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U.S. Americans need to be fast ( drive-thru )? Simply put, this is a take-out service that does not have to get off the bus. It takes food quickly and keeps distance from others.

Under the epidemic, Americans collectively turned on the “Driving Speed” mode. Even people who don’t usually eat fast food are now driving in a car to “Driving Speed”.

Not only that, the “Driving speed” model has also been extended to the field of epidemic prevention and detection, and is widely welcomed by medical care and people in various countries. South Korea started to adopt the “Qualt Speed” quarantine very early. When the car came, the medical staff stepped forward and tested, and the results were available within 10 minutes:

“No virus, let’s go!”

△ A speed check station in Gyeongju. / Wikimedia Commons

Spain is also recently hosting a “Durai” funeral for people who have died in the virus, sending their memories and blessings in the car, but only three relatives are allowed to participate.

△ Getty Images Funeral at the Madrid Cemetery in Spain / Getty Images

Germans with precise distance control are also used to purchase materials. In shops and restaurants in major cities in Germany, a long wooden plank has been erected to transport the paid goods.

△ Restaurants in Frankfurt, Germany are delivering “cider” to guests / Associated Press

Seeing this, you may be curious: Since the 1930s, “Get Speed” has been rooted in the blood of Americans, and the epidemic has naturally become a good quarantine method.

But in China, why is there only a take-out brother everywhere, but I do n’t see “Get the speed”?