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CISA plans to establish an iron ore Working Committee: strengthen the research on major issues related to iron ore

As a big steel country, China has entered a new stage in attaching importance to the upstream raw material iron ore resources of the industry. According to the official website of China Iron and Steel Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as “CISA”), recently, CISA held a meeting of executive directors to consider and adopt the proposal on the establishment of an iron ore Working Committee< Br > < div class=.. Read More

Hangzhou: when a family with three children purchases their first home, the first loan limit of the provident fund can be increased by up to 20%

On August 1, Hangzhou housing provident fund management center issued the notice on matters related to the implementation of preferential housing provident fund policies for three child families (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which mentioned that if a three child family purchases the first ordinary self occupied house and applies for housing provident fund loans for the first time, the loan amount can be determined by floating 20% of.. Read More

Investigation | long term rent in hotels: it is a “new consumption trend”, but also an industry self-help

In recent days, the topic of long-term hotel rental has increasingly appeared in various social media, which has even become the lifestyle of some young people< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > according to China news service, a post-90s youth who has worked in Shenzhen for five years has rented a hotel for two years. In his opinion, hotels can not only meet the requirements.. Read More

Liquidity outlook in August: can the overnight capital interest rate of about 1% continue

After the liquidity continued to be loose in July and dr001 once fell below 1%, how long can the current overnight capital interest rate of about 1% continue and how to continue the medium-term lending facility in August become the focus of market attention< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > Andersen securities expects that the net financing scale of government bonds will increase in August,.. Read More

Qianshan City, Anhui Province: farmers who voluntarily quit their homestead and went to the city to buy houses and settle down will be given a purchase reward of 50000 yuan

On July 31, the news learned from the people’s Government of Qianshan City, Anhui province that in recent years, the housing reform project in Qianshan city has been promoted and the real estate market has developed rapidly, but since the beginning of 2021, the real estate market has shown a trend of high house prices and a sharp decline in transaction volume. On July 25, 11 departments in Qianshan City,.. Read More

What about traditional engineering cooling? Academician Zhu Hehua: there is an urgent demand for intelligent construction talents in China

new engineering courses related to” intelligence “and” big data “are hot, while traditional engineering courses are cold? This enrollment season, after some science and engineering colleges and universities announced their filing scores in some provinces and cities, this phenomenon quickly attracted social attention. < / div > in many colleges and universities, the enrollment scores of civil engineering, construction, machinery and other traditional engineering majors fluctuate. Some analysts believe that.. Read More

New trends of China’s inter provincial population mobility: an interpretation based on the data of the seventh census

Inter provincial migration is the most concerned content in the analysis of population flow direction. Where the floating population comes from, where it goes, and what changes it has in different stages have always been the focus of public discussion and academic research< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > in the past few decades, there have been several major changes in the flow of population.. Read More

Interpretation | manufacturing PMI returned to the critical point in July, and insufficient market demand is the main difficulty

China’s manufacturing PMI fell below the critical point again after rebounding in June< Br > < div class= "contheight" > < / div > on July 31, the data released by the National Bureau of statistics showed that the Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) was 49.0% in July, down 1.2 percentage points from the previous month, and the manufacturing boom level fell somewhat; The non manufacturing business activity index was.. Read More