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There are too many news stories in the past two days, and the relationship between entrepreneurs and couples has broken down, and the valuation of shared office companies has collapsed.

Swipe your phone, follow up on news that I know or don’t know, need or don’t need to know, and discuss with friends and colleagues about information that is not related to me. I suddenly felt the negative energy was full. I am forced to accept a lot of information every day and feel embarrassed because I missed some of them; before going out, electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers must not be forgotten, otherwise one day will be uncomfortable.

From WeChat to email, from vibrato, red book to Weibo and know, We have a lot of apps on our mobile phones, which provide a lot of content every day, which keeps us and the world. contact. But have you ever thought about whether these content and connections are really irreplaceable? Do they make you a better person, lead a more active and healthy life, or have it become a stumbling block for us to maintain efficient work and healthy living?

I believe that you will occasionally agree, Fear of missing out(FOMO), let us Many of them become slaves to digital devices and information.

ExperimentsBy Google(Google Experiments) is a loose organization. Inside the company’s employees and outsiders, some experimental small projects developed in their free time can be submitted to this organization. Once selected, they can be promoted by Google’s resources and understood and used by more people.

Yesterday, Experiments by Google released the latest set of six experimental products designed to help people achieve a healthier digital life (digital wellbeing)< /span>.

One of them, when I saw it, was attracted almost instantly. This product is called Paper Phone(paper phone). There may be dozens or hundreds of apps on your phone, Many of them are desperately trying to grab your limited time and attention with notifications.

When Paper Phone wants to implement, it gives you a new “mobile phone”,there is only the information you really need, Tasks, calendar items, weather forecasts, notes, maps, and numbers of important contacts that need to be completed today. And more importantly, you will find: These letters, in fact, there is no need for a small “computer” with a screen, as long as it is written on paper.

If you are old enough, you should still remember that there is no mobile phone, no computer to carry with you, no mobile network, no navigation, almost all digital products we are familiar with today.An era that has not yet become popular. At that time, many people carried their notebooks with them and recorded important information on them. In fact, the previous notebook was the mobile phone of today.

I am already a heavy user of the notebook, and I have a small notebook in my wallet

This is the essence of Paper Phone: Since notebooks can evolve into mobile phones, mobile phones can be “degraded” into notebooks.

And, in this degrading process, Paper Phone hopes you can understand: In fact, you don’t really need the excess information provided by your phone and app. With such a “paper phone”, I spent a relatively full day and tested whether such “Digital Detoxification” is suitable for me.

(It is worth mentioning that as a teleworker, my life rhythm, work content and how to use the phone, and reading You may have a huge difference in the article. The important features that are missing for you may be acceptable to me.)

Before the spoiler, the Paper Phone is as follows:

It’s very easy to make.

First, I installed the Paper Phone app on a Google Pixel phone.

Yes, it’s a bit ironic when I’m up. Paper Phone, which wants to help you replace your phone, is indeed a mobile app. Currently supports Android. However, its code is already open source on GitHub, and it is not too difficult to theoretically port to iOS and other desktop platforms.

Next, you need to sign in to your Google Account because it needs access to my Google Calendar, contacts, to-do list, and more to read the information.

I usually use Google Tasks(first left) to manage the to-do items, just in time.Ne access read. As for the calendar item, it reads my Google Calendar (second from the left).

A lot of people, if there is a lot of things to do the next day, I will plan briefly the night before. In order to write this review, I deliberately added a bunch of things to my haircut, to the library, and so on…

I can select up to 7 people to add to my Paper Phone. But it’s just a piece of paper and can’t be used to make a phone call. Fortunately, I usually do not call often, and the haircut has already been reserved in advance.

(Thanks to the editor for a happy day I can’t find…)

Paper Phone can also replace some of the map navigation work, in the most primitive way you can imagine: enter the place you want to go today in the app, it will generate a Navigation map of the … map.

At present, Paper Phone’s navigation feature only supports one location. So, if I want to go anywhere else today, I can only open my impressions:

In addition to the more important features mentioned above, Paper Phone can also provide some additional small features that will help you with your work and life, such as weather forecast Automatically identify the location), notebook, card package (it will print a dotted line, I need to open my own to become a bank card slot).

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Paper Phone will set aside a page space. You can add a Paper App to it.

In short, Paper Apps are some of the most used tools and games, such as unit converters, multiplication tables, recipes, sign language tutorials, daily verses, Sudoku, maze , riddles, etc. Today’s mobile phone is “run out”, you can also fold it into a paper crane…

I made my Paper Phone, and I was satisfied with going to bed last night.

I got up this morning and found a fatal problem: My home doesn’t have a printer…

So I got up early in the morning, saved the file to the U disk, and ran to Fedex with the U disk. When you “print” your phone, it’s almost half a day…

The phone you just shot is like this:

After folding, you can stand on the table, like a folding screen phone! Most mobile phones can’t do it!

I did a proofreading and found a few bugs: First, there are five schedules on my calendar today, and the result is only one calendar entry.

And, the time zone is confusing. It was a haircut at 10 am and it became a night at 5 o’clock. I checked it later and understood what happened: Paper Phone’s development team is located in London, they don’t seem to have a time zone in the code, so all the calendar items become London local time < Span class="text-remarks" label="Remarks"> (and also forgot to join daylight saving time).

