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Frontline | Chen Xiaohua stepped down as chief strategy officer of 58 City, focusing on 58-to-home business development

Both the board of directors and company executives have new changes. On the evening of April 13th, the official website of 58 City (WUBA.US) announced the latest personnel changes. First of all, a member of the company ’s senior management, Chen Xiaohua stepped down as the chief strategy officer (CSO) of 58 Tongcheng and will focus on the development of 58 Daojia. The post of CSO is concurrently held by.. Read More

The “oil war” under the epidemic is over?

The title picture is from Visual China, this article is from the WeChat public account: Look Wang Think Tank (ID: zhczyj) < / span> , Text: Zhang Longxing (Director of Oil Business Unit, Shanghai Oil and Gas Exchange Center), Editor: Dai Lili OPEC + finally reached a historic production reduction plan on the evening of April 12. The OPEC + meeting that began on April 9 did n’t settle until.. Read More

Economic reference: Large-scale infrastructure is an effective way to expand domestic demand, old infrastructure is as important as new infrastructure

The global pandemic of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has brought great disaster to China and the world. At present, China has seen encouraging turning points and hopes. Not only has it basically controlled the spread of the epidemic, but it has gradually resumed production since March. But there have been some discussions on what measures and methods should be taken to restore and revitalize the economy. Some people suggested.. Read More

IBM makes seawater batteries, “disrupting” the lithium battery industry

See you in a year. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Brain polar body” (ID: unity007) , author Hai strange. The new energy vehicle industry has really entered an eventful spring! The spread of the New Crown epidemic has caused the entire automotive industry, including of course new energy vehicles, to fall into a huge risk of declining production and sales. And under the state’s “new.. Read More

Military newspaper article: be wary of US performing “enclosure movement” on the moon

Recently, US President Trump signed an order called “International Support Guarantee for the Exploitation and Use of Space Resources”, which established the United States ’policy of exploiting and utilizing space resources such as the moon and asteroids. Other celestial bodies are not common human wealth. Undoubtedly, the United States is actively working to return to the moon, and attempts to “privatize” space have become more apparent. At present, the strategic.. Read More

A brief history of Wi-Fi

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay, this article comes from WeChat public account: fresh date classroom (ID: xzclasscom) < / a> , author: jujube Jun In 1896, the Italian Galileo Marconi realized the first radio communication in human history. Since then, humans have opened the door to the radio world. Galilmo Marconi (1874-1937) The radio telegraph at that time used a spark gap transmitter (spark-gap transmitter) , the content of.. Read More

The main new drink for young women, “Drunken Flower Pavilion” cuts into the Huaguo Wine Market from the offline tavern

Drinking a small drink has become a new way of life for modern women. The fruit wine market is developing rapidly. The CBNData report shows that consumers’ acceptance of fruit wine has continued to increase. In the past two years the growth rate of consumption amount has been above 50%. Among them, women are the main consumers of fruit wine. Drinking a little bit has become a new lifestyle for.. Read More

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Virus tracing is difficult, and the origin of many diseases in history is still a mystery

The new coronavirus is spreading around the world. Everyone wants to know, where does this virus come from? The job of finding the source of a disease-causing virus is called “virus tracing.” “This is not just to satisfy curiosity, but more importantly, it is of great significance to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Finding the source of the virus and understanding how the pathogen develops into A human-causing.. Read More

Qingdao’s release of restrictions on sales for a limited time again raises doubts about the “loose property market”, the housing is still not the bottom line

Under the epidemic, every move in the property market touches people’s hearts. Recently, the “Qingdao Online Real Estate” website co-sponsored by the Qingdao Real Estate Registration Center and the Qingdao City Housing Trading Center released the “2020 Qingdao One-Day Ten Thousand Shops Consumer Season Online Housing Exhibition” activity rules. This time there are many adjustments in policies, especially It is related to the adjustment of the purchase restriction policy and.. Read More

SAIC stall

Sales fell by one million units, and profits fell by more than 10 billion. What’s wrong with a Chinese automaker? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “car stuff” (ID: chedongxi) , author Bear. SAIC Group is in a “dangerous” situation. As the largest auto sales group in China’s auto market, SAIC has maintained rapid growth for 13 consecutive years since 2006. In 2018, the group won.. Read More