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Everyone says that this is the age of beauty.

So, how valuable is a foreign face?

“Generally attending an opening ceremony is 1000 and modeling at least 3000, there is nothing to say, just stand there.” David, an Australian boy studying in China, spoke fluent Chinese.

Big Hygienic blonde, tall and strong, is a typical Western appearance. After two years in China, he was “sold” to various occasions, becoming a ribbon-cutting guest, president assistant, and international supermodel.

In China, renting foreigners has become a business. In particular, white men like David are the “good hearts” of many companies. They are often “rented” to upgrade the X-grade, and with a foreign face, they make all kinds of rustic occasions full of vigor.

Foreigners are like mascots. As if renting a foreigner, you can recruit money and treasure. If there is more magic, there will be more magic.

01 “foreign mix” turned into “big boss”

Many people may think that renters are a manifestation of “Chongyangmeiwai.” In the eyes of business people, this is just a rational business behavior.

A few years ago, when the housing market was the hottest, there were three treasures in the real estate sales in the fourth and fifth tier cities, that is, “Gaiyanglou, Qiyangming, please foreigners.”

The real estate is always “European-style architecture” and “American style”; the name is also very popular, not “Roman Holiday” or “Seine River”, and it is even more inviting to foreigners. At the opening ceremony, the cooperation of the US Representatives, master architects, and international residents in the community … All the blondes closed their eyes, tall and handsome, and they all seemed to be big names.

This trick works, and the real estate instantly rises up. If you hook up with internationalization, you can sell it hot.

But in fact, where these foreigners are high-level elites, they are all trusts that have been found for hundreds of dollars, and there will be no foreign neighbors in the community.

There have been media reports of an American girl being hired as a business assistant in China.

One day, she happened to see a notice on the Internet about recruiting a foreign business assistant from a company, and she only needed to be able to speak Chinese. She did not mention her working ability and skills. In order to earn more living expenses, she applied for the job.

Finally, she found the content of this job to be extremely simple, in short, “support the scene.” As an assistant, I accompanied the boss to various receptions and dinners. On these occasions, they did not talk about business topics, but chatted about some things. All she had to do was smile and talk a few times.

Every time she attends, she can not only save a meal, but also get an extra 1,000 yuan.

▲ Foreign beauty car models at the auto show Graphic and text irrelevant

In China, many private enterprises especially like “renting foreigners”, and the wealthy local bosses use this form to package their companies internationally.

Andrei, a German student studying at Beijing Language and Culture University, said in an interview that he took a job and cut the ribbon for an unknown company. He was asked to stand in a suit and leather shoes and read a speech in German. This company has packaged itself into a Sino-German joint venture high-tech company, and he has transformed into a German technology executive in China.

“Everyone can’t understand what I’m reading, and who cares who I am?” Andre said.

Andre found this “renting himself” job from a professional agent. When there is demand, there is a market. Some people see business opportunities and start a business of renting foreigners.

These brokerage companies have bound foreigners’ information into books, and their height, body type, nationality, and some of their skills are recorded in the books, clearly marked. Customers can choose their favorite objects by themselves, orJi Company makes matching recommendations according to customer requirements. Under the operation of the brokerage company, foreigners are incarnate as doctors, executives, artists …

▲ Stills of “Foreigner”

Many foreigners who have been unemployed abroad for many years and even have criminal records have joined this rank when they came to China. With a foreign face, eating and drinking, and changing shape, the “foreign bastard” has become the “big boss” of capitalist countries.

02 Renting foreigners’ “chain of contempt”

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There is also a “ethnic contempt chain” in the foreign leasing market.

The most popular are white men, who are more likely to disguise themselves as elite and successful people. Secondly, there are beautiful white women. After that, there were yellow and black people, and Indians were very popular in software engineering.

The chain of contempt is mainly reflected in price. For example, at the same event, white people can get 2,000 yuan, while black people can only get 800 yuan.

This kind of scene is especially obvious in bar clubs. The competition in this industry is fierce, relying on pulling heads and opening decks for consumption. The nightclub style is higher. The more money collected, of course.

Nightclubs originate from the West. People subconsciously feel that the more foreigners there are, the higher the level here is. If a bartender in a nightclub is white, even if the wine has the same raw materials and taste, the price of the wine he mixes can be 2 times higher than that of the Chinese.

So, In order to attract more people to spend, nightclubs will invite many foreigners to help out.

▲ This photo is a “professional photo” created by the agency for David Borenstein

In David’s documentary, other “white monkeys” also appeared.

There are French backpackers who play bass players, and finally use the money they make to pretend to be bassists to take music lessons. As a result, they have become a real bass player and performed in the band of singer Tan Weiwei.

There are also professional “white monkeys” who have been in China for more than 20 years. From the first line to the second line to the third and fourth line cities, choose the right time to enter each city when they are chasing the most foreigners. Make a fortune.

▲ “You can be a doctor or an actor” Image source: Documentary screenshots

There is also a classic scene in the documentary: The host is pleased to report: “You are invited to enter the top 20 supermodels in the United States!” The audience immediately cheered and applauded, and took a mobile phone for a random shot. Those so-called supermodels have timid eyes and disorderly steps …

It was a few years when China ’s GDP soared, and the absurdity and falsehood presented in Dream Empire made people see that behind the “economic miracle”, the value of the Chinese people was confused.

At a time when China has become the world ’s second largest economy, if cultural self-confidence can’t keep up, the “dream empire” of “white monkeys” will never collapse.

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