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Vaginal bleeding two days after having sex, what’s the matter?

Description of the problem: Two days after the same intercourse, the woman had vaginal bleeding, fresh blood, not much blood, no discomfortDate of the problem:2021-01-03 Patient information:Age: 20 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, this kind of bleeding after vaginal mucosa breakage or cervical erosion and bleeding should be considered . Guide suggestion: Now pay attention to whether there are symptoms such as increased vaginal discharge, peculiar smell, lower abdomen swelling.. Read More

Hello doctor, my daughter is 16 years old and she is in the first year of high school. She has been sleeping with her mouth open for a long time, listening

Problem description:Hello doctor, my daughter is 16 years old and she is in the first year of high school. She has been sleeping with her mouth open for a long time. I heard people say that she uses tape to stick to sleep at night. She has been stuck for more than half a year at night, and now she has just entered high school. First, due to the improper.. Read More

Leucorrhea yellow and non-menstrual bleeding with white sticky material

Problem description: About three weeks ago, after having sex with the vagina, there was a yellowish and white sticky material. Now the non-menstrual bleeding is when there is a little blood on the paper when wiping the buttocks.Question date:2021-01-03 Patient information:Age: 17 years old, Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:According to you Judging from the situation, the consideration is gynecological inflammation and increased leucorrhea. It is recommended to test the leucorrhea routinely. Recently,.. Read More

Yesterday afternoon, the staff put a lot of disinfectant tablets in the bath to disinfect and walked at night

Problem description: Yesterday afternoon, the staff put a lot of disinfection tablets in the bathhouse for disinfection. When I walked at night, I have been sneezing and runny nose, is it a bit poisoning?Problem Date: 2021-01-03 Patient information:Age: 33 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Except for the current situation In addition to colds, there are allergic rhinitis, so if you sneeze a lot, you need to drink some anti-allergic drugs,.. Read More

Guangguang Media Wang Changtian: Content companies rely too much on box office and should expand Internet copyright revenue

“Our content company is now overly dependent on the box office, and (in 2019) the box office is only over 60 billion, and some foreign films have to take away. How much can we share in China? But tens of billions of production are invested in a year Expenses cannot make ends meet.” On June 12, at the China Film Industry Summit Forum of the Shanghai Film Festival, Wang Changtian,.. Read More

Suspected kidney deficiency or endocrine disorders

Problem description: I have been working in a hotel and staying up all night for six days a month. I have recently felt that my hair loss is very serious. My hair is 1/3 less than before. I also suffer from insomnia at night and I was woken up. I can’t fall asleep, and it’s hard to fall asleep at night. I occasionally have dreams and my temper feels more.. Read More

I have a cerebral infarction and I can’t speak clearly, what’s the matter

Description of the problem: The old man has a cerebral infarction and suddenly cannot speak clearlyDate of the problem: 2021-01-03 Patient information: b>Age: 75 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: I suggest that the patient needs to go to the hospital for emergency treatment, and a CT scan of the head is required to determine the location of the infarction. Need to use medication under the guidance of a doctor. Guidance.. Read More

Menstruation comes on the 3rd, and the pregnancy rate is high on which days

Problem description: Hello doctor! I had menstruation on the 3rd, and had sex on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, and I am pregnant now, weakly positive, do you know which day the pregnancy rate is high in these few days?< br />Question date:2021-01-03 Patient information:Age: 37 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:< /b>Your current situation is difficult to tell, because your 11, 12, 13 and 3-day intervals are too close, which.. Read More

Knee pain, difficulty squatting, human leukocyte antigen B27 positive

Problem description: Knee pain, difficulty in squatting, human leukocyte antigen B27 positiveQuestion date:2021-01-03 Patient Information: Age: 48 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: According to your test results, the antibody is positive and there are symptoms, difficulty in squatting, these pains, preliminary Consider rheumatoid arthritis. Guide suggestion: It is recommended to eat celecoxib. In addition, if it is particularly serious, you need to use glucocorticoids for treatment. You can also reduce.. Read More

Skin pruritus, bleeding points easily appear when scratched, redness and swelling all over the body after applying urea

Problem description: The skin is itchy, and bleeding points are prone to appear as soon as you scratch it. After applying urea, the whole body is red, swollen, dry and peeling, painful and itchy, what to doProblem date:2021-01-02 Patient information:Age: 35 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: There are symptoms of skin itching at present, this is It may be caused by allergies.Guide and suggestion: At present, loratadine can be used.. Read More