This article is from WeChat public account:贵圈(ID:entguiquan) , author: Yang Shi Yang, cover: the movie “Youth of you”

The Boy of You has gained such a high reputation, which may come from three reasons:

  • Yi Qian Qian Qian as a traffic star, showed a surprising acting, let his original fans have touted capital, and captured those who are obsessed with the flow of meat and shame;

  • The resentment of filing and retracting a few months ago, now finally has the opportunity to make over-the-counter compensation;

  • The theme of “campus violence and campus bullying” has inspired people to pay tribute to this film.

From these perspectives, many of the scores won by this film come from the external aura, not the story itself.

In fact, “You of the Teenagers” and “The Carnival” and “Dog Thirteen”, which were hot in the past, basically belonged to the same category – The subject matter value of the work is greater than the value of the ontology of the work. In other words, in the current environment, this type of film expands the theme of the domestic cinema, and in the gap between the laughter and the main melody, some serious issues are included. “Fiesta” focuses on the tragic story of a girl being sexually assaulted by a powerful class. “Thirty-Thirteen” tells the story of a girl who was shaped and kneaded by the adult world during her growing up.

Li in the “Thirteen Dogs” is sad and tearful

If you have to compare, from the so-called sensitivity of the subject, “You are younger” is far lower than the “carnival”, and from the depth and meticulous degree of exploring the spiritual world, it is also inferior to “dog ten Three” – Even the two works have their own very obvious problems, but they are more focused on the “social problem drama” after all, and “You of the Youth” is like this name, really one The youthful film of the Ministry. However, this youthful ignorance of love and growth has been included in the shadow of school bullying.

I don’t know how many people remember a concept called “cruel youth”, the phrase comes from the clever packaging of some booksellers more than 20 years ago. At that time, the mainstream fans of Yi Qian’s millennium were almost born, and some of the works of “post-80s” writers were crowned with this name and became the best in the bestsellers. The stories are all the same, the adolescent shackles, loneliness, loneliness and sorrow, stirring some sudden killings, injuries and escapes, creating one or two independent heroes and heroines, each with a mutual love, but finally separated.

This is a typical typed writing. After the initial pursuit, the readers who were quickly enriched quickly saw the trick. Those erotic words such as “45-degree grief” quickly became the sneak sneer of these works on the Internet, and these novels were gradually forgotten. And “You of the Boy” accidentally reactivated it after many years.

In the “Youth of You”, Zhou Dongyu plays the lonely girl Chen Nian

The lonely girl Chen Nian, who only wants to go to Beijing to escape from the small town, single mother fell into debt and entangled in her hometown, and she fell into the insurmountable vortex on campus. Boy Xiaobei is a 13-year-old gangster who has been mixing the streets and fighting all day. Due to an accidental crime, the relationship between the two went in an unimaginable direction.

You see, it all fits perfectly with the type framework of “cruel youth.” Let’s say, this story is a matter of concern for the problem of “campus violence”, but in fact, bullying and violence have become a rhetoric of the whole story, and its roots are still stale and belong. The old grammar that was invented in the “80s”.

From the movie itself, the advantages and disadvantages of “You of the Boys” are very obvious. The great thing about it is that the acting of the two protagonists is really amazing. In particular, I am awkward, I don’t know how much he is performing, how much is derived from rational technology, and how much is derived from a certain inductive performance. This requires additional contrast roles to be verified later. .

Besides, there are a lot of problems with this movie. The original “roughing” that has been quarreled on the Internet is not mentioned, only the movie itself, its first third, bullying on campus. The presentation is very awkward, and it seems that the performance of bullying and helplessness is not enough. But for the well-known reasons, all of this is doomed to be incapable.

What’s more deadly is that many of the characters in the story are suspended, whether it’s the girls who have been bullying others, or the actor, Xiaobei, who appeared afterwards. , forcing viewers to self-respect the spirit. In addition, it is puzzling that Chen Nian and Xiaobei, one is a girl who is re-reading in school, one is a nephew who has been mixing the society for many years, and two people who are separated by a thick wall, how can it be caused by a The occasional fight will quickly heat up to such a point, and even a few days later will be alive and dead? It is not that the little police can explain the past with a phrase “because they are still young.”

Xiaobei and Chen Nian

In the interrogation room, the policewoman said to Zheng Yi, the policeman played by Yin Wei, “No one will be charged with murder for a person.” Zheng Yi said, “You and I will not, but they are still young.” The appearance of this word confirms the eroticism of the creator to some extent. Because in the subconscious, the creator himself knows that such a plot, the motive of the character is suspicious, and the motivation is insufficient, so this sentence is emphasized. One is a question, the other is an explanation, but it still cannot be explained.

In a play, the strength of the relationship between the characters should be based on the basis of the fact that it is effectively accounted for, but everything in this story is saved and explained, what should we do? Well, all the unreasonable parts are attributed to the hormonal impulsive impulses of adolescence. This is the suspicious and weak life of the “cruel youth” novels of that year – the fragility of the “cruel youth” type is that it has been telling some very dramatic dramatic settings in a way that looks like the underlying cruel story.

From these perspectives, it is not a social problem drama of “You in the Youth”. Its essence and depth are very “Guo Jingming”. This is why this story makes me look strange. The sharp things were initially fascinating, but the thorns and blades gradually concealed and began to dig into the sensation, eventually leading to warmth and love.

It started from the ice, and finally went to the fire. The road that could not be reached in the middle required us to navigate. So some people made up their own brains and some people eventually lost their way.

“You are a teenager” with the theme of campus bullying

The truthThe content on our big screen has become narrower. It is rare to see such things as “You of the Teenagers”. Therefore, this kind of reality makes us fall into a kind of film when we evaluate this kind of movie. awkward.

We all know the limitations of external forces on the presentation of such subjects. So how do we view and judge the compromises of the directors? Because the external force is unclear, we can’t know exactly which parts of the director are powerful but can’t help but give up, and which parts are the powerlessness caused by the lack of ability of the main creation.

From a more general perspective, when we face these sharp-edged works, we should pay tribute to our spirit and give up the criticism after the text is carefully read. Because after all, they still insisted on posing some bones in addition to the Yangge dance. No matter whether you admire or criticize, it seems that you can’t escape the dilemma.

“You are young” and try to leave some sharp words. For example, Chen Nian asked the police. “If the world is like this, would you dare to give birth to your child?” Of course, in order to neutralize these, it also Infused with a lot of cliché chicken soup. The violence and bullying on campus have a rougher and more realistic expression, but the result may be serious damage to business or even failure to appear.

So, the current version that ultimately must lead to love and hope, may be a blend of improved blends after many flavors. However, if you want to taste the authentic spicy taste, you have to go to the underground shop hidden in the corner. In the restaurants that hang lanterns and open their doors, the dishes add too much sugar.

This article is from WeChat public account:贵圈(ID:entguiquan)< / a> , author: Yang Shi Yang, cover: the movie “Youth of you”