year, people are willing to pay a fortune. Every year, people are deceived.” Liu Yuntian told Jin Junjun.

As early as 2004, Changsha Zhongtianxing Company used the issuance of membership cards such as Supreme Card, VIP Card, Experience Card, Hongfu Card, Boao Card, etc., and promised to return the rent and gift money every month or year. In the form of payment of investment returns, the annual rate of return is estimated to be more than 10%, and the public who are mainly middle-aged and elderly are involved in the entrusted rental car use rights activities.

In addition to the payment of interest in the form of currency, the company also provides other services and benefits for different levels of membership, such as the purchase of accident insurance and accidental medical insurance for members of 100,000 to 500,000 yuan; The price of the RV market is 5~8 fold, and the promised members will be the original shareholders after the company’s stock is listed and listed.

In the case of the Supreme Card, the investor invests 50,000 yuan and can use the RV for 30 days per year for 10 consecutive years. If the investor is not willing to use the RV, he can receive 300 yuan per day.Take cash, the annual income of 9,000 yuan. In the first three years of investment, investors can get an additional 750 yuan per month for gifts or cash. Almost all investors choose not to use a RV to get cash. In this way, the investment of 50,000 yuan can be recovered in 2 years and 9 months.

From the opening in April 2004 to the September 2005 incident, a total of 167 million yuan was illegally raised to 7595 people. It is understood that from the establishment of the company to the start of the case, Changsha Zhongtian Bank relied solely on the rental of the car to achieve a profit of more than 120,000 yuan. Its high consumption has always relied on illegal fund-raising to keep it running.

It is similar to Changsha Zhongtianxing and Yunyoutianxia. Recently, a caravan company has been frequently questioned for illegal fund-raising and suspected pyramid schemes.

This year, the company launched a hosting policy with the following commitments:

(1) The customer purchases a RV with a market value of 500,000 in the company, the driver’s license of the RV and the motor vehicle registration certificate are the names of the car buyers; the ownership of the RV is owned by the car customers;

(2) After the customer purchases the car, the car is hosted and leased to the RV company, which is managed or operated by the company. The company pays the 10,000 yuan custody fee to the customer every month to pay the market price;

(3) Five years later, the company purchased or continued to host the original car at the original price of 500,000, which was decided by the customer himself.

In addition, the company also launched “branch shares” that do not exist in the market. According to media reports, the company’s return is astounding, pulling a person to achieve about 30,000 achievements. Moreover, not only do customers arbitrarily advocate and stimulate investment, but also brainwash employees. “A new employee will let employees buy shares when they join the job, and they will talk about price increases.” His brainwashing model basically advocates high returns. “The original stock is 1 million. One share, currently has a premium of 3 million shares, now split 10 shares, 300,000 one subscription, grab it is to earn.”

In the answer below, “Does the XX car is a scam?” In the answer below, some people answered anonymously: it is a pyramid scheme. I worked in the company, or the general manager. 80% of the company’s employees are in stock, and they can’t walk away. A lot of money has also been borrowed, and now it is a super horror.

There are netizens who have exposed another company. Netizens said that he was actively involved in knowing that the company was operating in the regional branch of the RV club. At that time, the contract promised that the car could be used at any time within one year. If there is no car in the local area, it will be transferred from the headquarters, and there will be a membership price discount, and the financial status will be announced every year and the dividend will be paid according to the amount of funds invested.

But the result was that four times, I called for a car, or I couldn’t contact, or I didn’t have a car.

Users said that from the 2016 shareholding to 2018, it has been more than two years. Since the payment of the money, no one has contacted him. There is no financial situation and no dividends.


As such, in recent years, there are not a few people who swindle in the name of “shared car.”


Be aware that there will be a good trend in the future. Why do these people not manage well, but choose to “cheat”?

Liu Yuntian said that RV travel is being accepted by more and more people, and it is gradually taking a higher proportion in the travel market, attracting the attention of many investors and individuals.

But the RV is a heavy asset. The price of a RV is as low as 200,000 and 300,000, and more than 500,000 to 600,000. Some imported cars are more expensive.

The demand for RVs has increased rapidly, but it is difficult for many companies to have enough self-owned funds to purchase a certain number of RVs in the leasing market. Supply has become a big problem.

Moreover, even if there is a strong purchase, the utilization rate of the RV is very low. In addition to holidays, summer vacations, years ago and some weekends, at least half of the time in the car is idle, how to balance the input and output. It is also a problem that many RV rental companies have to consider.

This has caused the current rental market to be extremely hot, and it is hard to find a car in the peak season.

So some clubs start to think of ways, for example, to absorb members, let members pay a fee to use; or let franchisees buy, and operate in a hosted manner and promise high returns.

What’s more, directly use sharing as a gimmick, and swear “circle money.”

These companies often promise to return the principal for three or five years, but whether the company can persist for three years, everything is unknown.

Jinjunjun reminds that the following points are met, mostly for scams:

1. Good prospects for the industry, rare opportunities, missed a lifetime and regretted a lifetime;

2. The project has high income and low risk, and can be “free experience”. The company is at the bottom of the loss, invites friends to get rewards, etc.;

3. After performing a small contract in the early stage, or letting the investor obtain a small part of the interest, then deceive the other party to make a large investment, to make a small fight;

4. Crazy marketing and publicity, and find endorsements from media, big companies, and well-known entrepreneurs to expand the influence of the company to attract more people to invest.

So, for those investments that promise high-yield and low-risk, be sure to open your eyes and tighten your money bag.

There is a stunned, desperate, and often loses the wife and the soldiers.

(Wenzhong Yao, Huo Mei, Dagen, Ergen, Gaochang, Liu Yuntian are all pseudonyms, the video comes from Weibo “shared RV Qingdao”, the picture comes from public information)