The first phase of closed communication, coordinates Shanghai.

Pro · Future think tanks include industry-wide in-depth research from Pro, and our rapidly growing “super projects” that are designed to provide a basis for business decisions, making 1% faster See the future. In the future, the think tank has released 15 industry research projects and has explored six super projects from the track, logistics, commercial aerospace and other circuits.

The “To B Series Closed Doors” is an attempt by the future think tanks to go offline and offline. We hope to stimulate industry discussions and explore unknown boundaries through closed-line high-density communication. Combining the status quo and confusion we have seen in past reports and research, we have teamed up with the founders of To B to develop the theme of the closed-door meeting. Including:

  • Sales acceleration and scale growth

  • The key to successful customer success

  • How does Martech build an intelligent “marketing department”?

  • Smart Manufacturing: How far is it from the idea to the commercial landing?

  • How does the SaaS company cut transactions from the tool?

  • How do hardware companies make money on software?

  • Why are VCs looking at the supply chain?

  • The new rules for mergers and acquisitions, how to find new owners in the primary market?

  • ······

ToB Closed Door Notice: Sales Acceleration and Scale Growth | Pro·Future Think Tank

Event details

Future Think Tanks · The first phase of the closed-door meeting centered on “sales acceleration and scale growth”. We invited Cai Yonglai, founder of the Silicon Valley Sales Research Institute, to share the theme for three hours.

The Silicon Valley Sales Institute is the evangelist of Winning By Design in China. It is committed to bringing Silicon Valley’s leading scientific sales, scaled growth methodology, and best practices to China to help SaaS. Enterprises accelerate sales organization evolution.

The Silicon Valley Blueprint is an independent consulting firm for Silicon Valley’s strategic sales acceleration, with more than ten branches around the world.It has served more than 400 of the world’s leading software technology vendors, including financial, big data, collaboration, electronic signature, human resources, compensation and benefits, real estate, fast-moving and many other emerging SaaS unicorns and traditional large software companies.

In order to achieve large-scale growth, the traditional sales idea may be to expand the sales team. However, the expansion of the sales team does not necessarily lead to a year-on-year increase in performance. The management confusion caused by team expansion will lead to a decline in sales efficiency. SaaS enterprise sales organization growth generally lacks systematic methodological support, which also triggers a series of problems: excessive marketing, inaccurate contracting customers, unsatisfactory results, etc., resulting in high customer costs and renewal rates. problem. After long-term high-intensity competition in the US market, its B2B sales have also formed best practices, which is also the core content of the Silicon Valley Blueprint.

Cai Yong has 25 years of experience in enterprise service sales management. He has served as a senior executive of several large and medium-sized global software companies in China. He has accumulated rich case experience in the process of serving Chinese companies. In addition to the research on sales acceleration, this closed-door meeting also set up a case discussion session, and welcomed the person in charge of sales management of the enterprise service company.


The closed-door will be open to SaaS’s founding team and sales management leader, and will be free to participate through the audit. The event refused to airborne. Limited places, Apply please add WeChat chuangtou36kr, lock the position in advance.

Moderator: Lin Lubi, senior analyst at the Enterprise Service Circuit.

  • Time: November 2nd (Thursday) 2-5pm

  • Location: Shanghai·Luohejing·Xinghuan Technology

Subsequent closed doors will be previewed

Vol. 2: November 28th (Thursday) 2-5pm, Beijing Chaoyang Park·, Themes: Key to Customer Success;

Vol. 3: December 12th (Thursday) 2-5pm, Shanghai Xujiahui, Theme: Martech and Intelligent Marketing Department.

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