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How does Apple revive revenue with new products after lowering expectations?

The new coronavirus has a great impact on technology companies, even Apple, one of the Silicon Valley giants, Also had to adjust the March camp in the financial report Close expectations. There are two reasons for adjusting expectations, but both are butterfly effects brought about by viruses. Delayed construction and store sales will cause sales obstacles Affected by the virus, Apple’s supply chain companies and foundries in China are all.. Read More

A micro-business transnational mask business: touring multiple countries, one order 10 million

g-desc “> Screenshot of contract text. Image source: contract text provided by Cheng Yuan Accounts can be transferred from public to public, and each mask costs 0.1 yuan Now, every order Cheng Cheng promotes, he requires the buyer to sign a contract with the company, which can avoid risks on the one hand and protect his own income on the other. In his circle of friends, there was a note:.. Read More

What do people who are unwilling to get vaccinated think?

Measles, an infectious disease that once disappeared from the earth, has made a comeback in the United States in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country has diagnosed a total of 1,282 cases of measles throughout the year. It was the worst year for measles outbreak since 1992. ▲ The number of people diagnosed with measles in the United States over the years.. Read More

Is the spring of online real estate coming?

In recent years, from the standardization of data to the onlineization of experience, to the intelligentization of services, online products represented by shell VR home viewing and VR belt viewing are increasingly being used by more and more people. In February of this year, during the national epidemic prevention at home, Sun Qian, an auspicious billion broker, completed an online lease contract at home, which was his first billing in.. Read More

2020, WeChat for All

Fighting groups is just the initial stage, live broadcast, distribution, return point, business for all. This article comes from “Shen Xiang” ‘s new media “baokuanfaze”, which focuses on consumer and marketing. “Today you ignore my love, tomorrow I can’t afford you to climb high.” I am afraid no one will think before 2020 that this famous saying will one day be fulfilled in Weishang. During the Spring Festival, the epidemic.. Read More

Volunteer drivers in Wuhan: strength and weakness

Production | Tiger Sniff Business Group Author | Li Ling Edit | Fang Yu Picture source | Volunteer Hu Jianbin 12:30 in the morning, the driver Feng Xiaobo just returned home. Before entering the door, he took off his disposable protective clothing and performed a thorough disinfection because he had to wear it tomorrow morning. He has been wearing this dress for several days in a row, and this can.. Read More

Musk launches “Space Tour” package: 4 passengers have been signed, the reference price is over $ 52 million

Around the ground on the 5th, the flying height will break records. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “The machine can” (ID: almosthuman2017) , of: Liqin. Following the “self-explosive” rocket worth 340 million yuan, and verifying SpaceX’s successful test of the spacecraft’s escape capability, Elon Musk’s manned “Space Tour” program has made new progress. SpaceX under Musk announced that it will send up to 4 passengers into.. Read More

The ambitions of the institutions behind “Li Jiaqi”: tens of thousands of square meters of “live room” is on the rise

Behind anchors such as Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, there are a large number of institutions that build and maximize the commercial value of anchors. In the process of pursuing profits, their appetite and ambitions are getting larger and larger, and the model of anchoring goods is connecting more resources. Editor’s note: This article comes from Daily Economic News , Published with permission. Author | Ye Xiaodan, Zhang Xiaoyin, Shen.. Read More

Resistant disease will also worsen? Probably because of cytokine storms

This article comes from WeChat public account: Fruit Shell (ID: Guokr42) , author: Gu Chenguang Most of the severe cases of new coronary pneumonia are elderly people or patients with other chronic underlying diseases, but there are also some people who are usually in good health and the disease progresses quickly, even life-threatening. A recent study published in The Lancet pointed out that the levels of cytokines in patients with.. Read More