A downwind is becoming an option for more and more people to go home.

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Why am I still using a ride?

The annual Spring Festival migration is taking place. With the background of difficult to grab train tickets, expensive air tickets, and high cost of long-distance self-driving to return home, the downwind is becoming an option for more and more people to go home.

However, users have always been concerned about the safety and experience of the ride.

In 2018, after two incidents involving the killing of passengers by riders, the leader of the ride-hailing industry, Didi, announced that it would re-evaluate the ride-hailing business model, and go offline indefinitely before safety measures have been approved by users. Concerns about the downwind began.

Since September 2018, Didi has continued to conduct two-way communication and widely solicit opinions from all walks of life, and has successively carried out online solicitations, offline opinion surveys, construction of safety supervision advisory committees, online “public comment councils” and ” Many questions have to be answered “, holding” safety-themed media open day “and many other actions; multiple platforms such as Tick Travel, Hello Travel, Shouqi Car, etc. have repeatedly iterated and updated their downwind products and safety measures .

After more than a year of rectification and reflection, is the product of the downwind car really safe? How to protect yourself in the process of using a downwind car? What are the users of the ride-hailer?

To this end, Ran Cai interviewed 6 rider owners and passengers on the ticking platform. They all had concerns and concerns about the safety of the downwind, but in the process of using the downwind, they also felt environmental protection, convenience, and the platform’s increasing attention to safety issues. Many interviewees believe that the safety incident of Didi Shunfeng is just an example. It needs to be vigilant but not overly worried.

Everyone should go for a ride, Contribute to urban public transportation

Mr. Feng, 30 years old, owner of Xi’an

I work in Xi’an, and my hometown is in a small county next door. I learned about the ride-hailing product in the middle of last year, because the Xi’an subway is not particularly convenient. I usually drive to and from work and need to pick up my wife.

The platform that I first knew was Didi, but because of Didi ’s ride-hailing incident, and before I saw the click-ride ride ads on various platforms such as Alipay and WeChat, I found out that this platform is dominated by car owners. It will also consider the degree of drop-off. Picking up the ride ticket can also share the fuel costs of commuting to and from work. Someone can also chat on the road, so the platform is registered.

Before registering for a platform, I actually spent a lot of time understanding each platform, and didn’t want to lose too much because of the risks. I do n’t worry too much about safety, because there are driving recorders in the car, and there will be monitoring on Xi’an Road. I am a boy myself, and I do n’t usually come out at night. I mainly take orders when I commute. However, I personally still do some safety measures, such as sending her own travel trajectory before picking up the wife.

I was very nervous when receiving the first order. The passenger got on the bus and called me “Master”. I said I was not a “Master”. That person was also riding a downwind for the first time. After the first order, the back gradually became less nervous. I usually chat with passengers often in the car, and people ’s livelihood and buying a house will talk.

Why am I still using a ride?

When picking up the ride ticket, I once met a person who was anxious to go to work. When he got out of the car, he dropped something on my car and communicated back and forth. Finally, the other party called a “yoyo errand” to take things Taken away, I think the platform can be improved in this regard, such as setting a reminder of “don’t drop things”, or a faster communication path.

On another occasion, a passenger was anxious for the interview. When I came from a foreign country and could n’t find the address, I sent the person to the interview place. I thought that at least I would n’t delay others ’business. Help each other. For a downwind car, the downside is the main one. If it is profitable from this, it is considered a “black car.” Now I have developed the habit of taking orders out of the way.

I think everyone who has a car can pick up the ride ticket. I recommend it to buddies who have no children around. Xi’an has a severe smog. Usually, we can only make a limited contribution to this society. As public transportation, we can also subsidize and facilitate ourselves.

The rate of hitchhiking is not too high. It is more about the feeling of equality and mutual assistance.

Ms. Lin, 29 years old, Beijing owner

I work in Baidu, Beijing, and I live in Tangshan. I used a downwind car very early. I already knew it in 2017. My family lives in Baiziwan on the east side of Beijing. The company’s landing on the northwest side of Beijing takes an hour and a half to drive. On the one hand, it can subsidize the fuel charge, on the other hand, someone can chat on the road.

In the beginning, I registered the Didi Downwind, and then I registered the DaDa Downwind. After encountering some passengers coming up, they would treat me as a driver, which made me feel that I was not valued. Later, a colleague recommended me to use tick, and I registered tick. Orders now feel better and passengers are more polite.

Because I do n’t usually take many orders, I just pick it up later. I think I always have to go to work. It does n’t matter if I take the order. It does n’t matter how fast I take the order. I care more about equality and mutual assistance. feel.

The downwind has happened because of safety. I think this is a probability problem. Because there is no singular limit for everyone to take orders before, many people specialize in running downwind cars. The quality of the owners varies, and a small number of them are similar to those black car drivers in front of the school when I was in college. Factor, just did not expect such a big murder.

