One Sunday before the new year, Dalin went to pick up his son Xiao Ming who was in a sketching class for children.
On the way, Xiao Ming asked his father with a blank face: “Today, the teacher asked me how old I was. I said I was four years old as a pig. The teacher said, “No, you are five years old. In addition to painting, you can use pinyin, singing, piano, etc. You have to start English from childhood, from the baby! Ask your dad to sign up quickly. You’re six years old during the Chinese New Year, and you’re the oldest! “Who is right about my teacher?”
 Dalin said: “You and the teacher are both right. You are talking about one year old, and the teacher is talking about imaginary years, so they are all right.”
  “What’s the difference between the first year and the false year?” Xiao Ming asked after breaking the casserole.
Dalin didn’t know how to answer. Suddenly remembered the most up-to-date saying on the Internet, he quickly replied: “An imaginary year is born from the belly of my father to count the year, and the first year is born from the stomach of a mother to count the year.”

  “You gave birth to one, and your mother gave birth to one. Didn’t you give birth to two?” Xiao Ming asked traced back to the source.
“You were the one who gave birth, but just like you ran from grandmother’s house to grandmother’s house, you ran into the mother’s stomach and combined with the egg, so you gave birth to you.” Dalin thought of the Internet and said that sex knowledge should also be from childhood. He picked it up and answered Xiao Ming.
  “But I was very young and couldn’t walk, and didn’t know the way. How could I run to my grandmother’s house and then to my mother?” Xiao Ming asked unwillingly.
  So it was Dalin’s turn to look blank, and I really didn’t know how to answer.
 To a smart kid like Xiao Ming, answering questions really requires some thought. Not everything has to be started from an early age, such as sex education, just need to be age-appropriate, appropriate, timely, and appropriate! Give them a happy, innocent, safe, childlike childhood, why treat their little heads as a basket with so many loads!