The listing of Virgin Galactic may be a small step for the company’s development, but the commercialization of the entire space travel may be a big step.

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Victory Galaxy, founded by Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the famous British Virgin brand, merged with SocialCapitalHedosophia Holdings (IPOA) founded by venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, the first space travel company in human history. The listing will be realized tonight, the stock code “SPCE”, meaning the English word “Space” space.

According to the merger arrangement, the newly established Virgin Galactic is valued at US$1.5 billion. Therefore, the IPOA share price has experienced violent fluctuations in recent trading days. After confirming the listing on Friday, the company’s share price rose directly by 11.23%. The market value reached $1.02 billion.

The first share of space travel, take you to see the stars tonight

Source: Futu Niu Niu

One, only two and a half hours, a circle of space boundaries

Virgin Galaxy is a well-known Virgin Group company specializing in space sub-orbital passenger travel companies. From the first supersonic flight in 2018 to 2019, in just one year, the company successfully completed the test of passengers, reached the sub-orbital space and returned safely. The company plans to provide commercial services by 2020.

Space travel is divided into a variety of things, like Musk SpaceX wants to take you to Mars, and another big Gabe Bezos is going to land on the moon. Virgin currently offers the most reliable suborbital flight experience. The so-called suborbital is the airspace 20-100 km from the ground, which is between the highest flight altitude of the existing aircraft and the lowest orbital altitude of the satellite.

1, Virgin Galactic Luxury Tour

The Virgin Galactic launch site is located in New Mexico, USA.It is a typical desert climate. It is sunny and dry all year round, which is very conducive to the launch of spacecraft.

This launch site, named “SpaceportAmerica”, has a 6,000-square-mile restricted area where Virgin Galactic has invested more than $200 million to build the infrastructure needed for launch.

The entire space tour lasted for 5 days. During this period, Virgin also provided visits to the launch center, physical fitness training, flight training and other services. Finally, on the fifth day, you will have invested more than 1 billion US dollars in Virgin. The spaceship ascended into the starry sky.

The first flight of space travel, take you to see the stars tonight

Source: Public Information, Futu Niu Niu

2, the spaceship takes you to fly

The SS2 spacecraft is a carrier that carries passengers into sub-orbital space. It is built by ScaledComposites, known for its composite and non-traditional designs, using a single hybrid rocket engine with a maximum speed of Mach 3.

The mother ship WK2, the Chinese name “White Knight 2”, will be equipped with the spaceship SS2, after entering the high altitude of 45,000 feet, the spacecraft SS2 will be separated from the mother ship, and the 60-second rocket propulsion will increase the speed. To Mach 3, you will be sent directly to the sky 50 miles, that is, the sky more than 80 kilometers from the ground, reach the space boundary defined by the US Air Force, feel the experience of microgravity, and return to the atmosphere to return.

Of course, in addition to fun, space travel can also carry out satellite launches, scientific research experiments, and energy exploration in the future.

The first flight of space travel, take you to see the stars tonight

Source: Public Information, Futu Niu Niu

3, reservations are now accepted

The fare for space travel is $250,000. For each flight, the SS2 spacecraft requires two pilots and can take six passengers at a time. That is, one Virgin can receive $1.5 million. Virgin currently has two SS2 spacecraft and plans to expand to five in 2023.

Aircraft tours for more than 60 countries are now booked