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Stomach pain feels stomach tumbling, what medicine should I take

Problem description: Stomach pain, feeling the stomach is rolling, headaches are particularly vomitingProblem date: 2021-01-04 Patient information :Age: 18 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to your description, this kind of symptom can not be ruled out the possibility of intracranial disease? Guide and suggestion: It is recommended that the patient go to the neurology department of the hospital for a head CT scan, and treat the symptoms after a.. Read More

I would like to ask if Abbott Lactulose Oral Liquid and Elevit Folic Acid Tablets can be eaten together

Question description: I would like to ask if Abbott Lactulose Oral Liquid and Elevit Folic Acid Tablets can be taken togetherQuestion date: 2021-01-04 Patient information:Age: 26 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: These two drugs can be used together, but it is best to stagger for more than two hours. Guide and suggestion: The combined use of these two drugs generally has no effect, so there is no need to worry… Read More

Hello, doctor, baby is 2 years old, carbon monoxide poisoning, value 12.9

Problem description: Hello, doctor, the baby is 2 years old, with carbon monoxide poisoning, the value is 12.9, the child has fallen, and I am not sure if he has fallen over his head. It has been 24 hours since the time of the fall. It’s abnormal. It’s okay to eat. It’s very lively. Now I’m hospitalized for infusion, inhaled ordinary oxygen, and I got pneumonia after taking a chest.. Read More

My mother has a compression fracture of the lumbar vertebrae. I would like to ask if it can be treated conservatively.

Problem description: My mother has a compression fracture of the first lumbar vertebra. I would like to ask if it can be treated conservatively. I can walk but it is painful. And she has diabetes and her blood sugar is a little high. Question date:2021-01-04 Patient information:Age: 49 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Whether the patient can walk down and whether there are symptoms of numbness or weakness in the.. Read More

Itchy bumps on the scrotum

Problem description:Hello doctor, I have some itchy bumps on my scrotum. It is not itchy during the day and itchy at night. There is also a bump on the penis skin that caused the swelling. There are also several marks left after the swelling is reduced. The treatment of scabies nodules was ineffective, and then the eczema treatment was ineffective.Date of problem: 2021-01-04 Patient information: Age: 44 years old Gender:.. Read More

Raised nails, history of trauma, causes of raised nails

Problem description: There is a bag in the middle of the left middle finger nail. Now the fingernail has bulged up to the thickness of 2 nails. What is causing this? I was severely bitten by a cat two months ago. I had more than 20 stitches in my left arm. During this period, I was given rabies nursery and human immunoglobulin. Until now, the wound still feels painful. It.. Read More

I recently felt that the left nostril inhalation is a bit pungent and a bit runny, and the left eye has

Problem description: I recently felt that the left nostril inhalation is a bit pungent and a bit runny, the left eye is a bit watery, the left face is hot and red, the right nostril and the right eye are all good. The right cheek is not hot, but the left cheek is a little hot, and I keep sneezing a few times when I sleep. Question date:2021-01-04 Patient information:Age:.. Read More

The newborn baby added milk powder, first scalded the glass bottle with boiling water, then poured it out, then

Problem description: Newborns add milk powder, first scald the glass baby bottle with boiling water, and then pour it out, then use 50℃ water to scald the glass baby bottle with boiling water. Milk powder, will the nutritional value of milk powder be lost? ? ? Question date:2021-01-04 Patient information:Age: 10 days Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, there will be no impact. Pay attention to.. Read More

What should I do if my stomach is angry?

Problem description: In the past two weeks, I found that I was always farting, more than 10 an hour, especially during the period from night to bed after dinner.Date of problem: b>2021-01-04 Patient information:Age: 37 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:According to the medical history and symptoms you describe If you look at it, consider it to be chronic colitis flatulence.Guide suggestion: It is recommended to keep warm, not cold and.. Read More

Can I drink alcohol after eating cold heat-clearing granules?

Question description: Can I drink alcohol after eating Ganmao Qingre Granules?Question date: 2021-01-04 Patient information:Age: 35 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: All cold Chinese medicines are not suitable for drinking after drinking, because drinking during the cold will aggravate cold symptoms. At the same time, drinking alcohol Will reduce the efficacy of the drug. No matter from which way you should not drink alcohol. Guidelines: This does not mean that.. Read More