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Survey description: Mobile phone manufacturers release new phones every year, but “5G mobile phones” make this year’s new phone wave very different: On the one hand, the three major operators’ 5G packages Tariffs have successively reduced prices; on the other hand, various mobile phone brands have launched a variety of price points and models for users with different needs to choose. There are data showing that “5G mobile phones have shipped 86.23 million units this year”, and they are all giving us a signal-it’s time to replace them.

But what are the real intentions of users? To this end, Tiger Sniff Research launched an online survey with the theme “Mobile phone and package dual temptation, do you want to change?”, which attracted many mobile phone enthusiasts to participate. This article hopes to understand their consumption behaviors and tendencies to help us understand the challenges that 5G mobile phone brands may face in the current and future development.

Respondent background information

The survey time was from August 4th to August 5th. A total of 657 valid questionnaires were collected. About 70% of the respondents were from the frontline/ Second-tier cities. It should be noted that the results of this survey only represent the views of Tiger Sniff users and are intended for internal sharing and communication. If you want to quote the data in the article, please refer to the above background information as appropriate.

Nearly 90% of mobile phone users have not yet acquired 5G mobile phones

The survey shows that users have a better understanding of 5G mobile phones, and less than 2% of users said they don’t understand/do not know the advantages and functions of 5G mobile phones.can.

Although they are no strangers to new products, nearly 90% of mobile phone users have not yet upgraded to 5G phones. And half of the users who haven’t replaced 5G mobile phones have a negative attitude towards 5G mobile phones, saying they don’t want to try.

Products that introduce new technologies and new concepts can always attract consumers’ attention. At present, one of the main selling points of 5G mobile phones is “fast internet speed”. So what is the willingness of users to pay for this advantage? The user said that I don’t need it yet.

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“It doesn’t make much sense to give me 5G. It doesn’t need to be so fast, and the performance of note10+ is not enough to change.”

“Very disgusting with the various sales of 5G, the 4G speed is definitely reduced, and it feels like reducing 4G forcing 5G.”

On the contrary, one of the obstacles mentioned by the interviewed users is that the appearance of 5G mobile phones is too heavy, so they do not plan to start.

“Currently, most 5G mobile phones are very thick, and if they are thin, they will sacrificeSacrifice something, this is also one of the reasons why I don’t want to change 5G phones now, and I look forward to a technological breakthrough in the second half of the year. “

“Weight, now 5G phones feel a bit heavy.”

Affected by consumption habits, 70% of the interviewed users indicated that the highest acceptable tariff is not more than 200 yuan/month, and 42% are concentrated in the range of 50-99 yuan. There is still room for 5G tariff reduction.

In addition, for users who have already started 5G mobile phones, their use evaluation is not good. 68% said they did not meet expectations, and their disappointment was high. Users believe that the increase in 5G network speed is not obvious, and the additional price paid does not enjoy the corresponding value. “To be honest, with 5G, the increase in mobile phone network speed is not obvious, but the traffic has increased substantially.”

To sum up, “5G” is hardly a selling point, and clumsiness is the biggest obstacle. So what is the user’s most concern?

Basic configuration must be “very powerful”

“The most basic signal, battery life, and screen of a mobile phone must not be castrated.”

According to the feedback from interviewees, there are the following 5 major pain points in the use of existing mobile phones. Unexpectedly, the top “random” is Short battery life. Among them, Apple and Xiaomi owners have a particularly high proportion of feedback on this issue (58% and 54.8%, respectively).

“The current battery charging speed of mobile phones is very fast, but the battery capacity has not been broken. I am very concerned about battery life, smooth system, heat dissipation, signal, etc.”

“Charge fast, or it can be charged wirelessly or solar powered. Battery life is really a big problem.”

Next is Insufficient memory. Regarding this point, users specifically mentioned “the need for extra large memory.” In addition, some interviewed users said that although cloud storage services are now provided, the price is too high. There are also concerns about privacy security.

“I hope that cloud storage can be truly available in the future. The cost is too high and the price is more expensive.”

“Privacy protection, the data privacy leakage problem must be resolved.”

Security and privacy are better, and the system and battery decay slower.”

For the problem of poor signal, this is more obvious on Apple mobile phones. 43.5% of the interviewed Apple owners mentioned this problem, “the signal is very unstable”. The problem of poor heat dissipation is the relatively high proportion of users of OnePlus and Redmi.

The fifth problem is the poor shooting effect. Specifically, the demands of the interviewed users are mainly focused on the camera function. More than 90% of the interviewed users indicated that they would use their mobile phones to record videos. “I also expect mobile phones to provide a more powerful camera experience, such as adding microscope technology”Technology”. For taking pictures, some users have emphasized the requirements for realism and clarity of taking pictures.

“Photography ability, taking pictures can now treat night as day. I feel it is enough, but in photography, domestic mobile phones may not be comparable to Apple phones.”

“The most important thing to take a photo is to be true and clear, not color cast.”

Ecological experience is one of the main concerns when choosing a new machine

The above are the five major problems of the “old phone”. In addition to avoiding these “pits” when choosing a new phone in the future, what other aspects should users value? As can be seen from the table below, the primary concern is battery endurance, that is, “accelerated charging of large batteries.” In addition, the smooth and easy operation of the system is also the point that users are most concerned about.

“Super fast charge, stable internet speed, great photos, silky screen.”

“Simpler operation, smarter AI.”

