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During the epidemic, Yu Minhong wrote a total of 56 “Diary of the Epidemic”.

From January 29th, these diaries have been updated steadily on his own WeChat public account “Lao Yu Gossip” with a frequency of one article per day. The reading volume has gradually increased from 30,000 to 40,000 at the beginning to 50,000 to 60,000. On March 24, Yu Minhong stated in the last epidemic diary that, because work has started to be busy, and China has achieved staged victory in fighting the epidemic, his epidemic diary will be turned into a weekly diary. The last diary read more than 100,000.

The next day, Yu Minhong said while attending the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum live broadcast, During the epidemic, “he was already thinking about his retirement and retirement time, but he can’t make it public now.” Although he has been in New Oriental for 27 years, he said in the live broadcast that he has not much interest in doing business till now. If he is interested, New Oriental should be a little bigger than now.

Yu Minhong said that in the future, New Oriental will be handed over to the younger generation, and he will do “more fun”-reading, travel, live broadcast, whether it is live broadcast during travel or platform-based dialogue. He wants to try live broadcasting.

In this live broadcast , Yu Minhong also expressed New Oriental still has a lot of work to do on its own. But he thinks that compared to the role of entrepreneur, he feels that he is better at being a teacher, good at communicating with others, and reading and writing.

In addition to 56 diaries, he completed nearly 10 live broadcasts on various platforms including New Oriental ’s App, Douyin, and Quick Hands during the epidemic, targeting children under 10, junior high school students, New Oriental teachers, young Entrepreneurs, etc .; 107 new short videos have been released on the fast-shaking dual-platform, and the shooting content includes English famous sentence appreciation, book recommendations, Beijing Spring Flower Awards and so on.

It looks like “Internet celebrity Lao Yu” is active after retirementIn the making.

During the epidemic, Yu Minhong’s Douyin and Kuaishou account began to be updated frequently

Build a “Internet Red Lao Yu” comprehensively

If you carefully read Yu Minhong’s 56 epidemic diaries, you will have a sense of regret: Are you looking at the diary of a company’s founder with a market value of nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars, or are you looking at Bilibili or Youtube? Lord’s Daily Vlog?

The structure of each diary is similar, starting with the epidemic data of the day: how many were diagnosed and how many were cured, and then talked about the news related to the epidemic. In his diary, he mourned Dr. Li Wenliang and discussed the controversy Fang Fang’s diary also simply records his day’s work and living arrangements in the form of a running account, recording what books he has read and what movies he has watched. After Beijing officially entered the spring, he liked to take magnolia flowers on hand; very occasionally, even his selfie appeared in the diary. There are also one or two diaries that have been deleted for talking about sensitive topics.

A reader questioned that Yu Minhong ’s diary was based on the tone and structure of the article, and was specifically operated by the children in the team. He replied at the bottom: “Haha, diary and reply, I typed every word myself. , My text is never made ghostwriting. “

Screenshot of Yu Minhong’s epidemic diary

At the end of most diaries, he will put various advertising posters of New Oriental to guide the courses and apps. But from the perspective of content teaching, Yu Minhong’s diary is quite personal. If it is true that he is taking care of the public account, as he said, then writing, reading the comments carefully, and picking out 20-50 comments to reply, he has really spent a lot on creating a personal IP. Energy.

In the last diary, he wrote, “It takes me 2 to 3 hours to write a diary every day. In fact, I write faster, and spend more time on important information. Searching and screening. “As for why we insist on recording daily epidemic data, Yu Minhong believes that” information is fleeting, and only fixed text will not disappear with time. “

The typical New Oriental teacher style has reappeared: love to communicate with others, love to talk and write, and love to tell jokes. He summarized his status like this in the live broadcast-

I like to write things, but I really do n’t like management, so I have never managed to manage it. Now I do n’t have any strategic thinking to work hard to learn my own strategic thinking. From being limited to humanistic feelings. It ’s a challenge for me to expand my thinking to the layout of management and the overall situation. This challenge has not been completed to this day. I write a diary of Lao Yu’s epidemic every day for everyone to see. I feel very happy, but when I think about the management of New Oriental, my head starts to explode.

The last sentence of this passage is, “So, the mistakes made by New Oriental have something to do with me personally.”

Yu Minhong, who determines the ceiling of New Oriental

In Yu Minhong’s autobiography “I Was on the Brink of Collapse”, he wrote: “To this day, the success or failure of many things in New Oriental is still closely related to my personality and personality, which means that Whatever New Oriental can develop, it will carry the shadow of my personality. “

He feels that he is mild-tempered and generous, and is willing to share profits with others, but this also leads to that he sometimes lacks authority, sometimes cannot adhere to principles, and is easy to be too forgiving. Because when he is doing things, he will look forward to the future and not enough motivation, which has led to a lot of slow changes in New Oriental.

The “slow speed” here is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. New Oriental ’s technological capabilities are slowly improving. At the beginning, it did not pay enough attention to high technology as a productive force. “As a result, until now, the combination of New Oriental ’s high technology and education is still in a relatively backward state.”

2, New Oriental is not sensitive enough for new business opportunities in the industry. For example, from the beginning of GRE and other overseas exam training, to students of all ages, from English coverage to general education, to online education. Investment is relatively slow and conservative;

3. New Oriental is not fast enough in talent replacement and cultivation. Yu Minhong believes that this is mainly due to his “strong relationship between human and warmth.”

During the epidemic, Yu Minhong ’s live broadcast for students

On the one hand, he felt that his ability and character hindered the development of the New Oriental to a certain extent; on the other hand, his personal interest also shifted. In the live broadcast on the evening of March 25, Yu Minhong said: “I think it ’s more important to live a fun life than the so-called ambition; to make my life and life happier and love life, It ’s more important than loving a machine that earns you money. “

There are often such parallel parables in the discourse system, which is also one of the characteristics of New Oriental teachers.

The strategy of “Famous Teacher” that New Oriental has adhered to since its inception may be doomed. This is an education company that is good at building IP-Luo Yonghao, who is leaving, will soon land on Douyin to start his live broadcast career; Can easily stir the entire coin circle with his own various words. Being able to continuously draw the attention of students in big classes and baggage can make it easier to attract traffic on the Internet.

This IP creation is happening to Yu Minhong. For him, switching from “New Oriental Education Technology Group Chairman Yu Minhong” to “Net Red Lao Yu” and “Hong Brother” is what he is currently trying to do.