Because I am engaged in the Internet industry, I pay close attention to the comments of some Internet platforms. Many passengers feel that sometimes they can only make a single order several times, saying that the efficiency of the downwind is too low, but I think the matching efficiency of the downwind is It shouldn’t be too high, because the owner’s willingness to take orders is not as strong as a full-time driver. I don’t stare at the phone all the time, so I think that the degree of matching is not high but it is normal.

Why am I still using a ride?

Many of the people I meet here are from the Internet circle. When driving, everyone can exchange a lot of work matters. If there is a suitable job-hopping opportunity, you can also introduce each other. The people I meet are generally very good. I leave early in the morning, and some passengers will bring me breakfast. I have also encountered relatively good employees of Lenovo. You can talk about work and industry gossip.

I also took a lawyer. Usually they all pressCharges, but I can ask him some information about how to handle lawsuits and contradictions in the family.

I think there should be more mutual understanding and understanding between the passengers and the owners. The owners of the riders are not special drivers, and everyone is an equal and mutually supportive relationship. As the owner, I should arrive at the departure place on time. The passengers should Try not to be late.

Respect for each other is very important to me, I hope I can meet more interesting people

Mr. Yuan, 24 years old, Beijing owner

I knew this product from the middle of last year. My friend recommended me that I can pick up the windmill ticket on the ticking platform. I just came to work in Beijing. I was bored to go to and from work. I picked up people on the way and I met some new friends.

Remember when I took the first order, I was an employee of an Internet company who lived near my house. The two of them basically said nothing and was awkward along the way. Later, when I gradually became familiar with the order, I would chat with the passengers who could talk to me. It was very interesting and more fun than going to work by myself. I also took a cross-city list. When I returned to my hometown of Taiyuan at 11 last year, I picked up a fellow and chatted along the way. Because I have a cat, I am going to drive my cat home for the Chinese New Year this Spring Festival. I should still pick up the order.

I usually call the express train when I go out myself. For picking up rides and taking express trains, I think express train drivers are more like full-time drivers, but downwind cars are different, and because I have a job, most passengers do n’t Treating you as a driver is more equal and comfortable, and this relationship of mutual respect is very important to me.

Why am I still using a ride?

I remember when I registered on the tick platform, online certification was cumbersome. I waited for a few days, but now I think that the process of reviewing Shunfeng products is strict. It ’s good because last year, after all, something happened. These current safety standards are very good. Although I am not too worried about personal safety issues, I have some high-level things in my heart and I will feel more at ease.

I feel that sometimes when I receive an order, I find that occasionally the passenger’s drop-off level is not high enough. I generally take orders with a drop-off level of more than 85%, and those below 85% do not consider it. I also have feedback from the official. I explained that this happens occasionally, and they will continue to optimize the line and make the product experience better. I personally understand it, because there is still a difference between the downwind and express mode, and it is impossible to experience doing as good as express.

The downwind safety incident is just an example. Hope passengersAnd users can understand each other much more

Ms. Zhao, 26 years old, Beijing passenger

I know that this product is used in mid-2017. Didi also used ticks before. Didi Shunfeng went offline and only used ticks.

My home is in Shijiazhuang. I have used a cross-city ride for a few times. I find it very convenient and the experience is very good. High-speed rail tickets to Shijiazhuang are about the same price as downwind rides, but high-speed rail tickets still need to be grabbed. Sometimes it is difficult to grab a holiday. A downwind can take you directly to your destination without having to change subways or take a taxi.

After the Didi Downwind event happened, I read the news carefully. After understanding, I can feel these two things as an example, because you may encounter such things in other types of vehicles. The relationship is not particularly big, and after something goes wrong, you will feel that the security awareness of other platforms has also improved a lot.

I did n’t think too much when I first started using Shunfeng products. After the accident, I learned about the various platform security functions on various platforms. For example, you can share your trips with friends and protect your safety. These functions are all good to make sure the car is on the right line. The ordering speed of the downwind car is certainly not as fast as the express train. If I want to hit the downwind car after work, I will go to 3 o’clock in advance to place an order.

Why am I still using a ride?

I remember that during the ride on the ride, I had a small doll with a Yi Yi Qianxi hanging on my bag. Just as the owner saw it, she also liked Yi Qian Qianxi. We were on the road. Chatting all the way to the star chasing process, very happy, we added WeChat to each other. Another time I went home across the city and met a very good car. The owner looked very elegant and polite. Although everyone didn’t talk much, they felt very good and felt a kind of super-standard treatment.

I hope that the owners and passengers can really understand the ride. Do n’t be unhappy because, for example, I ’m late for a few minutes or the owner is late for a few minutes. This is understandable. Everyone in the ride should try to help each other. Don’t be too harsh on the services of a car or express train.

