“I didn’t want to see your schedule for the first time.”

On February 10th, Huachenyu Studio routinely announced the February announcement schedule, but fans were worried about the epidemic. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the studio to delete the itinerary Weibo, which also relieved the fans. On February 11, the official “Singer” Weibo issued a notice to postpone the recording and use innovative methods to complete the production of the program. On the other side, Hunan Wei has considered the response to program gaps and has taken the lead in adopting cloud recording to launch two new programs, “Heavenly Cloud Time” and “Hey! What are you doing?”

Although the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala was still recorded in a traditional studio a few days ago, it was also the first time that the live audience setting was cancelled. What’s interesting is that there is only one Linghua left on the stage of the legendary Phoenix combination. They cooperate with Dong Baoshi, Zheng Qiyuan, and Stone. The old partner Zeng Yi has disappeared. The absence of Zeng Yi also pushed the topic of “The Legend of Phoenix Only Linghua” to Weibo, and Zeng Yi even joked on Weibo to respond because “the village chief will not let go!”

Although Zeng Yi ’s response was just a paragraph, we have to look directly at the impact of the epidemic on the show crew and artists.

Zero audience, cloud recording, isolation before starting …

In addition to CCTV’s choice of recording without a viewer, Hunan Satellite TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV also chose the same approach. However, the absence of an audience does not completely solve the problem of current variety show recording.

It is understood that the music variety shows planned to be broadcast on TV stations and video platforms in Q1 are basically only recorded or are preparing to be recorded. Affected by the epidemic, the show crew had to stop work and postpone the recording.

According to incomplete statistics of music precursors, the music variety currently affected is as follows:

Among them, “Summer of the Band” is a project in the second quarter. The program group has begun a large-scale selection campaign in 2019. As the band changes the offline performance schedule, the coordination time between the program group and the band schedule also Is compressed. The music pioneer also learned that last year’s well-known “I Am a Singer” was originally scheduled to start in February, but due to the epidemic, progress, lineups, and other aspects were also affected.

The two major idol shows in 2020, “Youth Has You 2” (hereinafter referred to as “You 2”) and “Creation Camp 2020” have both postponed the recording time. “You 2” has already started propaganda in 2019. Cai Xukun, one of “Idol Trainees” and the current top-line traffic, has made fans look forward to it, and the popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK member LISA Joining has set off waves of hotspots.

However, after the epidemic broke out, it was also the news of “Teacher Run Road” in “You 2”. However, after verification, LISA returned to South Korea just because the entire program group suspended the recording, and did not quit the recording. This also means that the start time of “You 2” has been postponed, and the first time of online transmission is tentatively scheduled for March 12.

Singer, which has frequently changed its recording plan recently, has also received much attention. The first episode was originally scheduled to be broadcast on January 31st. The program group chose to postpone the broadcast for a week in consideration of the recording progress and the tone and publicity of the program. This year’s “Singer” lineup itself is mainly young, and there are many singers who have participated in the recording. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, many people are not optimistic about the performance of “Singer”.

But after the first episode was broadcast, the performance of several singers was remarkable. In addition, the reformed competition system was refreshing, and there were no competing products in the same period. The first episode of the show won It’s a good start. According to Sofferi’s data, “Singer” has a city rating of 1.88 and a share of 5.6%, ranking first among all channels.

However, this did not let the show crew take a sigh of relief.

After “Singer” announced the postponement of recording, the news that “Singer” will adopt “cloud recording” continues to ferment. According to news from the Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing News and other media, “Singer” will not have an on-site 500 public hearing panel for the first time, but will be connected to the Internet from five places, and 500 public hearing points will watch and sing online. The way. Although Hunan Satellite TV already has experience in cloud recording, the uniqueness of the music variety has caused many parties to this attempt of “Singer” has caused a lot of controversy.

Music from the media “Ear Ear Ear Ear Ear Ear Ear Ear” (hereinafter referred to as “ear ear ear”) on Weibo commented that this was “an exception in the history of sound synthesis”, but at the same time she also revealed her own Worry: How to ensure that the public review can strictly comply with the requirements, without recording or recording? Obviously, leaking the recorded content in advance will inevitably cause great losses to the program group, and will also damage the copyright of the program group and singers.

Singer fans also have their own concerns. For example, Hua Chenyu’s fans think that Hua Chenyu is a live singer, and Cloud Recording is not fair to him. Some viewers also commented on the topic of “Singer canceled the public trial at the scene”, saying that “different recording locations, different equipment, how to ensure fairness” and other questions.

The above concerns are not unreasonable. After watching “Tiantian Cloud Time”, we can find that the images recorded by the cloud are not high-definition and the interaction between the artists is also poor. At the very least, music variety shows need to ensure sound quality, and if conditions permit, they must also consider dancing and other issues.

How does “Singer” guarantee the quality of the program under such extremely special circumstances? At present, the music pioneer has not found the “Singer》 The detailed official information about the “cloud recording” of the program group, we can not accurately know the specific form.

Hunan Satellite TV is studying “cloud recording”, and some program groups choose to start offline. Since February 10, work has resumed in various parts of the country. The film and television industry is no exception. Hengdian Film and Television City also announced that starting February 13, the crew can resume work in stages.

On the variety show side, according to the understanding of the first sound of music, the recording date of a certain satellite TV’s music program group has been changed 3-4 times. Currently, the recording is tentatively started at the end of February, although the distance from the program group is tentative. There are about 2 weeks left, but the epidemic has not been completely suppressed.

Compared with film and television crews, there are a large number of open-air scenes that can be shot in well-ventilated places, and music variety shows are basically recorded in the studio, and the personnel are dense. The crew needs to take stricter measures to ensure personnel health. It is reported that “Creation Camp 2020” was recorded in Shenzhen, and some players landed in Shenzhen in mid-February. But in fact, most show groups simply cannot afford the time and economic costs of staff and artist isolation.

The sudden epidemic disrupted the recording of variety shows. Although the test of this epidemic gave everyone an opportunity to innovate, music programs have many restrictions and difficulties. It is really difficult to follow the traditional recording method, in the case of crowded and messy people, most program groups have no way to ensure the safety of the staff.

Affected parties: from TV stations, show crews to artists, agencies

Variety recording stops, first of all the TV stations and program groups. Because of the lack of content, in order to prevent the sunroof from opening, the most conservative choice for TV stations is to broadcast classic TV series or previous programs for viewers.

As early as last month, the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television donated to Hubei Radio and TV Station and Wuhan Radio and TV Station.