In recent years, as more and more people have eaten cold noodles, the status of pancake fruit on the street is already at stake.

If the pancake fruit will go online, then search for “boiled cold noodles or delicious pancake fruit”. The answer on the homepage will make it silent:

The four words “different from person to person” are telling it in subtext: Baker, sorry, you are no longer the only one for me.

The pancake fruit panicked.

Especially this winter season is the peak time for pancake fruit to be hurt.

A group of young and middle-aged laborers who fled from the work station at night will abandon all the decent people before roasting the cold noodle stalls, while stomping their feet to drive the cold, while swallowing their own babies.

One day, Pancake Fruit gathered up courage, smelled of you who came home late at night, and could n’t help but sing in tears:

You have the smell of roasted cold noodles next door. Is it my sin to pancakes?

I reflect on myself for pancake fruit

Ten years back, when I was a junior high school student in a small town, I could smell the smell of pancake fruit ten meters away. It was a magical gas that made people full.

The aroma of deep-fried iron plate can make people imagine a beautiful picture: the fritters just fried out of the pan are being wrapped in batter.

When it was put into a plastic bag and brought to my mouth, in order to avoid the steam from wetting the crust, I would rather endure the bitter flesh and eat it while it was still hot.

At this time, the cooked egg liquid wrapped in pancakes is tender and the fritters are crisp.

Even Musk is no exception

The temperature of the pancake just out of the pot is high, and people lift it from left to right, and in the early morning of winter, they exhale into the sky while eating.

However, when the roasted cold noodles appeared, it overturned all this process.

On the equipment, it replaced the plastic bag with a small hand warmer.

Adding sugar and vinegar, less sugar and less vinegar, half sugar and half vinegar, these requirements are the same as those for milk tea, sugar and ice.

You ca n’t make a person who does n’t like coriander drink coriander juice.

In the face of diners’ personal customization, the attitude of the producer determines how many repeat customers he can have.

The roasted cold noodles of Ah-pie has been in my university for a long time. After eating more than one roasted cold noodles, it has reached the maximum value of true fragrance.

I miss him very much.

Isn’t grilled cold noodles teppanyaki?

The teppanyaki of more than 200 people will bring you the joy of smoke and fire, and the cold noodles can also give you.

The most important thing is, don’t ask anything, give it five yuan and it will be willing to be taken away by you.

Yes, the joy of teppanyaki can be bought for five dollars.