There is a rare animal on Phoenix Mountain ─ ─ musk sheep. The male musk has a sac between its belly button and genitals, which can secrete musk, which is a valuable medicinal material and spice. But after many years of hunting and killing by the mountain people, the musk goat has reached the point of extinction, so the government issued a decree prohibiting the hunting of the musk goat.

After the hunting ban, the government set up a hunting ban team to take all the firearms from the hands of the mountain people. There is only one exception, this person is Suwang who lives deep in the mountains. Su Wang’s family hunted for generations. His father was the most famous hunter in Phoenix Mountain, and the number of musk goats that died in his hands could not be counted. Who knows, when Su Wang was 18 years old, when his father shot an old musk in the mountains, the barrel exploded. When he carried him home, Su Wang’s father only said, “Remember… to burn paper money for Lord Shan Shen…” and died.

Since then, Su Wang has taken the firearms from his father. He remembered his father’s last words. Every time he went to the mountain to beat the musk, he had to be respectful at his home. The corner of the house burned paper money to worship the mountain god. Su Wang quickly became an excellent hunter. With the fire in his hand, he lived a life of adequate food and clothing, and then married a wife and had children. His son Su Xiaolin soon turned 18 and entered a middle school in the county.

Now that the government has banned hunting and asked Suwang to hand over the firecrackers, he was naturally unwilling. If he didn’t beat the musk goat, what would he take to feed the whole family and pay his son who was in high school? tuition? So he began to resist seizure, and finally caught up with the hunting team in the mountains. It is impossible for the hunting ban to come to his house every day to do his ideological work, so Su Wang had to keep the firecrackers in his hands.

This evening, his son Su Xiaolin came back from school. He hesitated for a while and said, “Dad, the government has banned hunting. The teacher asked me to persuade you to turn the fire. ……” Su Wang interrupted his son angrily: “After paying the firecrackers, what shall I pay for your tuition next year? You really only know how difficult it is to study but not to be a master.”

Su Xiaolin said unconvincedly: “The Chunsheng family’s firecrackers have been handed over, doesn’t his dad raise mushrooms? The Tieniu family has no firecrackers, isn’t his dad planting herbs?” Su Wang roared, “Yo! It’s big, but I’ll teach Lao Tzu! Your dad can’t do anything besides playing fragrant deer!”

Su Xiaolin plucked up the courage and said, “Our teacher said , If you don’t hand over the fire gun, I will not be allowed to take the college entrance examination next year.” This trick was so great that Su Wang was immediately bluffed and stood there foolishly, unable to speak for a long while.

In fact, Su Xiaolin lied to his father if he was not allowed to take the college entrance examination. He wanted to use this method to force his father to surrender the fire gun.

At night, Su Wang lay in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep for a long time. He knew that there were fewer musk goats in Phoenix Mountain, and the government’s hunting ban was indeed right, but he was still a little unwilling.

Early the next morning, Su Wang said to his son: “In order not to affectYour future, Dad will go to the mountain for the last time today. After playing this time, Dad handed the firecrackers to the hunting ban. In the future, Dad will collect herbs and grow herbs in the mountains…”

When Su Wang said this, his eyes Tears were shining. Su Xiaolin felt sour after hearing this: “Dad, let me go up the mountain with you today! I want to supervise you, you can only fight this time, you can only fight a musk. After the fight, I will accompany you to hand over the firecrackers to the hunting ban. “Su Wang thought for a while, and readily agreed.

After breakfast, Su Wang burned a few paper money in the corner of the house, prayed for a while, and then he carried the firecracker. He took his son up the mountain.

After several hours of spinning, Suwang and his son finally found an old musk goat. The old musk goat also saw Suwang father and son, but it He didn’t run, but turned to face Su Wang with his hind legs propped on the ground, and his whole body stood up like a human, with his two front hooves joined together as if he were doing something.

Su Wang Stunned for a while, with such a dazed effort, the old musk goat turned around and jumped up to a high rock.

