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Today is the first day of the lunar calendar in October, the Winter Clothes Festival. The Winter Clothes Festival is a traditional festival in China.On the day, it was said that it originated in the Zhou Dynasty and was popular in the north. Many Chinese people will sweep on this day to commemorate the loved ones of the dead. On the street, people will see the figure of burning paper, and the thoughts will pass to the other side in the fire.

Missing, always accompanied by a three-degree apology. Unable to let go of the feelings, the words that are not open, the gifts that have not arrived, the unfulfilled wishes. Paper tie, let us have the opportunity to make up.

The death of the Chinese is romantic.

Paper is a traditional Chinese funeral ritual, and it is a sinister thing in our cultural values. However, in June of this year, the French used the Chinese paper to tie the largest non-Western art in Europe to the theme of the Cabrillo Museum (Musée du Quai Branly) There was a art exhibition called “Paradise Paradise” (Palace Paradis). The protagonist is the traditional “paper” used for rituals. “The exhibition” was named one of the top 10 must-see exhibitions in Paris this summer by the art guide “Sortir à Paris”, the highest point in Paris.


Paper sacred items belong to a kind of sorcerer. The sacred objects unearthed in ancient tombs are usually made of ceramic or wood. In the “Tokyo Dreams Record” written by Meng Yuan, it has detailed depicting the Song Dynasty’s Chinese Yuan Festival (Lunar July 15) market selling Scene:

July 15, the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the first few days, the market sold the shackles: boots, hoes, hats, gold and rhinoceros straps, multicolored clothes, and paper-folding shelves for sale, Pan House and the state of the East, such as Tanabata. The play area also sells fruit food, planting, flowers and fruits, and the sale of “The Respecting Meridian.” In addition, the bamboo poles are three feet, three to five feet high, and the shape of the weaving lamp nest is called “the orchid bowl”, hanging clothes, money, and burning it.

In this exhibition, in addition to the Chinese-style coffin, the traditional “Da Tuye”, the leading lion head and so on, there are also Western-style villas, Chinese-style tea houses, one table and one stool, one inside. The bowls and chopsticks are exquisitely like real objects, red wine western food, hot pot snacks, kaiseki cuisine, Korean stone pot rice… can be described as wonderful.

In addition, from the latest electronic products, practical appliances such as washing machines and TVs, to luxury clothes and shoes, it is like shopping in the department store.

In addition to exhibiting lifelike paper sacrifices, the exhibition will bring a new life and death concept to overseas audiences. The last unit is a ritual ritual around the ancestors, with multimedia equipment in the exhibition hall, the production process of the paper sacrifices, and ritual rituals such as cremation.

When it was learned that “such a refined model is actually made of paper,” curator Julian


The exhibition is a Chinese-style coffin with a height of half a person. Most people stop to watch the photo. This is the 100-year-old shop “Emerging Paper Store”. It is a pity that every foreigner knows that this beautiful paper house will eventually be burned.

The boss Zhang Xupei feels that the paper is burning best. Only when I saw that the fire was burning, people felt the wish, and they really got comfort.

When he received a business from a foreign country, he had to go to the guest’s home with some masters in the store, with scissors and ruler tools, as well as colored paper and paper, and the words “out of the village”. Eat and live there, one or two months, the fastest two or three days.

“Everyone is like a guest to entertain us, sometimes greet six meals a day. I am afraid that I will miss the hour, so I have to finish eating and start working.”

In his memory, when a family member had something in the village, the whole village would come over to help Zhang Luo, have money to make money, and forcefully contribute. Everyone is very busy, more like what kind of celebration or Chinese New Year is prepared, there is no sad atmosphere.

But when the sacrifice was burned, someone finally began to cry.

Looking at the paper house, the paper servant, the new clothes and new shoes, and the things that I loved during my life were burning, everyone reacted. The dead really have to leave their side and go to another place to start a new life.

No matter how much psychological preparations were made before, when death really comes, we are still at a loss, do not know how to accept, do not know how to resolve grief.

Zhang Xupei said that paper sticking is a way for people to get comfort. “Burn some paper, know that loved ones can live better in another place, and they begin to learn to look forward.”

Look at the coffin he made, no matter how delicate the front is, the bamboo frame is empty behind. He said that this kind of “before and after” means that everyone should not look back and look forward.


Another paper shop “Skea Paradise Paper” is not a century-old store. It is a store opened in 2007 by several young people in their twenties. Instead of making paper servants, crossing river bridges, and traditional Chinese houses, they do the latest mobile phone cameras, fashion luxury goods, global cuisine, etc., and restore the current life according to the wishes of the guests.

The first product in the store is a Japanese-style hot spring hotel that the boss Han Xiaoyan gave to her grandfather.

The grandfather wants to live in a Japanese-style hotel in Japan, a bubble hot spring. Everyone always told him to wait for the body to be better, but he finally left without wish.

She didn’t sleep for two days and nights and made a two-story hotel with an open-air hot spring.

Sliding open the wooden door, there is a small wooden table on the tatami, with the grandfather playing cards and poker. There was a sashimi at the dinner table, and my grandfather told her in her dreams to eat. The quilt on the bed is a real cloth, and the pattern above is the appearance of the quilt before the grandfather.

Grandma looked at every corner of the paper house, she was always crying for months and she laughed. Then smiled and burned the paper hotel to his grandfather.

Xiao Yan decided at the moment that every effort should be made to make each piece of paper more delicate than the real thing.

Not only the wish of the dead, “helping the living to restore that memory, as ifThe deceased relatives are still around, let them live with this memory and thoughts.

A foreign audience at the exhibition said: “In the case of paper, people can pay so much for regrets. But in life, they will only avoid regrets and then create more regrets.”

When I was young, I didn’t understand why I had to burn paper. I just thought that those papers were colorful and fun, and it was very good to burn.

I asked my grandmother, do you really believe that there is another world? Grandma shook her head and said no.

Why do you want to burn paper? Grandma said: “I hope to have another world. Because I miss them very much, I want to be able to reunite with them when I am gone.”

A group of fire, two lines of tears, a few greetings.

I gradually realized that burning paper is not cold at the bottom, and people need more warmth.

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