Of the other three points that users are more concerned about: the shooting effect corresponds to the previous shooting effect, which is a big pain point, so there is no need to repeat it. It should be noted that ecological experience and appearance, because these two points have a greater relationship with users’ usage scenarios and habits.

By understanding the usage habits of the interviewed users, we found that 63% of interviewed users often use mobile phones for business office activities, which is already on par with popular audio-visual entertainment consumption. Users hope to use their mobile phones to improve their daily work and life efficiency, and even meet basic office operations. This includes the optimization of the mobile phone’s own performance, such as the development of office functions, and multi-threaded task operations, and other terminals (such as PC, The wireless intercommunication and information sharing of printers, smart watches, etc. are the ecological interconnection experience.

“True multithreading, not pseudo-multithreading now. For example, games cannot be played at the same time.”

“More convenient office functions.” “A better learning tool.”

“My mobile phone is used for office work all year round, and there are many files. The WeChat chat records are all large files needed for work. I hope that large memory and a better mobile office experience.”

“”More powerful interconnection technology, interconnection and file synchronization with PC, faster linkage. “

“Interconnection with in-vehicle systems, and development of more functions such as smart watches.”

In terms of appearance and appearance, users mentioned the following expectations: 1) The homogeneity of mobile phone design is serious, for example, almost all flagship phones have large screens, which feel “the same” and no new ideas; 2) bangs, water drop digging These special-shaped screens are ugly and affect the use. “Don’t dig a hole for the appearance of the screen, Yuba camera”; 3) Lighter or thinner or have a small screen optional, “I hope that the mobile phone will be more streamlined and thinner in the future. Now there are a bunch of cameras, and the mobile phone is also very heavy. “, “A flagship Android phone with a smaller screen”.

In addition, in terms of gender, women will be more concerned about the lightness of the hand (29% for women vs. 21% for men), “lightweight and portable, and now mainstream models are too large, making it difficult for girls to operate with one hand.”

Men’s requirements for endurance are particularly prominent, and their requirements for ecological experience are also higher. As for the light and thin experience, male users are relatively advanced. “It is very tiring to hold the mobile phone by hand every day. Freeing your hands is the follow-up development direction and expectation of mobile phones.

Mobile phone brand bias

First, let’s look at the mobile phone brands mainly used by the users interviewed this time: Apple’s brand is relatively the highest, followed by Huawei, and Xiaomi and Honor also have a higher proportion.

In terms of comprehensive user experience evaluation, Apple’s evaluation is relatively best, which may benefit from Apple’s IOS system and Apple’s ecological experience.

“Android application ecology is not good.”

“The Android system is easy to freeze, and the fluency is inferior.”

*As the other mobile phone brands used in this survey are low, the sample size is too small to analyze

What’s interesting is that although Apple’s usage evaluation is good, when asked about the brand that is the top consideration for the next mobile phone, 34% of the interviewed users chose Huawei, which overtakes Apple . It is speculated to be affected by two factors: poor battery life and poor signal, which are relatively concentrated among Apple mobile phone users; secondly, Huawei’s brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is even “the pride of Chinese people.”

Considering that users will compare and choose among different brands in the actual purchase process, and even some users will purchase spare machines, their brand second choice is also worth paying attention to. Compared with the first choice, users are the second choice brand Relatively scattered, with the exception of Huawei and Apple, Xiaomi, Honor, and OnePlus also have relatively high recognition rates.

Nearly 90% of users have a replacement cycle of more than two years

Although the update iteration of smart phones is very fast, in comparison, the update frequency of mobile phone users is not high. Only 13% of the interviewed users said that they will replace new phones every year. Most users (62%) ) Or replace one in two or three years. “One is too frequent every year”, “Currently, the functions of mobile phones are actually enough, or even redundant.”

Perhaps due to the long replacement cycle of mobile phones, the channels for obtaining mobile phone information are quite different from other categories we have observed in the past: the main channels for the interviewed users to learn about mobile phone information are electronic information websites/APPs and watch evaluations. The unboxing video, “mainly depends on Word of mouth, actual measurement“, it can be seen that objective and professional evaluations have a significantly higher impact on consumers than brand advertising. Therefore, “favorite celebrities/idol endorsements” are good for strengthening brand image and recognition, but they are not good for promoting users’ interest in buying.

As for whether there is a plan to purchase a new phone in the next six months, 32% of the interviewed users have this consideration, and another 44% have clearly given a negative answer, “Currently, the mobile phone function is already necessary for my needs. Enough, there is no need to change to a new machine.”

For users who are planning to buy a new machine and are uncertain, their purchasing budget is scattered between 2000-6999 yuan, and relatively concentrated in the range of 3000-3999 yuan, affected by their personal consumption ability and consumption outlook.

Based on the above content, we have the following suggestions for discussion:

Mobile phone users do not “buy” the new product and concept of 5G, and 5G label is difficult to become a selling point of new mobile phones; on the contrary, the general and heavy specific impression of 5G mobile phones is a big obstacle. Thin and light appearance and comfortable feel are one of the main considerations when users choose mobile phones.

Fast charging, long battery life, good signal, and large memory are the “minimum” requirements of users for smartphones, which are worthy of attention and optimization by brands.

In terms of shooting functions, the camera functions of current mainstream brands can basically meet the needs of users, but there is much room for improvement in video recording.

In terms of system functions, it is necessary to focus on the improvement of ecological experience, especially to meet the convenience of users to complete business office through mobile phones.

There is still a need for a small screen with one-handed operation. Especially for female mobile phone users, a model with “large-capacity storage operation and one-hand operation” is a big demand.