People who are still worried about Shunfeng products can try the city first and feel it first. Maybe because of the things of Didi Shunfeng, it is a pity if you never give up. Because the downwind is first and foremost environmentally friendly, it is considered a shared travel method, and the price is affordable. Especially in winter, taxis and express trains will taste great, but the downwind experience will be much better, because he does not need to pull people all the time.

I also hope that the platform will promote more of itself, so that more people can join the ranks of the ride, to improve the speed of order matching.

Learn more about platform security tools before riding, Platform matching needs to be improved

Ms. Lin, 27 years old, Beijing passenger

I work in the marketing department of Tencent, and I have known about this product.

I just returned from abroad three years ago. I often use Didi. I use a downwind because it is more affordable and my home is far away from work. When I first took a ride, I didn’t worry too much about safety, because I also used other taxi software. I felt that everyone had similar safety performance.

After Didi Shunfeng went offline, I went to the App Store and searched for “Shunfeng”, and tried some products. Tat was ranked first. After downloading, I felt that the product operation process was more convenient and the price was affordable. , The matching speed is OK, I insist on using it. As for the Didi issue, I think it is only the case that has been enlarged. Actually, these things are encountered in daily life.

I will also worry about safety issues. I will care about some of the safety function settings inside, but I am more concerned about calling speed, matching vehicles, and route accuracy. While in the car, as long as the owner is willing to chat with me, I will also be willing to answer his questions and interact with each other. Most people talk about things around the house, such as topics such as road construction near home.

Why am I still using a ride?

For the ticking platform, I think the “One-click alarm” and “7×24 hours” services are very good. I have also carefully read the security toolkits they have launched, and I think they are not bad. I also recognize the key tools in them. I think it would be very useful in case of any problems. I usually leave work late, as long as you connect the contact, it will automatically share the trip to the other party, without having to deliberately share each time.

I think people who have n’t used a ride-hailing product can try this product. It ’s very easy to use, environmentally friendly and affordable. You can also learn more about the security tools in the platform. In addition, I think that the matching degree of the platform still needs to be improved. It may be necessary to give car owners some incentives to improve their capacity, because they need to compete with other competing products.

The Didi Shunfeng products have just been launched, and I will try them out, but it is also very convenient now. There is no need to change the platform. But if Didi does a better job in order receiving speed or other services in the future, I may still consider using several platforms together.

More self-awareness, The platform is just a tool

Ms. Shi 35-year-old Beijing passenger

I work in Beijing and my hometown is in Jiangsu. Because the company often needs to travel to Tianjin and Hebei, I often use downwind cars, which is more convenient than high-speed rail, saves time, does not need to change a lot of transportation, and can save Half the time.

I started using the downwind car two years ago. The first one was the Didi downwind. After the Didi downwind went offline, I started using the ticker downwind. Knowing that Tick was shared by someone in the circle of friends, saying that it is more convenient to use a downwind car than a taxi. In the beginning, I used a tick to call a taxi, because sometimes I ca n’t call an express train at night after work, and it is quick to call a taxi. At that time, it felt that Didi’s product experience was better than Tick, the map was more accurate, and other functions were similar.

I’m not particularly worried about safety issues in Beijing, because I think everyone’s quality is OK, but as a girl, I will still have some vigilance, for example, I will check whether the actual license plate number is the same as that displayed on the platform. Get in the car; if I feel that something is wrong with the owner after I get in the car, I will quickly tell the owner not to sit first; after getting in the car, I will also send my itinerary to a good friend.

Why am I still using a ride?

I once took a downwind ride. I first found out that the license plate numbers were inconsistent, but I left immediately. After getting in the car and talking to the owner for a few words, I felt very uncomfortable. The owner had a bad temper and kept complaining and was very manic. I felt too terrible at that time, so I told him that my temporary itinerary has changed and I still settle the bill at the original price. Can you put me down first and then get out of the car quickly. In this process, I was quite vigilant.

During the use of the ticker rider product, after it gets on the car, it will have some text prompts, let me share itineraries and the like. Some functions are slowly added during my use, which will make people feel more compared. Safety.

Sometimes by car, I will chat with the owner of the downwind car, because I have children, and sometimes they will talk to me about topics such as how to educate their children at home. I feel more relaxed, and I also have some parenting experience. Make a reference for educating your children.

I think the platform is just a tool. The most important thing is to raise your awareness of security. You must give yourself a sense of security. How you use the platform is your own problem. You ca n’t pass security through technology or information. This is unlikely to happen. If it’s really too late, spend more money on a special car,Safety first.

But now I feel that the map may occasionally be inaccurate on the product side, and I hope to improve it. Didi’s ride-hailing car was just launched, but I often use Didi carpooling because it’s as affordable and coupled with inertia, so I don’t think about changing the platform of the down-hailing car.

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Why am I still using a ride?