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Pepsi took Le Xiang home and smoked cash red envelopes in Hong Nian. Pro test 1 yuan second push Black number is not allowed to participate

WeChat search applet: Pepsi brings home music and generates panoramas according to the guidelines! Click the red envelope in the upper right corner to win the lottery, not necessarily! The editor has won a $ 1 cash red envelope in a personal test. The black number is not allowed to participate, and the winning second will be pushed! WeChat Mini Program: Pepsi brings home music          .post-content {font-size: 15px; font-family:.. Read More

In memory of Christensen: How do you measure your life?

Source: Green Proton, author: Clayton Christensen (Clayton Christensen), the famous management guru thought, Harvard Business School professor, Typography: Dai Weiwei, Proofreading: Mumu January 23, 2020, local time, Clayton Christensen, a well-known master of management thought and a professor at Harvard Business School (Clayton Christensen ) died of illness at the age of 67. In 2010, Clayton Christensen, who has been diagnosed with lymphoma, was invited to give a lecture to.. Read More

How does a 24 frame movie look like 60 frames?

An interesting point in the age of social media is that whoever is more aggressive and who speaks louder and louder will take the lead in public opinion. Xiaomi, an internet-born, naturally understands this. However, in the TV field, Xiaomi TV has always been in a situation where there is no direct opponent, so it has been relatively quiet. Huawei and Honor’s entry last year seemed like a catalyst, so.. Read More

72-hour full record: I witnessed the “transnational epidemic” on the K3 train

This article is from WeChat public account: New Weekly (ID: new-weekly) , author: Lu Chih fees, title figure: K3 train / courtesy of The K3 train appears to be passing calmly through a leafy boat of the new pneumonia storm. It seems to be completely isolated from the endangered epidemic in China, but it is constantly beaten by information and public opinion about its destiny. When the virus ran rampantly.. Read More

Some radon can be avoided

This article is from WeChat public account: Zhang is the (ID: zi-liu-di) , author: Zhang is the For the Chinese New Year, everyone wants peace and happiness, and to catch up with this epidemic, no one expected that the situation would change in such a few days. In Shandong, many villages have already dispatched their staff to guard the village entrance. People outside the village can hardly get in. In.. Read More

A letter from Kobe to 17 years old himself!

On July 21, 2015, Kobe Bryant published a “Write to Young One” essay on the Players’ Tribune (TPT), and wrote what he wanted to say about his youth. What you say. Dear 17-year-old self: Tomorrow you will realize your Lakers dream and you need to find a way to invest in your future friends and family. This sounds simple. You may think that this does not require thinking about your.. Read More

Kuaishou, WeChat, Alipay, Uber, Didi, Douyin: How is the situation of the Spring Festival war?

How many of these hundreds of millions of projects have you participated in? Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Deep Sound “(ID: deep-echo) , author Yimin. Core points The outbreak of pneumonia has disrupted many companies’ original marketing plans, but the pace of competition will not stop.   The famous Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Goat will send WeChat payment to China’s top.. Read More

How will the pneumonia outbreak affect macroeconomics and capital markets?

This article is authorized to reprint from WeChat: Suning wealth of information (ID: SuningWealthInsights) , author: Suning Institute of Finance Researchers Tao Jin, Gu Huijun, Shi Xujian, picture title: Tencent News The pneumonia epidemic is urgent and will have a certain impact on the macro economy. In the short term, supply factors such as labor and capital will shrink due to the direct and indirect effects of the epidemic… Read More

Homecoming: Crazy “Meal Delivery” Class

Introducing, You only need to rent a three-bedroom, two-living house in the community, and you can host a “meal delivery” class of about 50 people. There are usually three teachers in this kind of “meal-sending” class, and only one of them needs to have a teacher qualification certificate. Many teachers in the “meal-sending” class are recruited from the students who are studying in the nearby colleges and universities. The scale.. Read More

Comet Dialogue with Kohei: Why Kobe Is Great

This article comes from WeChat public account: poison eyes (ID: youhaoxifilm), author | Jiang Yuqi, Wu Yinan In June 2017, the US sports media “Sports Memorandum” listed a list of “25 most hated athletes in history” in history, including 6 NBA players, including various controversial news-ridden Rodman and others. And among all the selected NBA players, the top (14th) is Kobe Bryant, who has just retired for a year-“the hatred.. Read More