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In October 1983, a movie named “Jin Bu Huan” was shot here in Yi County, Hebei.

One afternoon, the crew was resting in the hotel, and the police of the County Public Security Bureau suddenly approached the door. They named the hero who was playing cards in the room and came out with them.

A handsome young man came out of the house, and the two staff members could not help saying that he was handcuffed with a handcuff.

He was cast into the detention center. In the same small detention center, there were originally two criminals. One is because of peeping at the women’s toilet, and finally sentenced to death, suspended for two years. Another forcefully embraced a young woman and was sentenced to 4 years.

The result of this actor is not much. Three days later, he was taken to Nanjing for trial. Eventually, he was sentenced to 4 years for hooliganism.

This actor is a very well-known bad artist in the 1980s and 1990s. The most surprising thing was that when he returned from prison, he was redder than before he entered.

His name is Chi Zhiqiang.


Chi Zhiqiang was born in Shandong and was born on October 16, 1958 in a cadre family in Harbin. He loved literature and art since he was a child, he did not go to school after graduating from junior high school, and was recruited as an actor by Changchun Film Studio.

Being an actor in that era was a face-saving thing, especially the Northeasterns, who valued it very much. Changchun Film Studio is also a famous actor, including Liu Xiaoqing, Gong Xue, Pan Hong, Fang Shu, etc., have appeared in the film of Changying.

So, Chi Zhiqiang was sensationally selected by Changying. When he left Harbin and planned to go to Changchun, dozens of relatives, friends, classmates and other family members gathered at the train station platform, and the drums were loud.

Although Chi Zhiqiang has never studied acting, his advantage is that he has a strong sense, and he quickly adapted to be an actor when he went to Changying. Especially powerful is that when he was 15 years old, he participated in the first movie “Yang Yang Tian” in his life.

After that, he also participated in “Entrepreneurship”, “Reef”, “Jinan Campaign” and other movies, all of which are very unique in that era.

In 1979, at the age of 21, Chi Zhiqiang finally ushered in his famous work “Small Character Generation”. In this film, Chi Zhiqiang did not act as a positive image, but as a slightly backward bus conductor, that is, a villain.

Chi Huang, the bus ticket seller (first left) played by Chi Zhiqiang in “Small Character Generation”

But in the movies, the villains are often impressive. Chi Zhiqiang’s ticket seller was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and many audiences across the country met him.

Soon, the pinnacle of his career came.

In 1980, 11 young actors such as Chi Zhiqiang, Tang Guoqiang, Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Chong, and Pan Hong won the “Outstanding Young Actor Creation Award of the Ministry of Culture”, and Chi Zhiqiang became an out-and-out young idol.

He was a mess of fire at the time, which is comparable to what Yi Yi Qianxi now has. At that time, basically every month the cinema will have his play.

Unexpectedly, while his career was flourishing, he committed an accident.

In 1983, Chi Zhiqiang went to Nanjing to shoot the film “Moon to Mid-Autumn Festival”, and many of his fans naturally came in contact with him a lot. At that time, eight or nine of them boys and girls often played together, listening to Deng Lijun’s “Sweetness” dancing veneers, and watching small movies inside.

During this period, Chi Zhiqiang met a divorced woman who was 10 years older than herself and had a relationship with her. This is actually not a big deal. The key is that they have been reported dancing.

People in good deeds reported to the police that Chi Zhiqiang and others were “dumping buttocks dancing” and “collectively engaging in improper relations between men and women”, etc. This crime was even more serious. You have to know that at that time, they were being hit hard.

So, when Chi Zhiqiang was filming “Jin Bu Huan” in Hebei, he was arrested by the Nanjing police across the province.


After taking back to Nanjing, the police conducted a serious investigation.

It was found that the truth of the matter was either bare butt dance, or Chi Zhiqiang dancing with a group of his fans. During this time, it was inevitable that there was a hug.

The more exaggerated thing is that they ride together in the streets of Nanjing, and they give the Nanjing citizens a bad impression. After all, he was also a first-line traffic star, so he was reported.

The police think that this matter is enough for Chi Zhiqiang to be educated by the unit. Don’t make mistakes again. They communicated with the Changchun Film Products Factory and asked them to pick people up in Nanjing.

Unexpectedly, when the matter was about to end, an article on “New Stars on the Screen, Criminals in Life” was published in a mainstream media, and public opinion was in an uproar.

