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The following is a product strategy expert, and the full text of the application course “30 lectures on growth thinking” and “product thinking 30 lectures” by Liang Ning:

In 1992, in Shenzhen, there was a switch in one unit that was broken. This unit is responsible for the boys of the program-controlled switch, and the broken switch is taken to the purchased company for repair. That company is small, the technology is not good, and it can’t be repaired for a long time. The boy said, “If you forget it, you can help me set up an environment. Let me adjust it.”

The boy was in this company and spent seven days in their debugging environment, fixing the switch himself. Then, the company’s people said, “Brother, the technology is good, don’t stay and do it together.” The boy said, “No, the unit’s people still have to call, and they are leaving with the switch.”

This year’s male student of the unit switch was Zhou Wei, who was elected the best investor in Forbes for five consecutive years. And this year was especially small and the technology wasA small company that doesn’t know how to do it is called Huawei.

Last year, when Zhou recalled this episode with me, I also felt a sentence. I really can’t think of a company that was so small that it would become such a great company in more than 20 years.

I think that the person who said to him that “the brothers stayed together to do it” would not have thought that this little engineer who worked hard will become the best investment in China today after more than 20 years. One of the people.

This is a story that belongs to contemporary China. Zhou Wei’s personal growth, Huawei’s growth, is behind the rapid growth of the entire Chinese economy. Each of us is the beneficiary of the dividend of this era, but why Zhou Wei can become Zhou Wei, Huawei can become Huawei?

There are always very special things that belong to them. Why do you do the same thing in the same conditions, and the growth results are different? I am very curious about this. It took more than two years to find the answer.

In the process, I found out that Yeseven if you ask the person directly, the party tells you why, you need to think again.

A second story. On the edge of the Third Ring Road in Beijing, there is a Saidi Building. Downstairs of the Saidi Building, there is a restaurant. I once went to the Saidi Building to do business, and I ate at this restaurant at noon. As a result, there were very few restaurant guests at noon, and the boss was there. I asked him: Boss, this is a meal. How many people do you eat? The boss shared with me. He said, I seriously pondered, I think the main reason is two. First, this is the third ring side, there are many cars, but one foot of the oil is stepped on, it is not easy to stop. The second is near this restaurant. Restaurants generally have to get together to live, you look at the street, a bunch of restaurants open together. Everyone goes directly there, this family does not make it to another family.

A year later, I went to the Saidi Building and went to the restaurant to eat at noon. As a result, there are many people who have to line up. As soon as I saw it, the boss changed. After dinner, I went to the boss to chat. Say: Hey, boss, how is your business so good? The boss said: Oops, this, I think, First, this is the third ring, more cars. Second, there is only one restaurant nearby.

So, when we study growth, what are we going to figure out?

This is what I just said: Why are the same location, the same consumer group, a restaurant, and a restaurant dead? Why 27 years, achieved Zhou Wei, and achieved Huawei. And many, in 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, than the outstanding people of Zhou Wei, than Huawei’s powerful enterprises, in the past ten years, they lost their brilliance.

I spend so much time, going to meet people, do interviews, and go to school, not only to make the course of “Growth Thinking”, but more, for myself, for my friends, for innovation. The community of the people, for the collective experience of the past ten years, to sort out and then give it back.

If I divide my own life into three phases:

  • The first stage is the “stupid white sweet” stage from birth to departure;

  • The second stage begins with leaving Lenovo and enters Tencent in 2011. I call it the 10-year “introduction phase”;

  • The third stage, from 2011 to the present, is what I call the “normal heart” stage.

In my course Growth Thinking, I said “Wound is the organ of the day after tomorrow.”

Where is the most sensitive person? I tell you that the wound is the most sensitive. If a person feels pain if he sees it, it must be because he is injured there. I used to struggle for 10 years in the “difficult situation” and said that it was really hurt. But because of these injuries, it has become me today.

Then I miss the stupid, sweet, clean, woundless self? completely not.

At that time, I was protected too well and could only see the world through my eyes. Other people’s wounds, the suffering of others, the situation of others, others’ can’t, clearly understand in front of me, but I don’t feel or see. Because I am so ignorant, I only see my own strengths and the assumption of the world, so I will be “into the shackles.” Because I feel that I am not a mortal, I must do something to prove myself.

This is of course wrong.

Because life is not a proof at all. At that time, Li Hesheng helped me. When Li Hesheng saw that I really wanted to succeed, I taught him the secret of his participation. He said: “Do something that you feel ashamed of yourself, after 5 years, you will succeed.” He explained that we are such a pretentious person. Hard work and frustration can be tolerated, the most unbearable is shame. Being able to hold on to shame is definitely a high threshold, enough to block other opponents.

At that time, I just started my business, I still have a concave shape, I want all kinds of approvals and praises, and I have various ideas. Look down on this kind of person, look down on that kind of person, don’t look at it, don’t look at it.

What is the situation? This is the “interpersonal capacity” in the 17th lecture of “Growth Thinking”. With such a shallow interpersonal capacity, let me run a business like a small flower pot and plant a few flowers that I like. It is impossible to have any rich harvest. And in this way, how can you be worthy of everyone who believes in me.

So I am so painful to die, because on the left is the concept of cleanliness, the rejection of the world, the right is shy, for everyone. I am caught in the middle. And a wound in the heart is probably from this collision. So, the value of the crack is where the light comes in.

