On this day, the businessman “Fire Phoenix” started his business and was too lazy to cook. He bought a box of cheap “porridge” on the street and returned home to open the computer. He was busy looking for “folklore” netizens to chat and relax. Relax.
Several netizens he knew, such as “Cyclone” (love tofu), “Yiqingqing” (love seafood), “Legend Angel” (love to eat bones), “Peach” (love to chew dog meat), etc. The well-known foodie in the chat room, naturally greedy people talk about eating, often what is delicious, just talk about how to eat… the Fire Phoenix is ​​drooling. He couldn’t help but say: “You are too happy, I’m lazy today, only worthy of drinking porridge…”
“Yi Qingqing” likes porridge. When he sees “Fire Phoenix”, he starts talking about porridge, saying what she likes to pack preserved egg lean meat porridge, red rice pumpkin porridge, glutinous rice sweet water porridge… When it comes to the key point, I suddenly heard the phone When she rang, she stopped chatting about porridge online and wrapped up the phone.
“Fire Phoenix” is not rare to listen to this ordinary porridge rice. He thought that if someone could talk about “Japanese porridge” or “Korean porridge”, (Fire Phoenix Chongyang) he would be more willing to listen.
He checked the relevant information on the Internet, but he was very disappointed. The Chinese people did not have the same interest as him (not Chongyang)…he went back to check the “Chinese Quintessence”, oops! Amazingly, he actually found a “Liang Ji Congee Shop”, damn it! Can make 108 different porridges.
As a result, the box lunch porridge in his hand became more and more sad, and finally lost his appetite. A parabola threw the box lunch into the trash can. He scolded: “His mother! Laozi is looking for money, why? For the purpose of living such a “little boy grind”? No! Laozi doesn’t do it! Resolutely don’t do it…”