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I have a slightly larger lymph node under my armpit. Does this matter?

Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): May I ask the doctor what are the problems with my examination reports These high and low inspection data and ct show what problems What should I pay attention to again? I have a slightly larger lymph node under my armpit. Does this matter? 1. I always feel that there is pain in the right rib area. Take.. Read More

Medical and health industry weekly report | Zhenhe Technology completes more than 1 billion yuan of E round financing; chronic disease Internet follow-up fees will be included in medical insurance

Medical and health industry weekly report, industry news that deserves attention this week. In recent years, innovations in the medical and health industry have continued to emerge and have developed into one of the most active industries, witnessing and accompanying the growth of innovative companies in this field, and bringing professional voices to the industry. For this reason, the “Medical and Health Industry Weekly Report” was launched, which will be.. Read More

The short story

A vocalist came at a crowded intersection, surrounded by audiences. My friends and I had a hard time squeezing to the front. The singer wrote a few lines with chalk on the ground, to the effect that his wife died of illness and had no money to bury, so he could only sell the singer and earn some money to settle his wife’s affairs. He was playing the guitar, holding.. Read More

I always have heel pain after walking a long distance recently, what should I do?

Problem description: There is no previous symptom and no trauma. After walking for four or five kilometers recently, there is pain in the middle and back of the left foot, no swelling and pain on the outside, and the symptoms become lighter after rest. I still feel pain after exerciseQuestion date:2020-09-14 Patient information:Age: 41 years old Gender: Female< b>Problem analysis: Hello, according to your description, it may be Achilles tendinitis… Read More

Child on tummy

When I was in junior high school, I had a close classmate named Xu Hongliang. His home is not very far from ours, so we usually go home together after school. It just so happened that we were in the same duty group. After finishing the duty, we naturally went home together again. The building where my house is located is the first building facing the street. There are rows.. Read More

Weakness in the shoulders and necks, resulting in fatigue and fatigue in the arms

Problem description: A 27-year-old man often feels fatigued in his shoulders and necks, which leads to fatigue in his arms. However, when he is tired, he will get better if he massages his shoulders and necks. ? What kind of disease is this? Question date:2020-09-14 Patient information:Age: 27 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: In this case, we must first rule out the possibility of cervical spondylosis. Guide suggestion: It is.. Read More


1. Strange diary I am a Chinese teacher in elementary school. It is my job to review students’ diaries every day. Due to time, I simply write “excellent” in my diary every time, and don’t read it carefully. But this day, I opened a diary, and the first diary caught my attention. March 12, 2015, Wednesday, the weather is eye-catching Today, my father beat my mother again. When my father.. Read More

She had a clean menstruation on August 8, and went to the hospital for an examination today. A blood test showed pregnancy.

Problem description: On August 8th, menstruation was clean. I went to the hospital for an examination today. The blood test showed pregnancy. B-ultrasound showed pregnancy in the uterus, but the progesterone was very low. The doctor prescribed Antai pills and progesterone capsules. , I said I’ll check again after 10 days, I’m more worried about the abortionQuestion date: 2020-09-14 Patient information: Age: 25 Age and Gender: FemaleProblem Analysis: Hello, according.. Read More

Moving sarcophagus

1. Missing The half-crazy and half-silly Lao Qu disappeared, just after he came to our store to eat a few rice dumplings! Lao Qu’s wife likes to eat zongzi very much. After his wife disappeared, Lao Qu went half crazy, but still came to my store to eat zongzi from time to time. When Lao Qu disappeared, two strange outsiders came to my shop, and they told me to take.. Read More

It has been two and a half months since I hit the nail with a broken finger. Can I pull the nail now? Present

Description of the problem: It has been two and a half months after nailing a broken finger. Can the nail be pulled now? Now the little finger feels numb and sore after cramping. Question date:2020-09-14 Patient information:Age: 33 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to your description, if the surgery is fixed, it can be removed in about 6 weeks. Guiding suggestion: If it is two months now, it.. Read More