Yu Si is a famous miser. He is not only stingy to the extreme, but also often likes to take advantage of others. Because of this, everyone in the village avoided him when they saw him.
 One year on the first day of the New Year’s Day, Yu’s fourth child did not get up until he was too hungry to bear. He stretched reluctantly, came to the rice tank and opened the lid to take a look. There was not even a vertex of rice. He kicked the rice jar with an angry kick and shouted loudly: “Fuck, didn’t you just buy three catties of rice, why didn’t you eat it for half a month?”
“What can I do, I can’t let me celebrate the New Year with an empty stomach.” Yu Lao Si stared with big eyes, lifted the rice tank that he had just knocked over and looked at it carefully, seeing that he was really looking for it. Without a grain of rice, I lay helplessly on the bed facing the roof in a daze. He thought about it, and after thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t think of any other way to keep his stomach from screaming. At this time, a scent of stewed meat came from outside the window, tempting the old fourth to swallow and swallow, only to feel that his stomach screamed more severely. He squatted his feet and looked at Zhang Ergou’s house not far away from the window, and whispered in his heart: “This must be Zhang Ergou’s deliberate intention to lure the gluttons in Laozi’s stomach to be a stranger. I warned him that if he dared to do such wicked things again, Lao Tzu would definitely go to tear down his home’s stove, and see if he would dare to make mistakes in the future.”
Yu Lao Si was lying on the bed angrily, but couldn’t help smelling the scent, and murmured: “Zhang Ergou must be stewed with braised pork today, otherwise it won’t be so fragrant. No, that’s right. Why is there a faint scent of green onion fish in this braised pork? Is there fish stewed in his house? God, they all have fish and meat today, and you let me, an honest person, drink northwest wind. It would be too unfair for you to do this!”
When Yu Siyi thought that he hadn’t even eaten a decent meal from last night to now, he kept complaining that God was unfair to him, and that his parents didn’t keep more property for him. Finally, he couldn’t help the whole village. I also scolded one by one: “Isn’t it just occasionally having a meal with you? It makes you feel uncomfortable one by one, just like a dead mother. When I get rich, I will sit on a whole table of delicious food. After eating at the entrance of the village for three days, I have to be greedy for you, and whoever dares to say behind your back that I’m lazy!
 It can be said that there will be no pie in the sky after all. After Yu Lao Si finished cursing, he began to reconsider the important question of how to fill his stomach. He thought about the one hundred and twenty-four families in the village he had scolded just now, but he still didn’t figure out how to solve this new year meal. He clearly knows that for these years, he has been relying on Cengfan every day. The whole village is now guarding against him, and some even let dogs bite him when he comes, just because he is afraid of him coming Cengfan or “Borrow” this, “borrow” that, borrow but not repay. Thinking of the brilliant achievements over the years, Yu Lao Si has nothing to say about his ingenuity.satisfaction.
 Yu Si was thinking about it, and suddenly thought of his second uncle. Although the second uncle is his only relative in the village, he is a famous iron cock. Over the years, the fourth son of Ren Yu has tried his best, and he has never taken advantage of him. Based on Yu’s experience in dealing with his second uncle over the years, he knew that even if he went today, he might not be able to eat his family’s meal. But if you don’t try it, you may be hungry for another day today.
The idea was settled. Yu Lao Si first went outside to look at the sun. He felt that it was almost time for lunch. Then he tightened his belt, and drank a few sips of cold water to trick his stomach, and then he went straight to his second uncle’s house. Go. After walking a few steps, Yu Lao Si suddenly felt that he was thinking of something again. He turned around and went into the room, picked up a wall calendar on the table, rolled it under his arm, and hummed a small song that only he could understand. Swayed towards the second uncle’s house.
   It took less than ten minutes to walk, and Yu Laoshi saw the yard of his second uncle’s house from a distance. Before he reached the door, he saw that the door of the second uncle’s house was shut down with a bang, and then he heard the sound of inserting the door. Yu Lao Si had already been familiar with the methods the villagers used to deal with him over the years. He pretended not to see him and came to the door of the second uncle’s house and took photos. After patting for a while, seeing that no one came to open the door, he slammed the door with great effort.
  Yu Si took this shot for about half an hour, and the second uncle was too shocked by the harsh sound in the room, so he opened the door and gave him a cold look before entering the room again. Seeing that the second uncle ignored him, he also felt boring to beg the boss, so he had to pretend to smile and followed cheeky.