This article is from WeChat public account: CC Forum (ID: ccjt2014) , author: Fei Wei (Department of chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University professor and doctoral tutor, the Ministry of Education,” Cheung Kong scholar “Professor), drawing from the title: game” halo “

The pursuit of the ultimate performance of materials has always been one of the important driving forces for the development of human society. The mechanical strength of a material is one of the most important properties of a material.

Professor Wei Fei led the team to carry out a lot of research on ultra-long carbon nanotube growth mechanism, structure controllability, performance characterization and application exploration, and made a series of important breakthroughs. The team has produced a single carbon nanotube with a length of more than half a meter, and has a perfect structure and excellent performance, setting a world record.

In addition, for the first time, the team discovered the superlubrication phenomenon between macro-length carbon nanotube layers, and realized optical visualization and controllable manipulation at the macro-scale of a single carbon nanotube.

Carbon nanotubes have many amazing mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, especially its tensile strength is one hundred times that of steel, and its density is one sixth of that. This allows people to Build an extra-long ladder to erect a ladder to space.