This article is from the public account: Magnifying lights (ID: guokr233) , author: Zhang Jing, editor: Li Tuo, title figure: CDC on Unsplash

As of February 14, 2020, the number of confirmed new coronavirus infections nationwide has reached 63,490, with 10109 suspected cases.

How to quickly eliminate new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19 ), and let life return to normal? Over the millennium, people have summarized three lessons in the fight against infectious diseases:

  • Disinfection, isolation, and protection to ensure that there is no new infection, so that the epidemic disappears by itself;

  • Even if you are infected, you can come up with a targeted effect medicine ;

  • If a healthy person is not infected, you can get a vaccine to achieve prevention.

    China is taking a three-pronged approach to try to eliminate the negative effects of the virus as soon as possible. From an economic point of view, Using vaccines is undoubtedly the best solution for high efficiency, low cost, and does not affect the normal operation of social life . There is history to prove that polio virus-induced “poliomyelitis” lacks specific drugs, but people have almost eliminated [1] by injecting sugar pills (vaccine).

    In fact, more than 20 research teams around the world have announced that they are developing a new crown pneumonia vaccine. The fast-paced team is expected to enter clinical trials in April this year-it seems that the top threeIn the artifact, the vaccine is about to appear?

    Don’t be happy too soon. One fact that needs to be clarified is that the birth of the vaccine is not as fast as you think. From the development to the market of a vaccine, it takes at least 8 years or even 20 years of long R & D process [2] .

    The birth of a vaccine | Enlarged lamp drawing [ 2]

    If New Crown Pneumonia is a cruel and ruthless examiner, and human beings are candidates who just got their papers, the first question may be-

    How long is the answer time for this test?

    Simply speaking, although vaccine developers hope to defeat the virus, the rapid end of the epidemic will also affect research and development-

    If the epidemic is over before the vaccine is successfully developed, the vaccine will become a chicken rib; even if the epidemic is not over, but the progress of epidemic control is much faster than the speed of vaccine development, the shortage of clinical trials will Making it difficult for vaccine research and development projects to continue, for scientific research and pharmaceutical companies that invest heavily in research and development, may lose nothing.

    Even if the vaccine can come in handy, it’s easy to lose money.

    Before talking about the new coronary pneumonia vaccine, let’s take a look at the experience of (SINOVAC) of H1N1 influenza vaccine R & D company.

    The H1N1 influenza virus broke out in early 2009, killing nearly 300,000 people. The Panflu.1 developed by Kexing Bio became the first H1N1 vaccine approved for marketing in the world. After the approval in the fourth quarter of 2009,