It wrote abruptly, how Chi Zhiqiang brought the girls into the red flag car, collective fornication, gang rape, rape.

After the news report came out, in just one day, countless calls across the country called the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, claiming: What do scumbags such as Chi Zhiqiang and degenerates, such dirty people, do? We are waiting for the public trial shooting!

The public security bureau saw that the situation was not right, so he told the people at Changying Factory that it would not work now, and they dared not mention any more things about people.

The leadership of Changying Factory also helped Chi Zhiqiang to fight for reasons: Since you have decided to let people go, it means that the matter is not serious. How can it be controlled by public opinion?

The other party’s answer is, no, it’s very difficult now, Chi Zhiqiang can’t let it go temporarily.

In the end, Chi Zhiqiang, a group of young men and women who danced together, were all punished for hooliganism, and none of the girls in the red flag car were spared.

Chi Zhiqiang was sentenced to 4 years. He was dissatisfied and appealed. The result was rejected and the original sentence was upheld.

He had the heart to die. At that time, he already had a flight attendant girlfriend. Not only did he blow up, the other party ’s parents also found Chi Zhiqiang ’s parents, demanded compensation for the loss, and screamed: Your family just raised a beast !

Six months after imprisonment, the stewardess married another man. The reason for marrying is thatA young man who pursued her stated:

I do n’t hold you accountable for having a relationship with Chi Zhiqiang.


In the prison, Chi Zhiqiang’s actor advantage is still good for him.

In the Spring Festival of 1985, in order to enrich the cultural life of prisoners, the labor reform team decided to set up a new art troupe of prisoners to perform for the prisoners and their families during the New Year.

The labor reform team handed over this task to Chi Zhiqiang. Chi Zhiqiang heard that he was good at it, after all, he did it professionally.

The hard hit in those days attracted many people in the performing arts circle, acrobatics and dancing, basically everyone. In order to ensure the quality of the program, Chi Zhiqiang often did not sleep and rehearsed all night.

One show is Chi Zhiqiang ’s poem recitation. He not only provided music, but also asked a gymnast in prison to dance with him. He said eloquently:

Mom used to be your pride, today I am your shame, watching your staggering back appear in front of the bars, I am speechless …

Mom, I ca n’t make up for your trauma in my life!

At this time, the gymnast who turned his heels came directly to a flip, kneeled on his knees, and then the performance just ended.

The audience immediately broke out for a long period of warm applause. The performance of this performance was so good that Chi Zhiqiang did not receive such a warm applause even when he was a serious actor before.

Because the performance was so good, they began to tour the society and traveled all over Nanjing.

Nanjing Radio and Television Bureau even wanted to make a movie called “Chi Zhiqiang”, and the script was written, but Chi Zhiqiang did not agree to shoot, he felt that he was not a hero, so it was not so famous.

On April 17, 1986, Chi Zhiqiang was released from prison for one and a half years due to his outstanding performance in prison. Chi Zhiqiang’s appraisal by the labor reform team was that Chi Zhiqiang was over-handled in the movement and suggested returning to the factory.

With such an appraisal, and his record of 3 achievements in prison, Changchun Film Studio readily accepted his return, but at the same time told him that he could not enter the troupe immediately when he came back Transition to the workshop.

In the workshop, he is equivalent to a coolie. Pulling a big cart, sending coal, building a house, repairing electric lights, sanding, and plastering walls are all some chores.

Just for a year, Chi Zhiqiang was able to film again.

At that time, Jilin Television had a TV series “Second Inspector and Coachman”. He wanted Chi Zhiqiang to play the second inspector and was also a leading actor. The other party came to Changying Factory to tune people, but I didn’t expect the factory to agree.

After finishing this one, he took another one.

Chi Zhiqiang is in a good mood, and he started singing himself when he was in the factory. Because he always hummed the songs he used to write and compose in prison: iron doors, iron windows, iron chains … I was heard by the company’s audio-visual company, and he thought he sang well, so he said to him, it is better to record a tape Right.

Chi Zhiqiang is still a bit ill-advised. As a result, the other party said, it ’s okay, change the lyrics.

In 1988, Chi Zhiqiang finished recording the tape, and did not take it seriously, so he went to Li Youbin, later Li Yunlong in “Sword”, to shoot the “Drums” at the source of the Yangtze River and Tanggula Mountain.

When they came down from the mountain and arrived in Shanghai, Chi Zhiqiang was shocked that the “Tears of the Iron Window” he recorded had been released nationwide, and it was a mess.