Yuan Jie went to climb Mang Mountain alone, on a dangerous path created by the fellow travellers. When he was approaching the top of the mountain, he slipped and fell with a rolling belt, immediately unconscious.

Faintly, Yuanjie vaguely heard someone talking next to him. They were two women. One pleaded: “Mother, please help him, he is about to die.” Another said: “Daughter, why should he be so infatuated with such a cruel person?” The daughter said: “He is also unspeakable. Suffering.”

The two argued for a while, and the mother obviously agreed. Yuan Jie only felt that a clear stream had injected his mind, and his weak vitality was renewed. He opened his eyes and found himself lying on a bluestone table next to a woman in a purple dress and a woman in red, both graceful and dignified. Where am I? He thought.

Yuan Jie tried to look at the two women, only to feel that they were wrapped in the shining light and could not see their faces. The woman in the purple skirt said, “Yuanjie, would you like to marry an old girl as your wife?”

Yuan Jie shook his head. He wanted to speak, but found that he couldn’t make a sound. But in his heart, there were 10,000 reluctances, because after four years, Ling Yuxi’s figure was still stuck in his heart like a thorn. Ling Yuxi is his first girlfriend.

“I know you are an ungrateful thing!” The woman in purple skirt was furious, raised her hand, and a beam of lightning hit Yuan Jie’s heart. He screamed “Ah” and fainted again.

Wake up again, Yuanjie finds himself lying on a hospital bed. The doctor said that he can survive falling from such a high mountain. It is a miracle. Yuanjie stayed in the hospital for a few days, and returned to the rented home after he fully recovered. He first went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. While wiping his body, he suddenly found a red human-shaped birthmark more than 20 centimeters high on his chest, but it was clearly the back of a hazy woman in red.


It was night, Yuanjie was sleeping on the bed, in a trance, only feeling that he was holding a weak woman in his arms, with a fragrant body. Fragrant lingering on his nose, the woman sighed quietly: “Yuanjie, am I dreaming? I came to you again and slept in your arms.”

Yuan Jie asked: “Who are you?” She said blankly: “I don’t know who I am, I only know that you are the one I love. For you, I will never recover, and I will not hesitate.”

Yuan Jie woke up in horror, but saw the sky through the window. It was early morning, but where was the woman? (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

In this way, for several days, Yuanjie will have the same dream every night. He looked at the image of the woman on his chest in the mirror, and it became more and more slender, with a blue silk shawl, a long jade neck, and a slender and exquisite figure, actually taller than a tattooThe hand-embroidered tattoos on the human body are generally lifelike.

Yuan Jie tried to scrub with shower gel. After wiping it countless times, the woman looked like she had grown on him. What made him even more surprised was that this beauty was tattooed as if he was alive later. He was able to change his posture on his body, suddenly sitting and standing. He was originally a back, but gradually turned around, but the face seemed to be covered. Light yarn, can’t see clearly.

Another night, Yuanjie had just fallen asleep, and suddenly he heard crying. He suddenly opened his eyes and saw that the woman in red was sitting on the side of the bed with her back, crying sadly. Yuan Jie got up and touched her fragrant shoulders: “Why are you so sad?” The woman turned around, plunged into his arms, and said with a face full of tears, “Yuan Jie, am I very useless?”

Yuanjie tried to look at her with wide eyes, but still couldn’t see her face, and asked, “How do you say that?”

The woman said: “We said that we want to spend three lives together, and I have been betrothed to you as a wife by my mother, but I am just a lone soul, and I can’t take the responsibility of a wife for you!”< br>

Yuan Jie smiled bitterly: “It turns out that it’s just for this, that’s something I can’t ask for. Besides, I already have someone in my heart, so I can’t be your husband!”

As soon as he finished saying this, the woman bowed her head, bit his shoulder severely, and said, “You are so stupid! I am your lover!”

After taking this bite, Yuan Jie screamed, struggling backwards, and found himself still lying on the bed in a cold sweat, and the sky was already bright. Turning his head to look at his shoulders, there is clearly a red bite mark, which seems to be bleeding. Is it a dream, is it true? He couldn’t tell for a while. When he got up to get dressed, Yuanjie found that the beauty tattoo on his chest had disappeared.


On this day, the leaders informed Yuan Jie to go on a business trip immediately.

When I returned three days later, I ran into a neighbor spitting out bitterness at him: “Your girlfriend sang for several nights all night, and it disturbed the whole building to sleep well!”

Yuan Jie frowned, almost saying: “Where is my girlfriend?” But suddenly he thought of the woman in red who was on his chest.

He returned to the room and just closed the door. He only felt that the air in front of him was turbulent. A figure appeared in front of him out of thin air, pointed at his nose and cursed: “What a widow. Righteous man! My daughter was almost killed by you!”

Yuan Jie recognized at a glance that she was the woman in the purple skirt he met when he fell down the mountain. He was about to defend, but the woman slapped him with her arm, hitting him so high that he flew high and fell back.

