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Why did Yin Yue Tai fail?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Chocolate Entertainment (ID: ylwanjia) , original title “Yin Yue Tai suspected of collapse, the final decade idol dream broken” by: He Tianyang, thematic map : Zhang Dou, founder of Yin Yue Tai (Visual China) Yin Yue Tai, the first stop of Hallyu in the memory of the post-80s and post-90s generations, is hard to resist the collapse of the “cold current” in.. Read More

Is the State Bank Switch worth 2099 yuan worth buying? It’s enough to watch this article

On December 4th, the rumored National Bank Nintendo Switch was finally officially released-Tencent and Nintendo were clearly prepared. Appointments were opened on the same day, and the game machine will be available as soon as the 10th. For domestic players, this is obviously an encouraging news, and the price of 2099 yuan with a one-year warranty is also quite sincere. The question is: “Is the National Bank Nintendo Switch worth.. Read More

Helping global brands do cross-border e-commerce services, “Flow” received US $ 37 million in Series B financing

Connect the world through e-commerce. According to foreign media reports, Flow has raised $ 37 million in Series B financing, led by New Enterprise Associates, and America Express Ventures and Latitude Ventures participated. Liza Landsman (NEA Venture Partner) will also join the Flow Board. The financing will be used to expand the marketing team and improve the product, especially a project it is developing-using AI technology to calculate taxes. Flow.. Read More

Intel wants to rely on “buy” to catch up with the times

Intel is planning another big acquisition. According to calcalistech Report a>, a person familiar with the matter revealed that Intel may be negotiating the acquisition of Israeli AI startup Habana Labs with a valuation between 1 billion and 2 billion US dollars. This will be Intel’s third acquisition of a large AI company after Movidius and Nervana in 2016. This is the second time Intel has acquired a technology company.. Read More

The secret weapon of Indonesia’s efficient food supply chain: high-quality ingredients, low-cost and technology-driven platforms

Companies that can bring significant benefits to traditional low-tech industries by establishing digital systems are reaping benefits by optimizing industry operating models. Editor’s note: This article is taken “practical operation guide business in Southeast Asia,” Chupin: it real Fund (ZhenFund), a joint Chupin: Golden Gate Ventures, author: Aswin Andrison ( STOQO co-founder and CEO ) . Everyone has their favorite local restaurant. In Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, there are.. Read More

November Education Industry Financing Report: Whose Money Goes Into?

This article is from the public number: Blackboard Insight (ID: heibandongcha) < / a> , author: black congregation, the original title, “Nov. education sector financing report: 45 companies Owned over 20 billion yuan, the major track entered the final stage》 Picture from: Visual China In November 2019, a total of 45 financing incidents occurred in the education industry, with total financing exceeding 2 billion. The largest financing was a strategic.. Read More

Interview with Picsew: Why is this long screenshot app that can “shell” start to be free?

Developers are the backbone of the mobile Internet ecosystem. They are tenacious and courageous. They adhere to the correct values ​​and believe that innovation can create value. AppSo is the same. We hope that those developers with valuable quality and their products with flash points can be seen by more people. AppSo invites outstanding developers every week to chat with them about interesting and moving stories in the process of.. Read More

“Guo Shi” Deng Jiaxian

The article is from the public number: The gimmick (ID: mantoutalk) < span class = "text-remarks">, author: bread masters, drawing from the title: Oriental IC. Apart from studying, I also have to study the “Four Books and Five Classics” by myself, so I have laid a solid foundation for Chinese studies. At the middle school, Deng Jiaxian was encouraged by his family to learn English and mathematics and physics well,.. Read More

He Jiankui’s manuscript exposure: how far is it from “gene editing babies” to “perfect humans”?

Read gene editing in one article. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Creation ” (ID: xingshu100), created by the author. The aftermath of “Gene Editing Babies” continues. At the end of November last year, a scientist from Shenzhen, China, He Jiankui announced that a pair of gene-edited babies named Lulu and Nana were born in China in November, causing a stir. Today, a year later, the.. Read More