Only then did Su Wang realize that there was still one standing not far away. The little musk goat, it turns out that the old musk goat did not run, but was interceding for the little musk goat! Su Wang didn’t care so much, so he raised the firecracker and aimed it at the little musk goat with a “bang” shot. The iron code was accurate. Passed through the eyes of the little musk goat. After a while, the little musk goat softened its legs and fell down.

At this time, the old musk goat on the rock jumped on both front feet. Kneeling down, with the tip of his mouth pressed against the ground, yelling “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”, looked up to the sky with a mournful cry, gave Su Wang a hateful look, turned and ran.

Su Wang only hates his own firecrackers for not being able to fire two shots in a row, and watched the old musk go away. However, if he hits the little musk, there are gains.

Just now Su Xiaolin saw the scene clearly. He stood there at this moment, not knowing what it was like in his heart.

Su Wang asked Su Xiaolin to mention the little musk goat, his eyes turned to the fire again A shot of iron was installed in the gun.

Su Xiaolin met and said, “Dad, you have fired a shot and killed a musk deer. Sheep, let’s go back! Handed the gun. “

Su Wang said: “No. Dad said that this was the last time to go to the mountain to fight fragrant deer, but he didn’t say that only one shot was shot. Not hitting that old fragrant deer, Dad felt awkward. “After speaking, he carried the firecrackers and walked forward. Su Xiaolin had to carry the little musk goat behind.

After walking not far, Su Wang heard that it was not far ahead. In the grass there, there was the rustle of the animal walking through, and I faintly saw the short white tail raised by the animal. Su Wang smiled. Today, the old musk goat is settled.

< br/> Finally, Su Wang found that the old musk leaped lightly into the small open field. The old musk faced Su Wang’sStaring in the direction, its red onyx-like eyes didn’t blink and seemed a little wet.

Su Wang’s heart jumped wildly, standing like this, the perfect opportunity came. As long as you pull the trigger gently, the iron can be shot in from its left eye and out of its right eye without hurting its fur. In this way, in addition to a good price for its musk, its fur is also a lot of money.

Su Wang was about to lift the firecrackers, but suddenly turned around. The devil put the firecrackers into Su Xiaolin’s hands and said: “A rare opportunity, you come to shoot. , Hit its eyes.” After speaking, he quietly walked away.

Su Xiaolin held the fire gun and hesitated. He didn’t know whether he should listen to his father. Shooting is too attractive to the descendants of his hunter. He has learned to shoot since he was 8 years old. At the age of 16, he had already practiced good marksmanship. At this time, his heart was beating wildly, and he kept comforting himself: he fired this shot, and after firing this shot, he handed it over to the hunting ban, and never went to the mountain to beat the musk goat.

Thinking like this, Su Xiaolin raised his eyes to look at his father, and saw that his father had crept around to the opposite side of the old musk goat. Su Xiaolin slowly raised the fire gun.

There was a loud “bang”. Su Xiaolin’s eardrums seemed to be deafened by the loud noise. He faintly heard a scream of “Ah”, but this “Ah” was definitely not made by the old musk goat. After Su Xiaolin understood it, he hurriedly threw away the firecrackers and ran over like crazy. He saw that the old musk had fallen to the ground, and the iron rod passed through its left eye and shot out from its right eye! Next to the old musk goat, his father was lying in a pool of blood, and the iron yard passed through the old musk goat’s head and then pierced his eyebrows!

“Dad, what’s wrong with you? How could this be?” Su Xiaolin cried, holding Su Wang’s head.

Su Wang spit out a mouthful of blood and said: “This old fragrant deer has become a sperm. It deliberately led me…”

“Dad, I’ll bandage you…”

“It’s useable, I can’t use it.” Su Wang grinned, but never smiled. In the dark, he felt that he should also leave a word to his son, so he said with difficulty: “Don’t fight the fragrant deer in the future, hand in the fire cock…” After speaking, he crowed to death.

“Dad──” There was a cry of distress from Phoenix Mountain…