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In order to save people, they once inserted pipes into other people’s “chrysanthemums”

Photo by Nhia Moua on Unsplash, this article is from WeChat public account: Nut (ID: Guokr42) , author: sheep to the poor A video has been circulated on the Internet: one stray dog ​​crosses the street, and the other stray dog ​​can only lick, smash, and even drag the companion’s body. Animal instincts let people see “truth, goodness, beauty,” and praise. However, if the protagonist is replaced by an adult,.. Read More

Winter in Hong Kong’s property market has arrived

This article is from WeChat public account: Interface News (ID: wowjiemian) Reporter: Ma Yifan, Intern Reporter: Tao Ting, picture from the movie poster” The Day After Tomorrow “ The 15-year-old super bull market has quietly faded, and the Hong Kong property market is going through a long winter. During the deterioration of the macroeconomic environment, the continuous social events and the stimulus from the property market, the transaction volume of.. Read More

Gathering at South Station: Desperate “Wandering”

This article is transferred from WeChat public account “ gun draft (ID: QiangGaooooo) “, author: On Yin, title figure: “South station party” stills. 1 In 1987, Director Zhou Xiaowen made a film “The Last Crazy”. This crime-themed film does not have too many complicated plots, and its main content can be described with only two words: “escape” and “chasing”. Many young viewers today may not even know about the existence.. Read More

There are not as many airports as airports. How should China’s regional aviation market develop?

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash, this article is from WeChat public account: Netease Air (ID: wyair163) , author: Henry Lin On December 6, the 2019 China Civil Aviation Regional Aviation Forum was held in Kunming. At the beginning of the forum, Hou Qingping, vice president of Yunnan Airport Group, provided a set of data. From 1986 to 2018, the China Civil Aviation mainline fleet expanded from 191 to 3261… Read More

Who “steal” our faces

This article is transferred from WeChat public account “ Xia Ke Island (ID: xiake_island) “, author: cloud song, title figure from the visual China. When I was staying in a hotel recently on a business trip, the front desk always asked me to verify the machine: when my face and the guy on the ID card successfully corresponded, I could check in. This scene is so familiar. I went to.. Read More

Jia Yueting: FF 91 will be mass-produced in China, and return to China after bankruptcy and reorganization is completed

, 608 “> FF U.S. headquarters test laboratory Source: FF official The recently launched partnership program has also become a key part of the FF financing plan. At the creditors’ meeting and after the hearing, Jia Yueting repeatedly emphasized with creditors that before submitting an application for personal bankruptcy and reorganization, he made a detailed calculation of the distribution of about 40% of his FF shares and his income rights:.. Read More

“Buy through train”: Restriction on purchase “unbundling” disturbs Guangdong property market

This article is transferred from WeChat public account “ China Economic Weekly (ID: ChinaEconomicWeekly) “, author: Luo Yun , Picture: Visual China. “What is the most expensive in the 21st century? Talent!” Ge You is making a comedy in the movie “A World Without Thieves”. On November 29, Foshan City, Guangdong Province issued a notice to improve the housing policy for talents, and to “loose” the purchase restriction policy to.. Read More

Why can Quick Hands be listed as the App of the Year by Apple? We re-experienced

After Apple announced the “AppStore 2019 Collection of the Year”, it was quickly selected as the annual trend app, and the comment area was quickly captured by surprise: Is there a fast way to select apps? Quick: Who am I? where am I? However, some readers expressed the opposite voice: What’s wrong? Spend half an hour and see how many people on your hands are telling the real life bad?.. Read More

How high is the ceiling for station B?

Tiger sniff: “Fate / Grand Order” (“FGO”) is a role-playing game released exclusively by bilibili in mainland China. The game allowed B station to realize its own further commercial exploration and played a key role in listing. However, the next “FGO” is yet to be seen. So, what should the B station do next in the game business? Did it reach its own ceiling?

End of riches: used car dealers and their lost rivers

Author | Real Story Projects Title Map | Visual China From 250,000 vehicles in 2000 to 13.82 million vehicles in 2018, the transaction volume of China’s second-hand car market increased by 55 times. The huge market prospects have attracted countless practitioners, such as sponges absorbing water. They have also caused many people to turn over several times, climbed to the top second-hand car dealers, and created the wealth myth of.. Read More