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On January 17, Shanghai, it was overcast with light rain.

At 8:30 in the morning, the crowd of people in front of Building No. 6, 1800 Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai is full of crowds. An uncle on duty in the crowd called, “Hurry up and pay it!” The crowd was quiet for a moment and then noisy again.

Around 9:30, a bus commercial vehicle stopped slowly along the roadside, and the crowd immediately crowded over. It turned out that the big buyer negotiated today, the Medical Insurance Bureau, came. Representatives of more than 70 pharmaceutical companies followed the steps of the medical insurance negotiation staff and gradually entered the venue.

At 10:00 am, “Everyone please keep the meeting quiet, please staff to close the gates on both sides.” The gates were locked and the highly anticipated “National Opening Conference on Drugs Purchasing Declaration Information” kicked off. The air was filled with laughter and hidden in the air, and the atmosphere seemed to take his children to take the college entrance examination.

There is also a crowd of people outside the conference hall. Investors from the secondary market, securities companies and some media personnel are eager to try outside the window, all wantingGet the latest news on the court as soon as possible.

Acarbose: The original researcher reported the “floor price” and directly attacked two domestic pharmaceutical companies.

“The third variety, acarbose oral sustained-release dosage form, Bayer Pharmaceuticals quoted 0.181 yuan / tablet; Sichuan Luye Pharmaceutical 0.32 yuan / capsule; Fuyuan Pharmaceutical quoted 0.43 yuan / tablet; East China Pharmaceutical quoted 0.465 yuan / tablet … … “A tiptoe onlooker sighed,” It’s over, Huadan, the head of East China, with 2 billion varieties, has set a mark ~ “

“Hurry up, notify the fund manager and sell the East China stocks quickly.” An analyst who looked like a secondary market was talking on the phone, covering her mouth. As soon as the call was hung up, various commotions began in the WeChat group of individual pharmaceutical stocks: “East China really lost its bid.”

Huadong Medicine’s stock limit

Acarbose is an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor that can lower blood sugar. Long-term use can reduce fasting blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin concentrations.

According to the financial report, East China Pharmaceutical Acarbose had sales revenue of over 1 billion in 2015, sales of more than 1.5 billion in 2016, and revenues of over 2 billion in 2017. In 2018, East China Medical’s two major products, acarbose and Bailing Capsule, each had revenues exceeding 2.5 billion yuan; of which, acarbose increased by about 30%, mainly due to channel subsidence and the promotion of rapid promotion of primary hospitals and Import substitution.

“Did East China take the wrong medicine this time?

Ah, ah, ah, my stock

It’s okay. There are chewable tablets in East China. It is not impossible to give up strategically. Chewable tablets negotiate new medical insurance … “

No wonder East China, after all, AkapoThe products are sold to distributors and distributed to hospitals and pharmacies through the distributor’s China Resources Pharmaceuticals network.

Qilu Pharmaceutical’s albumin paclitaxel only received production approval in November 2019. However, the price of the original research was reported to be nearly 60% higher than this time. Compared with the last time the aggressive quotation style when the volume purchase was expanded, it is really puzzling.

It is understood that among the 33 varieties participating in the bidding, the lowest price reported is acetaminophen oral regular release dosage form, the lowest price of each tablet is 3 cents. A total of 7 companies participated in the bidding for this variety, and finally 6 companies were shortlisted with a difference of less than 2 cents. “Don’t feel bad, don’t feel bad … You can’t say that you feel bad …” A representative of a pharmaceutical company who won the bid for less than 5 cents said so.

Attachment: 33 types of successful bidders and their prices

This article comes from WeChatPublic number: Medicine Rubik’s Cube Plus (ID: yiyaomofangplus) , the original title “Setting scene: Bayer’s quotation is fierce, the East China limit! Qilu key varieties are out! 3 cents cold medicine turned out, “the authors: Pharmaceutical Cube