How to do if the upper jaw is pierced by chopsticks

Daily because everyone is used to eating with chopsticks when eating, it is often easy to accidentally cause the upper jaw in the mouth to be pierced by the chopsticks. Once this phenomenon occurs, many people are in a hurry and do not know how to deal with it. So what should I do if my upper jaw is pierced by chopsticks?

First of all, if the upper jaw is pierced by chopsticks during the meal, then at this time, pay attention to eating some anti-inflammatory drugs, and also use some gargle drugs , Two-pronged approach, anti-inflammatory for the upper jaw of the oral cavity, after the wound site heals, it will slowly recover. Generally there will be no adverse effects, or sequelae left.

Secondly, if the upper jaw is pierced by chopsticks, then you should be careful not to eat some more irritating food, especially spicy and numb food, Eating the punctured place is prone to irritation, so that the wound is not easy to heal, or even ulcers. Pay more attention at ordinary times, try to eat lighter.

In addition, when using chopsticks during meals. Be careful not to always hold chopsticks in your mouth. Or, if you use too much force when eating, and use chopsticks, it is easy to cause injuries to the mouth. Especially for children who use chopsticks, parents must accompany and supervise them to avoid hurting children when they use chopsticks.