Feng Liang never liked to sit in a stove and burn a fire. Even on a very cold day, he uses an oven and never burns a fire in the stove to keep warm.
 At noon that day, Feng Liang’s wife came into the house, first put water in the pot, put the washed rice into the pot, and then set the fire on the fire.
   After a while, Feng Liang entered the house, and his wife begged him to take care of the fire in the stove. The fire was extinguished, and some firewood was added to the stove. Don’t let the fire go out, or the porridge in the pot would not be cooked.
  “What are you going to do? Why don’t you burn the fire?”
  “Too busy, I haven’t washed my clothes for a few days, I have to hurry up to wash. If I don’t wash, there will be no clean clothes to change.”
  “Then you go and wash. I will take care of the fire in the stove at home.”
 After a while, the fire in the stove went out, and Feng Liang added firewood to the stove. He added some firewood first, and felt that it would not burn for a while, and the fire would have to be extinguished again. So a lot of firewood was added, because the door of the stove was too small to enter the stove.
 At this time, he got angry and said to himself: “If you don’t go in, I have a way to let you in.”
 He quickly found a tree tube and stabbed the stove door vigorously. Due to excessive force, firewood entered, and the tree tube slammed an earth brick behind the stove to the ground.
 This annoyed him, saying: “This adobe is too unpricked.” He stabbed another brick to the ground.
  After my wife went home after washing clothes, she walked into the kitchen, saw fire after the stove, and hurriedly asked Feng Liang: “What did you do? Where did the fire come from behind the stove?”
  “The stove door is too small. I stabbed a big stove door behind the stove. Now it is much more convenient to add firewood to the stove.”
  “After you open the door wide after you give the stove, the smokers in the house don’t say, can the cooks bear it?”
  “I don’t think about cooking people. Then I have to find someone to repair the stove.” His wife was again dumbfounded by him.