Secondly, Paper Phone’s optimization of Chinese doesn’t seem to be very good. My Google Tasks are basically written in Chinese, and the list of results has a typographical error.:

Unfortunately, there are bugs in the two most important features of Paper Phone. This evaluation, the start is very unsatisfactory…

After printing, I found that the next schedule (haircut) is coming soon. Get on the bus and leave. Looking at this map, I dare say that if you have never been to it before, most people will not be able to reach their destination smoothly. Because

  1. The clarity of the map is too low,

  2. Text navigation instructions without turn-by-turn;

  3. Navigation is automatically generated, selects a turn and stop sign/traffic light, the slowest overall route (I usually don’t open this way) .

If the map feature can be improved on any of the above, the acceptance will be much better than it is now.

Go to the barber shop, frontMy friend is still not there, so I opened the Paper App Sudoku time. According to the scanning method I usually use, I found the bug again from 1 to 9: Can there be two 1s in a nine-square grid?

The dotted line in the figure is the card slot for bank cards

My loud sigh was heard by the haircut aunt. She comforted me. “Don’t worry, I will be here soon.” (I also brought another Paper Phone tested yesterday, added above Paper App is a maze, but fortunately it has passed…)

The next thing to experience is the payment feature. Under the ignorant gaze of the aunt, I folded the phone and carefully removed the bank card from inside (because the one I tested yesterday was torn).

The barber shop is a normal POS machine and can only use chips/magnetic strips. If you are in a place like Philz and other advanced coffee shops, you don’t need to take the card out, just take the Paper Phone and shake it.

The end of the haircut has arrived at noon, and I had a lunch with my friend. But as mentioned earlier, I don’t know why I only printed one item in the five calendar items today, and the time zone is wrong. Fortunately, I still remember the time and place (and wear a watch), do not need to navigate and remember the road, finally did not miss.

I don’t dare to imagine those friends who have used the Paper Phone. If you use Paper Phone, you have to delay the number of important meetings… Because you really don’t have a mobile phone, you can’t be photographed with the Paper Phone. I used the notebook function to record some needs. The material and inspiration for the photo.

The function of Paper Phone is roughly like this.

Used for one dayPaper Phone, I really feel very uncomfortable, but I also got a lot of things. First of all, I found that for my work patterns and living habits, I really don’t need a lot of apps on my phone.

I am a person who remembers, and the sense of direction is not bad, so most places I often go to do not use navigation; my work is mainly interview and write The manuscript, in addition to the need for the Union, almost no need to have a mobile phone at all other times, the computer is enough (and the computer can also log in to WeChat, email and other communication tools) Span>.

Twitter, Reddit, Weibo, Vibrato – After years of working in the new media industry, I found the side effects of these apps >(eg distractions lead to inefficiency, addicted to the Internet follow People quarrels, far more positive than (as a consultation channel)Significantly more. When there is only a few hours left in the deadline for the delivery, the last thing I need is the (at this moment), music has become less important).

But this doesn’t mean that I can completely abandon my phone and go out every day like a neuropathy with a piece of paper. The way we live and work has been completely changed by technology – there is no doubt about it. Even if we exclude water blowing on social networks, WeChat and email are still very important to me. On the day without the mobile phone, I missed a message from the editor (because it was not in front of the computer), missed two emails that I think are more important.

The technology that has made a name for itself can indeed go far and enjoy the good times offline. I still need to maintain a stable, long-term online connection with the world.

As I mentioned earlier, Paper Phone does have a lot of bugs. Before convincing anyone, including me, to give it another chance, it’s best to fix these bugs quickly…

It needs to be explained here that Paper Phone is not developed by Google itself, but is submitted to Google by Special Projects, a London-based design consultancy. The company was founded by a couple: industrial designer and creative director Clara G. Westaway, and experience designer and magician Adrian Westaway.

Unlike the iPhone that changes every year, using Paper Phone means printing at least one page a day. There must be friends who have to question: Look at the simplicity, but this paper phone is not environmentally friendly? ? Before you, the designer of Paper Phone had long thought of it. They found that according to the authoritative carbon footprint database and calculation method, one piece of paper is printed every day, equivalent to 10 per year.g about carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, although companies such as Apple always boast that they are 100% environmentally friendly, calculated to use one hour of smartphone per day, equivalent to 1.25 tons of carbon dioxide per year (Don’t forget, the phone needs to be recharged, there are servers, cloud computing, etc.).

The designer said that the birth of Paper Phone was influenced by Calm Technology. This idea has been translated as “calm technology”, although it is not necessarily believed to be elegant, but at least you can understand from Paper Phone that it is designed to inspire people from smartphones and various electronic devices. Freed from anxiety.

Maybe because I am not “Zen”, I don’t have a mobile phone in one day but it makes me more anxious. Maybe for those who have financial freedom, Paper Phone can play a bigger role…

In fact, I am not completely unable to adapt to the days when paper and pen are used instead of mobile phones. For example, on weekends when you don’t need to work, if you go out for a hike with your family, I will consider putting your phone at home. The destination, the surrounding restaurants, are already on the Paper Phone; as for navigation, as long as there is sufficient information on the map, there is no need to worry about getting lost. (It’s like someone is looking for me on weekends.)

At least, so I can spend a rare time with my family in a no-disturb, stress-free state of mind. If I persist in the long term, I believe that my “digital addiction” is likely to quit. After all, being aware of being addicted is the beginning of abstinence.

Finally, I want to share a little more thinking. In the era of smartphones and apps, there is a classic phrase: There’s an app for that.

And Paper Phone made me think: Do we really need ‘that’ in the first place?

This article is from WeChat public account:Sistar (ID:guixingren123), author: Doutzen edit: Vicky Xiao