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Do you need calcium supplements every day to drink milk?

< / p> Milk contains a lot of calcium, many people drink a glass of milk every day for their health, and many people will supplement calcium by drinking milk after having calcium deficiency. , So many people have a doubt, that is, do you need calcium supplements for drinking milk every day? Let’s solve the problem for everyone. Drinking milk every day also requires calcium supplementation. This is because.. Read More

Can the garlic turn green?

Some places have the custom of pickled garlic, pickled garlic is used to eat Dumplings, eating noodles taste great, but some people pickled garlic turned green, and eating such garlic people worry that it will affect their health. Want to understand these aspects, then, can garlic eat green? Garlic made from vinegar turns green and can be eaten. Green is allicin, which is a chemical reaction between vinegar and garlic.. Read More

Hu Wenming, former chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, accepted disciplinary review and supervision investigation

Hu Wenming, former party secretary and chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Limited, is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law. He is currently undergoing disciplinary review and supervision investigation by the National Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission. (original title: Hu Wenming, former chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Limited, accepted disciplinary review and supervision investigation)

Can the walnut skin be dark?

People who eat more edible nuts are good for health and have brain-enhancing effects, such as pistachios, almonds and walnut kernels. Some people will cook walnut kernels in porridge or eat raw walnuts, so can the walnut skin be dark? It is better not to eat walnut skin when it is dark, and generally do not eat it if the food of oil crops becomes dark. If the walnuts are.. Read More

Can you eat hot pot after tooth extraction

Hot pot, many people like to eat it everyday, especially in the colder winter. Sitting together and eating a hot pot will immediately warm up the body and can expel the cold in winter. But sometimes in special circumstances, such as tooth extraction treatment when toothache, can you eat hot pot after tooth extraction? Although tooth extraction is a minor surgery in the stomatology department, it is a trauma operation.. Read More

Zhongtong Denies Suspension of Packages in Some Areas of Wuhan

On the evening of May 12, there were rumors on the Internet that, affected by the new crown, Zhongtong Express would stop taking parts in Wuhan, Hubei from that day. In response, Zhongtong Express responded to the surging news ( reporter that on May 12, a third-party logistics company faked the name of Zhongtong, It is rumored that some parts of Wuhan have suspended the express delivery business due to.. Read More

How to keep your stool smooth

Constipation is a very troublesome thing, which will not only cause abdominal discomfort, but also cause indigestion and no appetite. Healthy people have normal bowel movements once or twice a day. If they do not have regular bowel movements for more than two days, it means that they are constipated. How should they keep their bowel movements smooth? First, exercise more, ensure 1 hour of exercise every day, the intensity.. Read More

Rui Xing: CEO Qian Zhiya and COO Liu Jian were removed from office, and the two applied for withdrawal from the board of directors

Ruixing Coffee started to wash the management. In the evening of May 12, Beijing time, according to documents submitted by Ruixing Coffee (Nasdaq: LK) to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company ’s board of directors has terminated CEO Qian Zhiya and Chief Operating Officer Liu Jian, and received two applications for withdrawal from the board. According to the company’s internal investigation, in addition to Qian Zhiya and.. Read More

Can you eat ice cream if you have a fever?

When it comes to fever, I believe many people have experienced it. The state of dizziness and hot body is really uncomfortable. Fever is the most common clinical symptom. Every time a fever occurs, many people will think about what foods should be avoided and what can be eaten. Among them, some people have such doubts: Can fever eat ice cream? If you have a fever, you can eat ice.. Read More