On May 22, Ali just released the Q4 financial report for the previous fiscal year and the annual financial report.

To be honest, I ’m a bit numb after seeing the data of excellent internet company users, revenue, and profits growing every quarter. I even think that Ali ’s financial report is mediocre (can I add a “Ping Ping Wu Qi”, similar to the Ping Wu Wu Xian love genius Xiao Yaxuan and other expression packages).

With an eye to discover beauty, I took out the serious attitude of my teacher checking my mother ’s signature when I was studying. I read it from beginning to end, and finally there was a data that caught my attention, this is it: Ali became the world ’s first A GMV company has exceeded $ 1 trillion.

Wait, did I find a milestone in global business history? Everyone take notes, maybe when you will take the exam.

In the words of an old marketing number: Ma Yun’s bragging has come true again.

The time goes back to 2015, when Jack Ma, the chairman of Alibaba, set up another flag: Alibaba must have a GMV of 1 trillion US dollars by the 20th anniversary of its establishment.