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Bloodied of toilet paper: Buddies

Recently, because of insomnia, Wen Li has been lackluster recently, and her dark circles have become more and more obvious. When a colleague asked her if something happened, Wen Li always sighed helplessly, and finally remained silent. After work that day, Wen Li returned to her home as usual and cooked her meals. After eating, she didn’t wash the bowls, so she lay on the sofa with her tired body.. Read More

Mountain god bless Grandma Author: Buddies

Management department. For the first time, I saw the resume of the teacher in that school and asked my colleague, “Do you know him?” The colleague said, “You don’t know? He has been a model teacher in our province, but he has been very sick for one year. Seriously, after staying in the hospital for more than half a year, we almost thought we were in danger of life. I.. Read More

Viewing the weakness of Chinese industry from Michelin

In the course of the industry, it has a small-scale but the world’s highest level of processing technology. Even if Japanese semiconductor manufacturers lose the number one position in the world, small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of semiconductor materials and semiconductor manufacturing equipment still maintain the world’s highest level of technology and occupy a high share of the world. (data map) In the manufacturing technology of semiconductors and.. Read More

Guimu thoughts Author: Fifi

He has been muddled in the past few days. Three days ago, his mother died of cancer rescue. On this day, his family of three sat at the only small dining table at home and drank without the joy and laughter of the past. Suddenly, there was a strange wind in the house, and then there were three strange shadows outside the door. The two sides can be seen indistinctly,.. Read More

For 400 years of addiction, how far are we from the “toothless”?

/165144806624.jpg?imageView2/2/w/1000/format/jpg/interlace/1/q/85″ data-w=”493″ data-h=”611″> Why sugar is 8 times more addictive to cocaine and 5 times more likely to die, but can legally plunder wealth? Today, let’s talk about it, Sugar, this wealth-making “perpetual motion machine” is how to “abduct” the 400-year history of the world while taking us Into a “toothless era”. 1. “No tooth” European nobility In the early decades of the 21st century, the obesity problem caused by.. Read More

Forget to drink Meng Po soup and be an infatuated ghost

It was a night not long ago, I was bored, turned on the computer, and was ready to chat with my friends to pass the time. While browsing the information of friends, I inexplicably found a strange name called “To the river splashing soup” I was wondering, “Pour soup into the river” and I started a conversation, “Shall we not go to Yanlin’s party tonight?”, Yanlin? Oops, I said why.. Read More

IT and IoT operation and maintenance management service provider “Using Technology” received 180 million yuan in B+ financing, extending from visualization to digital twins

We have served more than a thousand head customers We learned that U-Tech announced today that it has completed 180 million yuan of B+ financing, led by Broadband Capital and Chenshan Capital. Previously, U-Tech had received 120 million yuan of round B financing at the end of 2017. The investor was Yunfeng Fund. After this round of financing, the total amount of financing of Series B and B+ of Youshen.. Read More

Tesla’s self-driving is accused of false propaganda. Where does Musk’s confidence come from?

This article comes from the WeChat public account:AI frontline (ID: ai-front) , author: Dongmei, original title “Tesla autopilot accused of false propaganda, Musk: we are based on aircraftTian Industrial is named, what’s wrong? “, the picture from: Visual China Tesla’s accused of autonomous driving is a false propaganda Recently, the German court banned Tesla from using the words “Autopilot” or “Full Autopilot” on its website and other advertisements. Tesla CEO.. Read More

Scarlet | Fragrance Author: telekinesis

“Euthanasia” refers to dying without pain and sorrow under the stimulation of drugs-inscription “It is said that the highest state of “euthanasia” was developed by a court doctor in the middle of the Tang Dynasty. It is a “dark fragrance” olfactory drug. It can make people lose their hearing and vision, but at the same time they can produce hallucinations-seeing things they did not know before they died and want.. Read More

Domestic cat Author: Pillows people

Shi Huai hasn’t seen Li Sheng in a long time. It’s been 2 years since I last saw him. Receiving Li Sheng’s invitation this time, Shi Huai couldn’t help but feel excited. He thought about how Li Sheng was different from before. Li Sheng said to him on the phone that he now rents a small bungalow cheaply outside the company. He is usually lonely and adopts a big black.. Read More