One day, I suddenly felt calm. In fact, all the pain is just my own work. I am so painful, it is only because I think of life as a proof. In order to prove something, it is trying to distort everything in reality. I want to distort reality, and the reality will beat me and wake me up.

ButIf I accept the reality completely: I am an ordinary person, all my colleagues are ordinary people,I don’t need to pack a colleague who is an elite to give myself courage. Everyone is an ordinary person. It happens that others have certain needs, but he does not have much accumulation in this area, so we will seriously help others to do things. As we continue to help others, we have accumulated professionalism. This is as simple as that.

So, I see how charming the reality is, and if you look at me in reality, it will be fine. Well, congratulations to me, just like this, I entered the “normal heart” stage of life.

The two stages of “entertainment” and “normal heart” are almost inevitable for every entrepreneur, and there are even two stages to go back and forth.

This is not a logical reasoning in a textbook, but an entrepreneur’s heart. So, as an entrepreneur, look back at the Journey to the West and have another experience.

When Tang Hao arrived at Xitian, he suddenly discovered that in fact, he had always been alone in the path of learning. There is no Sun Wukong, no pigs and no bells, no sand monk, all the characters, he is another person he fantasized to accompany himself. Sun Wukong is the one who is fearless, never convinced, and seeks to solve problems in heaven and earth. Pig Ba Jie, is the real human nature, will be afraid, want to back down, but also want to relax a little more comfortable. And sand monk, is an interesting role, the long road to entrepreneurship, you feel that you are a Monkey King, in fact, others see you as a sand monk. A stupid guy who has no special qualifications, boring his head, and moving forward step by step.

What about Tang? Maybe you are outside, it looks like Sun Wukong, it is a pig, or a sand monk, and your heart can only be Tang Yan.

Don’t be able to do it, but there is a mission, and I am obsessed with it. He said: I am going to learn from the West. Along the way, he cried, desperate, weak, and asked for help, but never said: Let us give up, let us go home. Because of your mission, your attachment, will summon power, mountains and deserts can not be blocked, the Buddha of Heaven will help you.

So, the most powerful, not Goku, is Tang Yan; the most powerful, not a skill, is a mission.

This is what I talked about in Growth Thinking, the fulcrum that can incite growth leverage. So I said that success is not done, it is alive. Let you truly perceive the world,Not the knowledge in your mind, but your wound. It is not your skill, but your mission, that makes you strong enough to shake the world.

The word “mission”, literally, is “how do you make this life?” This life of Tang Yin is taken to the West to learn. Take the person, die on the way to the Bible, no regrets. This is the mission.

Unconsciously, our group of people who have grown up with the Chinese IT Internet have come closer to knowing the fate of the year. I will start thinking about what my life is doing.

Life is time, this action, that action, this project, that project, everything takes time. And the energy of life is unknowingly dissipated in one thing after another. When I talked to Zhongguancun, who used to be a big fan of the Internet, when I talked about “Growth Thinking,” I talked more about how this is done, but how this life is.

So, if you ask me in recent years, what is the most satisfying thing for myself.

I really did not make “product thinking” and “growth thinking”, but I built my own life.

It’s also very simple to say, reading, running, meeting friends, watching movies, and writing diaries. This is almost all of my life. And my work is grown in such a life.

I went to see everyone around me. Everyone I went to interview, in addition to their thinking, their practices, more concerned about their living methods.

  • The founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has been a model worker for 30 years, and this is his living method;

  • Get the founder Luo Feng reading a new book every day, this is his living method;

  • The birthday of Li Xigui, the principal of the 11th School Headquarters, was known to everyone. On the same day, he received more than 400 classmates’ birthday wishes. He replied one by one and returned to the early morning. This is his living method.

A person’s faith is not what he said, but he is alive. The success of a person is not what he did, but he lived with his own life. I’ve got a circle, actually, I still want to talk aboutLife. I am an ordinary person, but I find that I also have my mission.

My mission is to: Tell the story of China’s innovation.

I don’t know much about the Chinese story. I just want to be able to continue to discover and continue to tell some stories that happen and explore in the community of our innovators. This life is full of hope. What I often say repeatedly is that the rational part is rational, the unreasonable part is human nature.

The past textbooks and business reports are all based on the rational part of one thing. But if you do it exactly according to it, it will definitely fail. why? What you have learned in the textbook is rationality, but all that is to be done when dealing with things is human nature, including the need to place your own humanity.

There are many reasons, but how can a Chinese live in the moment? This is what I am trying to deliver in “Growth Thinking”. In addition to the choice of opportunity, the design of the model, the construction of the organization, the use of leverage, I simplified the statement of the truth and put in a lot of stories.

I hope that some details of these stories and Jiguang Piece can give you some reference. It turns out that this person is like this. I hope that you will listen to my story, not only with reason to inspire, but also with emotional placement. I hope that you can feel what is happening in China’s innovation from a human perspective, with temperature and flesh and blood.

All this is made by ordinary people like you and me. They are like you, laughing and tearing, confused and fragile.

The same era, different business choices; the same wound, different ways of living. This kind of human world is the most beautiful thing I have seen. This kind of beauty, I am willing to collect and share with my life. I am very pleased to share with you the most important thing for me personally on the special day of the University’s fall opening ceremony.

In the days to come, I will continue to tell the story of Chinese innovation, and you may become the protagonist of my story.

Thank you!

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