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We learned that the AI ​​interview tool provider difu technology was completed in November 2019 Pre-A round of financing, amounting to 30 million yuan, the investor is Hongren Capital. Prior to this, Difu Technology had received angel investment of 10 million yuan and HKUST Xunfei Ecological shares.

Shanghai Difu Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Difu Technology) was established in March 2017. It is an artificial intelligence application company in the field of “AI + recruitment”. application.

In the traditional recruitment process, medium and large enterprises often have a large number of applicants in the initial stage. HR needs to screen resumes, pre-communicate and negotiate with candidates the initial time and place, and interview one by one. The overall consumption of time and labor costs is high, and the amount of labor that can be processed is not large, and the efficiency is low.

One Side is an artificial intelligence tool. It uses AI interviewers to replace traditional interviewers, and completes the pre-communication information collection, initial interview and result evaluation of candidates during the initial session. With the form of AI interviews, candidates can enter the interview anytime, anywhere, saving the cost of the interview, improving the initial work efficiency of the enterprise and the rate of candidate arrivals.

Using AI to synthesize live interviewers to investigate professional skills and basic qualities

From the operation path, HR raised one side in the ATS system and sent interview notices to the candidates in batches. After receiving the interview invitation, the candidate enters the one-sided APP for artificial intelligence interview with the invitation code. After the interview, the back office will analyze the candidate interview situation, output and send the final report to the ATS system for HR screening.

The overall interview session is about 15-20 minutes. The question type includes two types of video question and answer and AI assessment. It mainly examines the candidate’s professional ability and basic quality.

In terms of professional competence, we focus on the three dimensions of knowledge, skills, and experience, and combine the past experience information mentioned in the resume and video quiz to extract, evaluate, and output points. In terms of basic qualities, the candidate’s competence and fluid intelligence (that is, brain power) are examined in the form of video question and answer interaction and AI game evaluation, and the final score and CEL analysis report are output.

The total number of questions in the video question and answer is 3-5, and each time limit is 2 minutes. Among them, the fixed 3 questions are algorithms for intelligent recommendation based on the post JD and the candidate’s past experience, and the remaining 2 questions support enterprise customization.

Starter | Artificial IntelligenceThe interview tool

One video question and answer

During the interview process, in order to reduce the discomfort of job applicants communicating with the machine during the interview process, One side uses AI real-life synthesis, emotional speech and other technologies to generate real-life image AI interviewers, which can create job search HR interview scene with real person.

After the interview, the system will send an interview evaluation report to the ATS system. The report mainly includes job applicants’ basic information, professional ability scores, competency scores, and occupational risk assessments. Each information module will generate a screenable screen. Field, HR can quickly screen out qualified candidates in the ATS system.

First release | AI interview tool

Interview report

According to Irene, the person in charge of the product, on the credibility of the video analysis results, the comprehensive human-machine judgment overlap is 77%, and the top 30% of candidates and the last 30% of candidates have a coincidence of 92. %, The judgment result is more accurate.

On the technical level, relying on the NLP technology of the shareholder Fangke University Xunfei and Xunfei’s AIUI platform, it built a semantic understanding ability based on the interview scene. Focused on the technical research of vertical fields < span>.

Strategic cooperation with Beisen has supported hundreds of thousands of interviews

Su Rui, Founder and CEO of Yimen, told us that Yimen and Beisen have reached in-depth strategic cooperation, and the two sides have conducted in-depth docking on the underlying technology, product services, and marketing support.

In terms of products, one side is located in the Beisen ecological version application background, and the interfaces between the two sides are open. Customers can enter and use one side in the Beisen ATS. In terms of marketing support, Beisen and Yimeng are in the public account, CSM,Publicity and cooperation have been carried out through pop-up windows and other channels. Next, Beisen may collaborate with one side to optimize the user experience and algorithm model of one side.

First release | AI interview tool

Beimsen product application background

It is understood that, in addition to Beisen, One Side has already docked products with Career International’s “Ruipin”, and is in technological docking with SAP. Through Beisen and other channels, has already cooperated with nearly a hundred large and medium-sized companies, involving multiple industries such as finance, real estate, automotive, and manufacturing. Its customers include H & M, SAIC Volkswagen, and Gitzo Financial. Hundreds of thousands of people have supported AI interviews.

Team and profitability

In the profit model, the system subscription annual fee and personalized value-added service fee are the profit points. The system subscription annual fee ranges from 60,000 to 80,000, and the value-added service fee ranges from 300,000 to 1,000,000. Support balance.

In terms of team, Difu Technology currently has a team size of about 50 people, most of which are products and development, with headquarters in Shanghai. The founder and CEO Su Rui served in SAIC Group for more than ten years and was the co-founder of Zebra Network.

After this round of financing, Difu Technology will perform product upgrades and team expansions. It is expected to launch version 3.0 in December, and continue to improve in menu definition, visual definition, interview question types, etc . In terms of team, it is expected to increase to about 100 people within half a year, mainly to increase R & D and marketing personnel.