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Stolen bicycle

Long Ze, the owner of the bicycle shop, died. He was just over forty years old. “It seems that he was riding a bicycle to chase a thief who stole a bicycle in the shop, and he fell into the lake and drowned.” Said the town policeman Kawaguchi. I feel sorry for Long Ze, but I can do nothing but pray. For all people, this is just a simple unfortunate.. Read More

A sly story every night

story, masks Author: Sue Chan Tsz Tong recently caught a cold all day wearing masks cover tightly, and friends called him to the infirmary and he Not going, it looks very weird. So Qin Jin and Zhang Xiao, who were sleeping with him, gathered together to study him. You find out all the possibilities with one word, and finally unanimously confirm that there must be something on his face, so.. Read More

Dead body

When I opened my eyes, I still saw the familiar room, but on the chair of the desk in front of the bed, there was an unexpected guest sitting. “Who are you?” I asked aloud, but he didn’t respond at all. I walked slowly to the chair, trying to find more answers. But the cold and stiff touch made me fall to the ground in fright. That was a dead.. Read More

Break one’s word

Wedge Looking at the computer screen, I couldn’t help but laugh out proudly. I lightly pressed the mouse with my bright red nails, while happily nibbling on an apple with the other hand, I successfully lied to two guys this year! Blame them for being too stupid. I believe I will fill in the triangle outside the county with them, please! I was a famous scheming girl in college, and.. Read More

Prisoner of Desire

1. An unrecognizable life I feel that my life is completely messed up. I woke up with a strange woman lying next to me. We had a blind date and hugged each other. “Who are you?” I sat up in shock and asked. The woman touched my forehead and said angrily: “Silly! Who else can I be besides your wife? Could it be that you haven’t awakened from a hangover?”.. Read More

Subway lovers

1 The subway always seems to belong to a world alone. At 7:30 in the morning, Xiao Bing squeezed onto Metro Line 3, and the carriage was as dull as usual. People who knew and did not know were gathered together, discussing something. Xiao Bing listened to both ears, and seemed to say that a young man jumped off the subway platform this morning and his life was uncertain. Some.. Read More

night train

Yuan Zhou looked at the train going away with anxious heart. It was a nightmare for him to go home during the Spring Festival. He lost his wallet and had no money to buy a ticket. He got on the bus while being chaotic but was found out and was driven off at a small station. The staff on the small station got off work one after another, leaving him.. Read More

Ye Mingzhu’s eyes

Luo Xiaoxian met a girl in the subway with long hair and shawl, fresh and pure as a fairy descending from the earth. Luo Xiaoxian’s heart was shot by Cupid’s arrow, and he stared at the girl blankly until the girl disappeared from his vision. Luo Xiaoxian hated that he didn’t have the courage to say hello to the girl. In order to see the girl again, he went to.. Read More

Why do they choose domestic products for high-end mobile phones?

Many years ago, domestic consumers had a simple and crude way of buying mobile phones: “If you have money to buy Apple, you don’t have money to buy it. Domestically produced.” In that era, the products launched by Apple and Samsung were often synonymous with “high-end mobile phones”. The reason behind it is not complicated. Under the question of “Why did you choose iPhone?”, the answer is nothing more than.. Read More

72 hours away from soul

Roger has been lucky in the past few years and has made a lot of money in trading. It is said that men become bad when they have money. No, Roger has also wrapped up his mistress recently and bought her a luxurious villa in Bishuiwan. The second wife’s name is Tian Tian. She is very beautiful and can make people happy. Roger can’t see her for a day, like.. Read More