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Sing your own song

In 1976, Taiwan. Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences (now Tamkang University) has a folk song meeting, “Father of Taiwanese folk songs” Hu Defu was invited Appearance. As a result, on the eve of the stage, Mr. Hu took his girlfriend to eat hot pot, fought with the gangster, and was seriously injured. Hu had to entrust his friend Li Shuangze to sing on behalf of him.

Li Shuangze just returned from wandering abroad, and no one expected him to do something. As soon as I came to the stage, I asked the classmate who sang English songs in front of me, why are you a Chinese who sing foreign songs?

On the same day, Li also specially prepared a Coca-Cola, and he was full of anger and said: I was abroad, drinking Coca-Cola, and singing English songs. Now when I come back to Taiwan, I still drink Coca-Cola and sing English songs. where?

After that, I threw the Coke bottle to the ground and said angrily:

“We are going to sing our own song!”

Splashes of glass frightened classmates. In a raging boo, Li Shuangze ignored the choking sound, finished singing the local ballad “Mupaiwang”, and walked away. This night, the smashed Coke bottle and the surprised faces became an important turning point in the history of Chinese music. Known as the “Tamkang Incident” in history.

Although there are later researches, Li didn’t take any Coke bottles, but angrily dropped a glass, but the phrase “sing your own song” was so deafening that countless young people woke up and picked up the guitar to create.

Li Shuangze and Li Shuangze Monument

One year before the Coke bottle was smashed, at Taipei’s Zhongshan Hall, National Taiwan University singer Yang Xian sang more