The night is starry and the streets are extremely quiet. Wheat reluctantly walked out of the di bar, smiling enthusiastically just now, and was frozen the moment he touched the cold outdoor air. Her mood also dimmed. She thought of home, her father and his newly married stepmother, she was annoyed…

The street lamp was glowing with orange light, shining dimly on the road. At the top, the occasional wind blowing on her body made her feel cold. I tried to stop a taxi for a long time, but there were people. As she walked, she looked back to see if there was an empty car, and stopped a taxi until the next intersection. Just sitting down, the driver asked, “Little girl, where are you going?” Mai said the address of his home, then closed his eyes and felt the car steadily drive on the road.

After a bump, she opened her eyes and looked out the window. She couldn’t really see the scene on the street in the dark. She turned her head and looked forward to her surprise. She found that the driver had no head. Her heart was beating violently, and a feeling of horror grew spontaneously. There was a terrible scream in her mouth, a sudden brake, the car stopped, and the driver sat in the cab and looked back at her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Me I saw you… you… don’t have a… head.” Wheat was scared and pale and stammered.

The driver smiled, raised the lighter in his hand and said, “I picked it up.”

Wheat breathed a sigh of relief and the car continued Drive forward…

After a while, the driver asked: “I’m there, where to stop?” “That’s it.” Mai pointed to the roadside and said. The car came to a halt slowly by the side of the road, and the driver raised the meter.

“41 yuan, round up, give 40.” The driver said.

Wheat rummaged through the bag and found only 28 yuan. “I thought that when I came out in the afternoon, I obviously took my father 100 yuan. Why is there 28 yuan left so soon — annoying.”

“Money—isn’t it enough?” the driver stared at her and asked. (Uncle Ghost:, please keep the reprint!)

Wheat blushes, sitting in the car with a handful of change at a loss.

The driver looked straight at her calmly and said, “Why are you a little girl coming home so late! What worries my parents.”

Wheat frowned and said, “Isn’t it just that the money is not enough? You are not mine. You want to control?”

The driver was suddenly agitated, “You kids really don’t understand adults’ hearts. …Hey! Your rebellious character is like my daughter, she! When I was young, I had excellent schoolwork, but I don’t know why everyone changed when I got to high school. It doesn’t count if I dye my hair colorful all day long. Not going home all day and night.***Mom passed away early, I got up early and drove the car in the dark, thinking about making more money, hey! Blame me too, for caring about her a little bit less. “

The driver was immersed in the memory, nagging about himself–

Wheat was impatient to hear it.” I wonder what these things have to do with me, but what should I do if I don’t have enough money? ——Annoying”

The driver looked up and said, “Little girl, if you do something for me, I won’t need the money for this car. “

Mai Mai didn’t understand what the driver asked her to do. Under the moonlight, his face was covered with sadness. At that moment, he looked a bit like his father. She couldn’t help asking: “what’s up? “

The driver continued to say calmly: “Little girl, this is a passbook. I want you to help me take it to my daughter. There is my house in it. the address of. “

Mai wants to ask such an important thing, why don’t you give it to her yourself? Is it like yourself and dad, there is a gap between them, and they don’t say a word when they meet? Looking at the driver’s trusting face with a suspicious look, he took the passbook in the driver’s hand and nodded, pushed the door and got out of the car. After turning around, the car had long since disappeared into the night…
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The next day, there was a heavy snowfall, and people on the street were walking in a hurry. It took wheat so hard to find the driver’s house. Those were two ordinary cottages in the Qiaobei cottage. , A girl similar to her age opened the door and asked: “Who are you looking for? “

Mai Mai asked: “Your father drives a taxi, right?” “

The girl nodded…

“He asked me to bring this to you.” “Mai passed the passbook.

The girl opened her eyes and stared at Wheat, her mouth open. It took a long time for her to make a trembling sound from her throat: “My dad, me Dad…the day before yesterday…because of fatigue driving, he accidentally fell asleep, collided with an oncoming truck, and died on the spot… “


Wheat shuddered all over, his throat was so dry, he felt cold on his scalp and his hair rooted up! Didn’t it happen last night? Did you see—a ghost? It’s creepy!

The girl saw Mai unbelief and pulled her into the room. There was a black and white photo in the room… It was just last night that carried her. The driver of .

Wheat is stupid, dumbfounded, his throat is on fire, and he swallows his saliva bit by bit.

Going back. The roads and streets were deserted and deserted, and occasionally someone passed by, and disappeared without a trace. The cold wind blew on his face like a knife, and the shaved face was painful. Wheat couldn’t help but shudder. Still echoing the driver’s daughter kneeling on himBefore the portrait of Dad, he cried like crazy: “Dad…Dad…”

The corners of Wheat’s mouth trembled slightly, and strings of crystal teardrops poured out from his eyes. ……

She suddenly remembered something, and ran towards home. She wanted to have a good chat with her father tonight. She also wanted to go to school.