As a national app, each iteration of WeChat and the interpretation of each design concept will cause a lot of fluctuations in the Internet circle. This year’s WeChat public course In the past, WeChat also disclosed some data, but there is no key data of “user duration”. You must know that this is one of the important criteria for measuring user stickiness. So why did WeChat choose not to make this data public? What’s the logic behind it?

article , from the public number of “Internet and entertainment monster group”: Pei Pei.

The annual WeChat public class is over again. This time, Zhang Xiaolong did not attend, but did not affect the high interest of the audience. For a whole week, research reports and analysis articles on WeChat’s development in 2019 and 2020 initiatives drowned social networks. Of course, how much of this is a valuable analysis is another matter (perhaps 1%).

The head of the strange robber group did not go to the scene to listen to the public class; however, after studying the official minutes organized by Tencent and the notes sent by friends from the scene, the head of the group found an interesting problem: WeChat continued to be established Since the tradition, “do not disclose any data related to the length of the user.”

Let ’s take a look at the “WeChat 2019 Data Report”, which is officially endorsed. It mentioned MAU-1.15 billion, an increase of 6% year-on-year; mentioned the small program MAU-not less than 300 million; referred to the most active time of WeChat overall, WeChat public account, mini-program and mini-game; even mentioned men and women Differences between users and regional users when using various functions of WeChat. However, there is no user duration data.

As a Hong Kong stockListed companies, Tencent regularly disclose financial reports and disclose some important business data in accordance with regulatory requirements. It has disclosed the number of WeChat payment transactions and the proportion of commercial payments; it has disclosed WeChat’s DAU-its peak value exceeds 1 billion; it has disclosed the user penetration rate of small programs; it has also vaguely disclosed that, friends Inventory and exposure increased in the circle (two to three per day). However, there is still no user duration data. In the “Investor Relations” section of Tencent’s official website, you can find an Excel toolkit, which has sub-disclosures of many important businesses (which is not very useful)-yes, you guessed it, there are still no WeChat users Duration data.

(Tencent Official Investor Toolkit, the data is very brief and not very useful)

It can be confirmed that Tencent officials (including financial reports, press releases, executive speeches, official social media and all other information exports) have never disclosed WeChat user duration data. In my impression, in the WeChat public class in 2019, Zhang Xiaolong seems to have said that “the duration of the WeChat circle of friends is basically stable”. Then the question comes: In the stereotype of the outside world (especially investors), “WeChat user duration has fallen due to the impact of short videos” is almost a firm conclusion; how did this stereotype come from?

In 2019, whenever I chat with investors about WeChat, they will say “WeChat user time is declining” … However, what is the source of the data? Since Tencent officials never disclose relevant data, we can only find arguments from third-party data sources such as QuestMoible, Trustdata, TalkingData. However, none of the above third-party data sources claimed that “WeChat user time has fallen”; the total user time of WeChat has increased steadily, but the proportion of the overall market has declined slightly.

In fact, investors and onlookers are mistaken for a basic concept: