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Starbucks “heartfelt” thanks Ruixing

The fusion of coffee, stores, desserts, and brands creates the Starbucks coffee business. In fact, the restaurant industry is the same. Do you think you go to the restaurant to eat, people sell you only meals? It is a comprehensive product of environment, service, cooking and unique experience. Otherwise, why is it that today, for the same dish, the price of restaurant dishes is at least 3 times more expensive.. Read More

Didi’s Hello Men’s Business

Produced | Tiger Sniff Business Group Author | Li Ling It’s been more than two months since Didi launched the errands business. At the end of May, Hello was exposed to trial operation of the errands business in Dongguan and Foshan. Hello responded to Tiger Sniff that the Hello errand project is called “Hello Express”, which is the “Employer” project tested by the Hello Pratt & Whitney Car Division, which.. Read More

Every year N provinces own body: to stay in the front line, or to return home?

The title map is from Visual China, this article is fromWeChat public account: DT Finance (ID: DTcaijing)< / a> , author: Dai Zhong, editor: Ami, Xiao Tang, design: Qi Zhen There is a very old stalk: every Spring Festival, Mary, Vivian, and David of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have become the hometown of Cuihua, Dani, and Ergouzi. Big cities not only allow people who come here to admire their English.. Read More

For the first time, human cells achieve controllable and reversible transparency, showing the internal dynamic process of living cells

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, June 2nd, according to the British “Nature·Communications” magazine published a biotechnology research on the 2nd, an American research team said that for the first time in the laboratory, it successfully transformed human cells into controllable and reversible Transparent. This achievement contributes to the development of unique biophotonic tools in materials science and bioengineering, and greatly advances the thorough understanding of various biological systems. Although many.. Read More

How to change the deep reform of the science and technology board | The first order of the merger and acquisition has passed the review, and the refinancing rules will be released soon

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the opening of the Science and Technology Board, a series of deepening reform measures have been put on the agenda. Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that in order to better play the financing function of the Science and Technology Board, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will increase the “capital supply” of the Science and Technology Board and build a more Efficient mergers.. Read More

8:1 Krypton | Pinduoduo responds to “second listing”: There are no secondary listing plans; Netease’s public offering has oversubscribed more than 43 times on the first day; Space X has raised more than US$500 million in the past three months

WeChat Pay: publish the “National Small Shop Fireworks Program” for small and micro businesses. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; Large companies Pin Duoduo responds to “secondary listing”: there is no secondary listing plan yet I was informed that on the evening of June 2nd, there was an “exclusive news” that Pinduoduo would determine to return to Hong Kong for a secondary listing, and said that CICC was one of its.. Read More

“Pixel level” plagiarized TikTok’s Indian app, only lived for 50 days

This article comes from the WeChat public account:ID:passagegroup , author: SURVEYING, original title is “clone TikTok bursts of Mitron, lived only 50 days” On May 30th, Mitron, a short video of cloned TikTok, topped the list of free downloads in India and received 5 million downloads in just one month. While Indian netizens are proud of this Indian-made app, the Indian media pointed out that Mitron is actually a code.. Read More

Ali responds to the shrinking of content internationalization strategy: firmly explore and develop overseas business

Alibaba’s innovative business group responded to the “contracting strategy of content internationalization”. On June 2, it was reported that Alibaba (NYSE:BABA, 09988.HK) cut off overseas businesses such as UC News, and the content internationalization strategy has shrunk. Among them, UC News announced internally last week that it would cease operations, the original team was fully integrated into Ali Health, and Ali’s overseas short video product VMate will also reduce staff.. Read More