Miss sisters’ daily faces are of course indispensable for beauty pupils.

It is learned that the color contact lens brand “4iNLOOK” has recently announced that has completed two rounds of financing in the past year, and accumulated The financing amount is nearly 200 million yuan, and investors include Hutong Fund, Xingtuo Capital and Honghui Capital.

According to the introduction, 4iNLOOK 美目 美 佳 was established in 2008, and currently has more than 300 color contact lens monopoly chains , mainly distributed in shopping malls in first- and second-tier cities, provide female consumers aged 18-30 with more than 200 different designs of color contact lens options. At the same time, 4iNLOOK is also opening up online channels, and its Tmall Light Store 2.0 and national chain stores can realize consumers’ new retail shopping experience of online ordering, offline pickup, online booking, and offline experience.

The pupil market has exploded, and

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4iNLOOK founder and CEO Chen Yu said that this round of financing will be mainly used for 4iNLOOK’s brand building and supply chain investment. At the same time, it will introduce more cutting-edge talents, carry out product technology innovation, and build more professional product services. System, further improve the management and operation team, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

According to the introduction, With the increasing pressure of work and study, more and more people suffer from myopia. Contact lenses are popular because of their lightness, convenience, beauty and comfort. The emergence of colored contact lenses has made contact lenses in addition to basic vision correction and vision health care functions, but also fashion functions. Color contact lenses are referred to as color films in the mouth of ordinary consumers. They are printed with different patterns and colors in contact lenses to make the wearer’s eyes brighter, enlarged or changed. Pupil color.

US pupil market breaks out,

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Because color films can play a role in modifying the pupils of eyes, young consumers use color films more as make-up products. The market has shown a compound growth rate of more than 35% for 5 consecutive years. While the market is growing at a high speed, it also brings opportunities for a series of new brands.


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