Yuan Jie heard the “whooping” wind in his ear. His hut was only three to four meters wide, but he flew backward for a long time without hitting the wall and falling.

In panic and helplessness, he finally fell to the ground, rolled over a few times, and got up to see that he was actually at the door of a villa courtyard, and the outlook was very familiar. It was Ling Yuxi’s home. .

With the palm of the woman in the purple skirt, could it be that she flew more than a thousand kilometers away? Yuan Jie came to this courtyard once four years ago. He begged Ling Yuxi’s father to fulfill his love with Ling Yuxi, but was beaten out.

Is she okay now? For a time, Yuanjie had mixed feelings in his heart. He really wanted to desperately ring the doorbell on the iron gate to see the girl who was still dreaming.

The relationship between Yuanjie and Ling Yuxi can be described as bumpy. Yuan Jie is just a child of an ordinary family, while Ling Yuxi was born in a wealthy family. A semester later, one evening when a party was held, Ling Yuxi actually read aloud the love letter she had written to him in public, and then invited him to dance with him again and again at the ball. Yuan Jie said that she could not dance, Ling Yuxi said she taught him.

The stumbled dance steps that night finally made them a pair of lovers. But in the end, Lao Yan separated under Ling’s father’s efforts. After graduating from university, Yuanjie walked away quietly alone, and never heard of Ling Yuxi ever since.


The past is vivid, and Yuanjie in the memory is already in tears. Suddenly, it was like a thick cloud scattered all around, and a glimmer of light flashed in his mind: Isn’t the image of the woman in red who was on his chest, who appeared in his dreams, and talks love words in his ear, exactly Ling Yuxi?

Yuan Jie unbuttoned his shirt, looked down at his chest, and found that the beauty tattoo appeared there again, just at the heart. The haziness between her eyebrows and eyes has disappeared, and a smile gradually bloomed on Ling Yuxi’s face.

Why is this happening? Yuan Jie’s heart tightened, he was frowning and thinking, a newspaper like a big butterfly flew over and covered his face with a “whoop”. Yuan Jie grabbed the newspaper and read it and saw a reward announcement saying that Ling Yuxi, the daughter of the city’s wealthy businessman Ling Dingnan, accidentally fell off the cliff when climbing Mount Mang more than three years ago. Since then, she has been unconscious. Can make it wake up, set a million dollars in reward.

What happened to Ling Yuxi? Yuanjie was shocked. But at this moment, a man’s voice sounded: “It’s you who are here to treat my daughter?”

Yuan Jie looked up, the iron gate was opened, and a middle-aged man stood by the door. , It was Ling Yuxi’s father Ling Dingnan. He looked haggard.

He obviously did not recognize Yuan Jie. He said to himself that an old woman in a purple dress had just come to visit him, saying that she recommended a young man for him. Will come to wake his daughter.

Yuanjie followed him to Ling YuxiIn her boudoir, he saw her sleeping on the bed, pale and thin, with beautiful eyes closed. He knelt down in front of her bed, touched her face with a trembling hand, kissed her forehead, and whispered her name in his mouth.

He thought there would be a miracle, like Snow White being kissed by her prince, then spit out the poisonous apple in her throat and opened her eyes. But finally not.

“Uncle, I’m Yuanjie, I’m afraid you don’t remember me anymore, Yuxi has become like this, please fulfill me, let me marry her, take care of her For a lifetime!” Yuan Jie got up in despair and said to Ling Dingnan who was standing by.

“Really you kid?!” Ling Dingnan opened his eyes wide and said angrily, “Do you know how Yuxi became like this? After you left, she looked for you everywhere After all the places you’ve been to, you stumbled and fell from Mang Mountain… Alas! I also have an inescapable responsibility…”

Seven days later, Yuanjie and Ling Yuxi held the event. A simple wedding, sending away all the guests, he went back to the bedroom to see his awake bride.

Yuan Jie opened the door. He thought he had hallucinations in front of him again, and Ling Yuxi actually sat on the bed and smiled at him.

He rubbed his eyes and said in surprise: “Yuhui, am I not dreaming? You, are you awake?”

The girl stood up gracefully , Staring at him affectionately: “I’m awake. I woke up when you followed my father to see me and kissed my forehead. But I was afraid that when my father saw me waking up, I would rise again to break our hearts, so I deliberately Pretending to be still asleep.”

Ling Yuxi said that since Yuanjie left, she went crazy looking for him. After falling from Mang Mountain, her soul left her body and was adopted by the Yellow River Goddess as an adopted daughter, while her body was taken back home. She thought she would never have a chance to find Yuanjie again, and she didn’t want him to climb Mang Mountain again, and fell into the deep valley. She begged the goddess to save him, and fostered her soul on his chest…

Yuan Jie looked anxiously at his chest, the human tattoo was gone.

During their honeymoon, the two went to the Mangshan Scenic Area. On a small square on the bank of the Yellow River, they saw the statue of the Yellow River’s mother, but they met Yuanjie with the woman in the purple skirt People are generally the same.