In just 50 days, China successfully controlled the new crown virus. However, at present, foreign countries are still in a period of high epidemic situation, and many experts predict that the peak will not come yet.

On Friday, Mangala Narasimhan, a doctor at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York, told the media, “I have worked in the ICU ward for 15 years, and this is the worst situation I have ever encountered.”

The plane that was once filled with masks and medical protection supplies flew to China one by one. Now the materials produced in China are filled with planes once again and flew around the world to those who have helped China Good friend.

In terms of the current market situation, domestic mask production has not only returned to a stable production state, but also has the ability to export medical protective materials. I can already buy disposable medical masks in Beijing in unlimited quantities, one for two and five, how about you?

How many masks did China import from the world at the beginning of the epidemic? How many masks will we export now?