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Gansu and Xinjiang are very close, Tianshui and Urumqi are very far apart, with 2,200 kilometers.

Pan Shiyi is a Tianshui person who spent his childhood in a village called Panji Village. Li Yapeng was born in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, and was born in Shuimogou District, Urumqi.

The name of the hometown has a hint of earthy taste. Apart from this, the two half-year-old man of the northwestern man had no intersection. One changed his destiny through reading, and he went to the sea to build a real estate circle; a rebellious publicity, mistakenly hit the play, and became a famous entertainment circle.

In the past, the road was facing forward and each side went. Later, the two people got closer and closer. Pan Shiyi went to the real estate, acting, presiding, and performing variety; Li Yapeng quit the entertainment industry, buying land, developing and selling houses.

Now, in the entertainment industry, Pan Shiyi has more traffic than Li Yapeng. In the real estate circle, Li Yapeng has more guts than Pan Shiyi.


At the end of October, SOHO China was exploding 56 billion yuan in selling assets, and then crusted.

“Don’t let Pan Shiyi run, don’t let Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin run away.”

In the face of continuous criticism, Pan Shiyi only forwarded the group statement: Our company often discusses trading opportunities, but does not know how to sell the building.

When forwarding, Pan Shiyi did not even write a comment on a word, and then continued to “carry goods” to promote Tianshui Apple.

In the past year, there are only about 3.5 things that can make Pan Shiyi personally busy: when woodworking, bring Ren Zhiqiang into the pit; carry forward photography hobbies, take pictures of celebrities; microblogging sipping and selling apples, a louder than a cry. The other half is to take the time to variety.

In “Aspirations to Life”, Lao Pan gave a group of ducks a scaffolding and taught him how to pull the saw: the saw blade should be long and the light should be light. He Wei returned a rainbow fart:

As soon as there is such a teacher, I can also build a SOHO.

If it wasn’t for this “clearance sale”, everyone would have forgotten that Pan Shiyi was a real estate developer. Do not talk about the direction of the property market, do not take the land, in recent years, there are few old Pan characters in the real estate circle, in addition to an asset sale every year.

Li Yapeng is the opposite. After the announcement of the interest in 2013, it was frequently seen in the real estate circle.

In 2013, Li Yapeng won 408 acres of land in Shuhe Ancient Town of Lijiang, but the first real estate attempt was defeated. In 2015, Li Yapeng transferred 51% of the project equity to Sunshine 100 due to poor management.

There is no success, Li Yapeng did not give up the real estate dream. In the same year of selling the project, he proposed the concept of “China Wengu” brand, and envisaged grafting cultural and artistic resources to the commercial complex of the district.

Can’t develop, the output brand can always be!

In 2017, Li Yapeng joined hands with Jinke to bring the first “Chinese Valley” project to Zhengzhou.

Last month, Li Yapeng once again returned to the developer. His company competed for 4 blocks in Zhangzhou, including two commercial land and two commercial and residential sites. The land area is 330 mu and the second “Chinese Valley” is planned to be developed. Including the college town, art town and other formats, with a total investment of about 6 billion.

In other words, Pan Shiyi of Laojiang Lake is “going to real estate”, and novice Li Yapeng is daring, continue a