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Find a house to get married

  Zhang Yichao bought a small apartment and found a decorator named Zhao Erzhu to start decorating the apartment.   After the renovation started, Zhang Yichao went to the scene to watch it several times. He saw that Zhao Erzhu was very serious, the quality was good, and he was very satisfied. The two people became familiar with each other, and the words became more casual. On this day, Zhang Yichao saw.. Read More

A good man in the eyes of a woman

  A gentleman was waiting for the green light at the crossroads. Then a beggar came and knocked on the car window and said, “Give me some money.” Mr.    looked at it and said, “Give you a cigarette.”   Beggar: “I don’t smoke, just give me some money.” Mr.   : “I have beer in my car, I’ll give you a bottle.”    Beggar: “I don’t drink, just give me some money.”.. Read More

I went in after I took off my clothes.

  Li Jia and Manager B are good friends, and one day, they get together.    Manager B saw that Manager A was frustrated and asked what happened.    Manager A sighed: “Yesterday was my birthday. My female secretary asked me to go to her house to celebrate my birthday.”    “Isn’t that great?”    “When she arrived at her house, she asked me to wait for a while in the.. Read More

Fat lose weight

  The fat man Lewis, weighing 120 kg, has tried every possible means to lose weight over the years, but unfortunately it has no effect, he feels very distressed in his heart, and feels that life is not fun, looking for short-sightedness. Later, he heard from a friend that there was a Merlot weight loss center in the city, and the effect was extraordinary. The center manager warmly received Lewis and.. Read More

Lao Niu’s music career

Although most researchers do not hesitate to attribute Lao Niu to the ranks of writers, there are still many people who believe that such a simple classification method will undoubtedly obliterate Lao Niu’s amazing accomplishments in music and unparalleled in music Outstanding contribution.   Compared with Lao Niu’s literary experience, Lao Niu’s music career is much earlier, and can even be traced back to the first day of Lao Niu’s arrival.. Read More

Lost chicken

   Guizi has booked a pro, and the woman will come to see the portal today, and your daughter will get up early in the morning and be busy with Zhang Luo. Don’t want to be just past 10 o’clock in the morning, the neighbor’s fat aunt suddenly scolded people. Her family lost a chicken last night and didn’t notice when she got up in the morning. In the past,.. Read More

Can’t do it, thanks

  In the autumn of 1934, Hu Shi praised the merits of the vernacular Chinese during his lecture at Peking University. A classmate protested: “Mr. Hu, I think the vernacular is not good, and the language is not refined. If you use the telegram, you use more words and spend more money.” Hu Shi explained softly, “Not necessarily! A friend of the Executive Yuan called me a few days ago and.. Read More

2 such as elephants and painters

   A singer, an actor and a painter are surrounded by a group of elephants. The headed elephants let them perform their talents. The singer sang a beautiful song, and the elephants were satisfied and let him go. The actor performed a hilarious play, and the elephants looked very happy and let him go. The painter quickly drew a picture for them. After watching the painting, the elephant was furious,.. Read More


What kind of things do I grow worse than my brother?   Recently, Shi Xiaoshan received a letter of acceptance from the university. His mother asked him to go to his uncle and second uncle in the country and spend a few days each to completely relax.   The uncle of Shishan called Xu Dagen and lives in Qingshan Township. Counting it, Shi Xiaoshan has not been there for six years, so.. Read More

Classical beauty like Lin Daiyu

  Xu Ming is a chef in a large hotel. Although he has no high education, the young man has the spirit and the high income not to lose to white-collar workers, so he has always been very popular with the girls around him. Xu Ming looked down on those girls who were attentive to him, because he loved to read the villain book “Dream of Red Mansions” when he was.. Read More