The beginning of the matter was this: because a cousin of mine had to work overtime on Sunday, the cousin-in-law went to take a driver’s license test that day, so she sent her 5-year-old son to my house and asked me to take care of her for a day. Afraid of making trouble, I went to the market and bought him a cute little white rabbit. Ask me what the rabbit eats, and I tell him to eat carrots and all green vegetables. Watching Nao Nao had a good time with the rabbit, so I went to read a book.
   The rabbit ate the carrots in a while, so he went to the refrigerator to find green vegetables. Unexpectedly, there are only some green peppers left in my refrigerator. After making a fuss, he broke the pepper and fed it to the rabbit. The rabbit refuses to eat. The little white rabbit was in a hurry and kicked his feet arbitrarily, so he kicked the fine sand spread in the nest into the troublesome eyes. He hurriedly rubbed it with his hands, but his hands were hot and he immediately started crying with pain.
   I heard him crying extremely violently in the study, so I hurried out to ask him what’s wrong. He covered his eyes with his hands, and kept crying: “The rabbit kicked me, the rabbit kicked me.” I thought that the rabbit really kicked his eyes. I was terribly scared. I wanted to make a mistake. How can I tell his parents? Confess? Hurried to call 120.
   At this time the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, it was my brother’s classmate. When I had no time to greet him, I ran back to comfort the trouble, but inadvertently stepped on a piece of watermelon peel he had littered, bumped my head against the door frame, and fainted. The younger brother’s classmate hurriedly dialed 120, and then remembered the first aid knowledge he had learned during military training, knelt on the ground and wanted to pick me up. At this moment, my brother came back. When he saw this scene, he thought his classmate was going to assault me, so he picked up one of his mother’s pointed shoes, and the blood gushed out immediately following the hapless head. When the brother rushed into the kitchen to get the knife, his classmates tried to explain, while running desperately downstairs.
At this moment, Grandma Wang downstairs heard the screams and hurriedly looked out through the peephole of the security door. She saw a person running down with blood all over her face. Her brother was chasing behind with a knife, she was frightened immediately. Call 110 to the police.
   She had a slight stroke originally, this panic made her hands and feet more uncomfortable, so she sat on the ground and pressed the kitten’s tail. The kitten screamed out, knocking the soup pot over, and the flames raged. Grandma Wang picked up a bottle of water and poured it over. Who knew it was Erguotou secretly hidden by her wife. So the whole family called 119 fire alarm while fighting the fire. When the younger brother’s classmates desperately ran away, they were colliding with the oncoming emergency doctor. Because both sides were in a hurry, they rolled into a ball and fell down the stairs.
   At this time, the brother’s classmate explained everything clearly to him. But the two doctors broke their arms. After I woke up, I called my cousin and cousin’s husband again. The cousin was drinking water, and when she heard the news, she choked in her throat and rolled her eyes immediately. Her colleague was busy calling 120; and the cousin’s husband heard the news and drove to my house frantically, running red lights three times.
  At this time, two ambulances and two fire trucks have gathered downstairs in my house. The fireman was about to open the fire hydrant, and the cousin’s car had been jerkedWhen he drove over, he slammed into it, and immediately the water flowed into a river. He turned the steering wheel again and hit the police car that had just driven. In the back, a few traffic policemen riding motorcycles are speeding up, and behind them is the municipal facility repair vehicle.
   That day, it was like a Hollywood blockbuster performed downstairs in my house. According to statistics, only five ambulances were dispatched. I called one, my old brother and classmate called one, two injured doctors called one, cousin’s colleague called one…
   You said there is still a car short? Don’t worry, didn’t the cousin come back in a school car? The old coach in the car was so scared that he had a heart attack. Shouldn’t he have to call another one?